Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How Lucky can one Guy be?

Studying his cards as well as he is able, Mendez decides that although seven Kings seems like a great hand, he doubts its legal.
Laying down his cards, he staggers out with his winnings. He brushes past the Casino’s owner ‘Skinner’ and his armed thugs, and passes through the main door.
“So who’s the stiff that’s costing me all this money?”
When his croupier signals the now empty doorway, Skinner can only grind his teeth.
“I ain't seen anyone that lucky since that cursed, black shirted, pirate cleaned us out, all those months ago.”
Outside Mendez takes a decidedly zig-zaggy walk back to his lodgings.
What he needs now is a party!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Pretty Face and Good Hands too!

Mendez studies the cards in front of him. He’s either got too many or he’s really, really drunk!
Why was he here again? Ah yes, to gather information. Still his luck has been so good, it’d be a shame to leave now.
What time is it anyway?
Has he missed the party?

Gather information: +2 (Any bonus for splashing the cash?)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hard-hitting Defence

Thesis opens the scroll.
It is a message from his father.
News travels fast - back in his homeland they have heard of Thesis' heroic adventures. The battles with the Legions of the Undead and Orc hordes, arial combat with a Black Dragon and the sacking of the evil lord Bailey.
Bailey was in many ways Thesis' final test, a real examination of his decision to put all hope in his Sword, eschewing armoured defence in favour of speed of combat and fleetness of feet.
His proficiency with a sword is now beyond doubt and the father can be truely proud of his son.
Thesis is no longer an adpet, studying, learning but can now be considered the teacher and expert. ;)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anything for a Pretty Face

Mendez moves gracefully from district to district, searching for information.
A charming smile and a bag of gold goes a long way in a city like Seawell.
At last he finds the very place he’d been told about. A Casino; the best place to learn dark secrets regarding the rich and famous.
‘The Mules hand’...
Now why does that name seem so familiar?

Gathering Information

Eolar went back to the temple grounds and sent for his students. They are sitting now in a small room near the church together with Elogyn, expecting a lecture.
"I called you in because I need your help. Elogyn and me are quite known around the town, but you haven't been seen together with us yet and can move unnoticed. We need information!"
The students look confused for a second as they expected a lecture and are caught off guard. Olric is the first to find his balance again: "Of course we'll help. What do we have to do?"
"We need information about the daughter of the baron. You have to be subtle and careful, we can't afford them to notice that we try to gather information and that something is happening. Go to pubs, public places or the various temples and casually try to get information from people who are allowed in the palace - guards, priests, healers, servants and so on. We have to get the following:

- a description or sketch of the location of the daughter's room within the palace and options on how to get there
- information about the room itself, how many windows, doors and where they lead
- are there guards?
- daily schedule of the daughter and the guards
- who would be able to keep her under a spell (name, position, level)
- other information that would be useful about the daughter

Whatever you can find out can be useful. But again, be careful and more importantly remember you are clerics of St.Cuthbert! We have to keep a low profile and need this information, but we don't betray our ideals. We meet every morning after the morning prayer to share what we found. Any questions?"
The six look at each other, beaming with pride that they are given such a task. "We won't disappoint you!"
"Off you go then!". As the students leave the room, Eolar looks at Elogyn: "Then let's see what we can find out from our library and the clerks there. I'm sure we can find a layout of the palace in our records."

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Banner!

I do this for the praise.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mendez's Shiny New Dagger

After finding himself temporarily sans weapon, Mendez was happy to buy Bodush's finely crafted Master worked dagger for four hundred gold coins.
Expensive, true, but Bodush is a friend. A friend who has suffered more than his fair share of ill fortune.
Gold won't change his past, but it might help his future?

