Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Voyages of Mendez

Mendez smiles broadly as he waves to his friends far below.
They’re all staying in the Gnome hamlet for a few days before heading back to Seawell.
It’s odd that they didn’t ask for a lift in one of the fantastic ‘Sky-ships’. They could have easily fitted their cargo in the vast holds.
As it was, a simple request for a ride in the direction of his homeland was responded to with eager compliance, not for just as far as they were going, but a ‘to-the-door’ service. It’ll shorten his journey from months to less than a week.
Shinning up the rope, Mendez acrobatically flips over the safety rail.
Looking at the strange little Hamster creatures as they struggle with the controls, Mendez feels a wave of sympathy towards them. What real hope of survival do they have in the big wide world?
Perhaps his Father could help!
Striding across the deck, Mendez takes over the helm and spinning the wheel dramatically, he starts to sing... 'White grin brighter than big dipper. Mendez: playboy, starship skipper!


Insanodag said...

Well, I would just be careful to keep them away from Mendez' mother's vegetable garden.

Hedzor said...

I was thinking more of one of Mendez' Father's pomegranate farms.
Dozens of hungry, giant, intelligent, herbivorous Hamsters, shown new dietary possibilities.
What could go wrong?