Rat up a Drainpipe

Blimey, that Halfling was fast!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

City of Gold

Mendez yawns and stretches lazily. Looking over he sees Zia still sleeping beside him. Smiling Mendez rolls naked from the bed and dresses in the fine clothes his servants have laid out.
The glorious Sun pours over the estate, bathing it in a golden light.
After breakfast Mendez visits his Uncle Mendoza, the man he was named in honour of. Mendoza is well into his fifties, but still physically strong and robust. He is also the best swordsman for miles around.
“Good morning Nephew. Up for your lesson?”
Mendez smiles for the second time today. He’d initially been surprised on discovering that he was a match for his uncle, but still the old dog had taught him a few new tricks.
“Remember boy, fancy is fun, but ultimately you want to drive your sword in as deeply as possible. Hurt a man and he’ll try to retaliate. Kill him and you’re safe.”
They fence for a while until Mendoza is forced to surrender.
“Easy boy, don’t you know I’m an old man?”
Later Mendez goes back to the house to see his Father Esteban.
“Father, It has been wonderful to come home but I feel the need to adventure again. Do I have your permission?”
Esteban smiles warmly. “Of course son, all your debts are paid. This time though, say a proper goodbye to your Mother and come visit us often.”
Mendez hurries off to say his goodbyes. Taking his favourite Brother Sancho to one side he whispers, “Look after Zia and our Sister for me. Who knows how long I’ll be gone this time?”

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An important meeting

Eolar is standing in front of the heavy wooden door.
He was in the church library and got this valuable, new prayer book. Much better than the one he had and which was old and tattered.
He went to the tailor and got new vestments for him and Elogyn. His vestment was worn and dirty and Elogyn didn't wear one while she had the chainmail.
He even replaced his old wooden symbol of St.Cuthbert with a more precious silver one.

After doffing the old items that he had for most of his life and after blessing the new ones in a small ceremony, he slowly put on the new vestment in the bright white and red colours of St.Cuthbert.
He went to the small chapel and surrounded by a cloud of incense, which slowly ascended from a golden brazier, was mediating and praying for many hours. He didn't notice that Elogyn, who was wondering about her mentors reclusiveness, accompanied him after a while and joined in the prayer.

After the meditation, Eolar quietly signaled Elogyn to follow him. In front of his temporary quarters, he gave her the new vestment and spoke in a quite voice: "It is our mission to be the lawful conscience of the people that we are responsible for and that travel with us. We can't betray our cause and the scriptures of St.Cuthbert. Let's wear these colours with pride and determination to show what we stand and fight for! I was weak and wasn't a good guide for you! This will change now. We will speak later, I now have to continue with my catharsis!"
While Elogyn looked at him slightly puzzled, Eolar started his prayers again and walked, his head lowered.

The heavy wooden door. Stepping through that door now is the last step on the way to purification. He pushes the heavy iron handles inwards. With a low creak, the door opens and Eolar steps into the room, filled with a intense smell of incense sticks. A hooded figure is waiting for him, surrounded by white candles. Eolar kneels down in front of the old priest and starts to confess.

Inspecting the Troops

Later that day, Eolar knocks at the door of the high priest and asks for an audience. "Hello brother Eolar! Did you decide about the initiates? Are you going to take them under your wings?"
"I decided to comply to your wishes and mentor these young priests. Where can I find them and when are they ready?"
"I will send one of my subordinates to tell them immediately. You can meet them outside in a short while."
"I assume they are well trained and prepared?"
"They are the toughest from their class and they have an iron will. I'm certain they won't let you down"
"I'm sure you've chosen well! Thank you!"
"One more thing, before you leave again, please report to my office again for last instructions and messages for other outposts."
"Of course!"
Eolar leaves the room and can see Elogyn speaking to some other clerics on the church yard. He walks over to her, apologises to the others for the interruption and takes are aside.
"The high priest decided that I should mentor 6 more initiates. I will need your help! They'll be here shortly to report to us. Let's see if they are as good as the high priest said!"
"That is great news! I'm sure your experience and wisdom will be of great value for them! I'm honoured that you consider me experienced enough to help you!"
"Although modesty is a valuable trait, I think it's misplaced here. You know more about ecclesiastical duties and ceremonies than I do!"
A few young clerics, four boys and two girls, hustle over the churchyard towards them, accompanied by a clerk of the high priest. "Brother Eolar, these are your new students!"
Eolar looks at them while they try to form a line in front of him. They are all very young. "What are your names?" "The tallest of the guys answers "My name is Olric, master, and these are Ceolwulf, Sigbert, Coenred, Ealhwyn and Leofwen!"
"My name is Eolar and this is Elogyn, my protege. We are both going to teach you from now on. We will be traveling and it won't be an easy journey. You will learn that life outside these walls is not as exiting as it may seem!"
He takes a closer look. Olric and Ceowulf are city kids, about 17 years old. They look similar to Telfis. Sigbert is more stoutly build than the other two and a bit older. He also seems to be more confident and experienced. The darker skin and the few scars on the face of Coenred show he grew up presumably outside the city. He also seems to be more aware what awaits him than the first two. Eolar guesses he is the same age as Sigbert. The girls seem to be older than the guys and don't seem to be from Seawell. One of them looks like she is from a rich family. Long, blond and well-combed hair. She perhaps was sent by her family to the church to be educated. The other one with dark brown hair has the looks of somebody who had to work her way up on the ladder of society.
"Well then! Welcome! Your training will start tomorrwo. Get your equipment together and use the time till we leave to say good-bye to family if they are around. You might not see them for a while. Elogyn and I will be around the church most of the time. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them."
They all just look at Eolar. After afew seconds, he turns to Elogyn: "Ok, we have to go to the market to see the blacksmith!"
He turns back to the group "Off you go!. We will send for you tomorrow!"
The all bow more than necessary and walk back to their quarters.
Eolar looks at Elogyn who is smiling: "What do you think?"
"A group with a lot of potential."

Monday, June 9, 2008

Team Eolar

Eolar and Elogyn hurry to the Church of St Cuthbert as soon as they’ve settled and stabled Meldo.
They are greeted in the typical formal manner and are escorted to the chambers of High Priest of the Temple. Here they wait for over an hour before Elolar alone is summoned inside, leaving an anxious looking Elogyn to worry by herself.
The High Priest sits behind a huge desk and has two scribes sitting at low-level benches to his right.
“Greeting Eolar. We were all concerned at you and your charges delay. Did you encounter any difficulties on your return from the Darkening wood?”
Eolar explains loosely the journey back.
The High priest looks curiously at Eolar for a moment before continuing.
“How did Eolgyn perform? Was she an asset to you?”
This time Eolgyn speaks freely about his cohort’s strengths and weakness. He even tells of her death and subsequent rebirth.
The High priest is seemingly pleased at this piece of mixed news and smiles.
“It seems I was right with entrusting you with this disciple. I wonder if you would take on some more? I have six young initiates who need mentoring. Will you take them?”
While Eolar is considering the consequences, the High priest asks another question.
“Oh yes, the scribes want to know if you killed any more of the undead wretches on your journey home? We’re still paying a reward for those destroyed.”

Who Was Where When?

After having a meal and organising rooms, Bodush and Telfis go to the market to sell the over flowing carts contents to the local shopkeepers.
Thanks to Bodush’s incredible charisma and Telfis’ clever haggling, they manage to get 14672gp in total for everything excluding the items that Eolar had earlier separated.
Those few things can easily be sold later.
It’ll be difficult to divide up the profits though, as it’s become hard to remember who was present during which piece of profiteering.

Apparently you Can Cross the Same River Twice

As they walk, Telfis looks around him and feels annoyed.
Why can’t the others leave things well enough alone? That whole battle had gained them very little.
Bailey might even have become a useful associate.
The group he joined just a few months back has grown. Initially it was just Eolar, Wer, Bodush and the scary looking Thesis.
Since then, Mendez, Kruddo and Durin had joined them and now this cosseted, naive Monk, Chen Yong.
Mendez and Wer are off on their own adventures but are sure to be back soon.
Is working in such a cumbersome group really where he wants to be?
After a day they get to the river. It’s swollen with the coming of spring and it’s now about 50’ across and too deep and fast flowing to ford.
Fortunately someone has left a simple flat-bottomed barge here. It is fixed to a rope and pulley system so you can move the barge from either side or even while onboard.
There is a sign in Common demanding a toll of 10 silver pieces, but there’s no one to collect it.
Eolar loads up the cart and his stubborn mule and they all manage to cross together.
Thesis and Durin easily heave the barge to the other side.
They walk for another two days until they finally make it back to Seawell.
Telfis had forgotten how badly it smelled.


Ignoring issues of morality and higher purpose, Bodush gets to work. He lays out some of the items that they found in front of him, and starts his ritual. Selflessly, he dissolves pearls worth hundreds of goldpieces as he examines the items. Hours later, he stands up again and laboriously produces and invoice for the loss of his pearls.

Right, thanks to my extensive and not to mention expensive use of Divination magics, I have discerned the true nature of these items:

"We have a Full Plate armour and a tower shield, both with minor enchantments on them (+1), but considering the usefulness of the items in and of themselves, they should be quite handy.

The bag is a fine specimen, capable of holding about 500 pounds of weight in a 70 cubic feet space. Should be handy...

There is also a healing potion of moderate strenght, as well as a potion which would have come in handy at Mount Snaefang. Now, I would like to point out that this particular knowledge came at a price, specifically at 500 gold pieces worth of pearls."

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wavering Belief

Chen wonders at the state of the world his Sifu has sent him into. While his teachings were replete with stories of battles and of heroes and villains, he had not realised the true brutality of the world.

In the short time since he left the monastery, he has witnessed the complete destruction of a unique tribe of orcs, seen a drug runner use bodies as fertiliser and goblins as slaves, and himself was involved in the deaths of a number of men. It's true that these deaths allowed the freedom of the slaves and ended the sacrilegious use of the dead. It's also true that they started the fight against his new friends, but they still leave a slightly bitter taste in the mouth of the naive monk. Had his friends done something to provoke Bailey at an earlier time? He can't help but wonder if those men had families...

His teachings explain that The Balance will be maintained, but there seems to be precious little balance in the world he has seen so far; precious little justice - except for those that make it themselves. Could the deaths have been avoided? Could the slaves have been freed peacefully? Would Bailey have voluntarily stopped growing the mushrooms on corpses?

He wonders if the other monks sent out from his Order have found the same in their travels, and hopes not... Just how old were the sacred texts that that he has studied, for them to be so different from the world he has found now? Is his understanding true for one point in time, but now out-dated; or did he only ever learn a lie? One thing is for certain - his idyllic martial training had not fully prepared him for real combat. Perhaps his other studies were also idealistic then - a glamourisation of the truth at best and outright falsehood at worst?

Is it really in the interest of his monastery to learn about the world he has seen so far? The utopian surroundings that he grew up in stand now in stark contrast to his recent experiences. Should he be truthful when he returns? Would blissful ignorance be preferable? He will have to meditate on this...

No. He should not question his principles so shortly after leaving the monastery. He cannot abandon years of study so readily. His masters are wiser than he, and no doubt will be shown as such soon. The party seems to have wrought havoc here, but surely they will show another side. Balance will be restored in time - it is the nature of things.

Friday, June 6, 2008

An Uncomfortable truth.

Gazing around at yet another group of dead bodies, Eolar starts to feel uneasy.
The brutish Bailey was ugly and ill mannered, but did he deserve to die?
He wasn’t ‘Good’, true, but he and Chaplin were certainly ‘Lawful’.
In his eagerness to help his friends, had he crossed the line?
Actually Eolar was beginning to worry about both Thesis and Bodush. His preaching didn’t seem to be affecting them. In fact, he was beginning to feel that their bad habits were beginning to rub off on him.
Killing and lying hadn’t used to come so easily to him.
What had these fifteen Humans actually done wrong?
Who was it that attacked first?
Were all these Humans killed just to gain a little more gold?
Looking across the camp, Eolar sees his cohort Elogyn reassuring the surviving Orc women and children.
Her behaviour causes his feelings of unease to turn towards shame.

The Mushroom Powder’s on Me!

Again, you loot the dead bodies and abandoned homes.


MWKs Heavy crossbow
MWKs Bastard Sword
Water skin
Platinum ring.
Gold: 120gp (110gp from Telfis buying drugs.)
A small leather Bag
Full Plate Armour
Tower shield


Full Plate Armour
Large Shield
Light crossbow
Water skin
Gold: 42gp
A Potion


Small Shield
Light crossbow
Water skin
Gold: 158gp
A Potion

Human Fighters:

12 x Chain shirt
12 x Long Swords
12 x Large Shield

2 x Open carts
2 x Cart horses
24 x Bedrolls
24 x Blankets

40 x doses of ‘New & Improved’ Magic Mushroom Powder! (+6Hps –2Wis for 1 hour)

There are also Orc women and children hiding in two of the animal skin tents. They scream and wail when they see you.


12 x Light crossbows
240 crossbow bolts.

Really hard won experience

How hard did you make that? I think Bodush was laughing at the 'Human punchbag' Thesis.
(Unsurprisingly, no-one went up a level.)

Chen Yong: 6,886 xp (4th Level: Monk:4)

Kruddo: 16,668 xp (6th Level: Fighter:6)

Wer: 28,579xp (8th Level: Druid:8)

Eolar: 33,915 xp (8th Level: Cleric:5/Ranger:3)

Elogyn: 13,277 xp (5th Level: Cleric:5)

Telfis: 33,335xp (8th Level Rogue:6/Bard:2)

Bodush: 31,526 xp (8th Level: Sorcerer:8)

Durin: 26,105 xp (7th Level!: Barbarian:7)

Thesis: 29,593 xp (8th Level!: Fighter:6/Cleric:1/Barbarian:1)

Mendez: 37,199 xp (9th Level: Ranger:3/Barbarian:2/Fighter:4)

300xp? You're having a laugh. 886xp and you were lucky to get that!

And you didn't even make it home!!!

I'll write you all back to Seawell unmolested. Paul or Moritz to DM next Thursday.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wer’s Parting Gift?

Through the oily smoke, the two one-armed Orcs creep forward. They are carrying superbly crafted Battle-axes and are wearing the skilfully made, black studded leather armour of the Huloms.
Everywhere they look they see the lifeless bodies of their brethren.
Finally they see some movement. Finally they see something to attack!
But before they can roar their defiance and charge, Thesis and Kruddo grip their shoulders from behind.
The movement they saw turns out to be the diminutive Wer searching for a wounded brown bear from the recent battle.
The reunion is warm but brief. Wer was uncomfortable with the killing of the bears and feels the need to travel far from the stench of death.
“Wot appened ere?” growls the Orc.
Wer bends the truth and tells the Orcs pacifying tales about a Hobgoblin army.
They look angry and upset, but thanks to Kruddo and Thesis’ presence, do not take it out on the Halfling.
When the torso-like Ortos spots Wer though, he shouts to get her attention.
“Little Druid, will you help me as you offered?”
Wer remembers her half promise and agrees to honour it. She searches through the camp until she finds the oils and unguents she needs.
Taking her small knife, Wer slits the throat of the defenceless Human. She cradles his head in her lap as he chokes and spasms until with a gasp, he dies.
Selmars and Gelless look horrified, but do nothing. Ortos had asked for this and even if the Druid fails, surely death is better than living like that?
Spreading the fragrant oils over the mutilated corpse, Wer begins to chant.
After a while, darkness crawls over the body and it shrinks before their eyes until it’s just a small sphere floating above the ground.
Then it begins to slowly expand. The amorphous shape getting bigger and bigger.
Soon it’s as big as a Kobold, but it continues to grow. Gnome? Elf? Human? Bigger still and suddenly claws and patches of fur erupt from it!
Wer looks concerned. Is the Human to be reborn as a Bear?
Then the spell is over.
Standing naked before them is a creature over seven feet tall. Its cruel claws and tusk like teeth make them all shy back.
“What am I?” it growls.
Wer, disturbed, wishes the creature luck and transforms herself into an eagle. Without a backward glance, she flies up into the sky and is gone.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Short Dwarf line

Thesis and Durin huddle under the Derro halls a little longer before another dirty and hairy figure bursts through the doorway at the bottom of the stairwell.
This time however, it’s a Derro crossbowman.
Jumping to their feet (other than Ortos and Gelless), the group prepare for trouble. Surprisingly though, the Derro waves a white flag.
“I come in peace!” he squeaks.
Durin and Thesis are not big on negotiation. In fact they aren’t really big on anything other than hitting, but Ortos’ deep voice calms them a little.
“He's alone and we are many. Let him come forward to speak.”
The Derro shuffles forward until he's within speaking range.
“I’ve been sent to reunite you with your friends.”
Thesis has a sudden vision of his friends dead and on their way to their respective heavens, but he quells it.
The Derro explains that everything was just a huge misunderstanding and that the rest of the Party are waiting for them with the Golem by the main exit.
Thesis, Durin, Selmars and the two Orcs get up, but Thesis is forced to carry Gelless and Ortos over his broad shoulders. Durin refuses to help, saying that one of them needs to be ready if the situation turns sour.
Grumbling, Thesis trudges heavily up the dizzyingly long stairwell.
They get to the top unharmed, and begin to feel more confident. They follow the Derro through doorway after doorway and along several dark corridors.
They finally climb another flight of stairs and come to a larger, more solid looking door, guarded by two more of the stunted, albino Derro.
On command, one of them takes out a large key and opens the door.
Ushering the party out, Durrin and Thesis find themselves in a wide corridor. Durin notices that although it starts off typically Derro, with poorly planned and executed design, it soon becomes; Dwarven perfect.
The door behind them slams shut but it is the door ahead of them that holds their interest.
Similarly reinforced as the one before, Durrin Knocks.
Soon they can hear the sound of running feet and then, after a short delay a hatch opens about five feet up from the floor.
“What do you want De…..”
A Dwarven warrior's face can be seen through the hatch.
“You’re not a Derro. What are you doing in there?”
Durin roughly explains and the Dwarf, with a stern look at the two Orcs, quickly lets them through.
It’s Durrins turn to be confused. “Where are our friends? Why are you dealing with the Derro? How are you stopping them getting out?”
The Dwarf takes you back up a corridor to a small, fortified Dwarven camp. It is simple but permanent. Surprisingly the Dwarves only number a total of four.
After some food and ale is brought out, the Grizzled Dwarven leader tries to explain.
“Your friends didn’t pass this way and you've completely misunderstood the nature of the Derro. With their Sorcery and evil powers, they could easily overcome us if they tried. What you must realise however is that they’re completely insane. They're under the misapprehension that everyone on the surface actually wants to get in!”
Everyone relaxes and enjoys the food. “Thanks to the Derro’s rampant xenophobia, they’ve stayed holed up in those caves for thousands of years. Our leaders think, that given the gradual fall in their birth rates, they’ll all be dead in a few of centuries. We're just going to wait them out. As for food and materials from the surface... We’re just supplying them with what they need so they don't have to leave the confines of their caverns. This way we can dissuade them from leaving without the need for bloodshed. After all, they are still our cousins.”
The Dwarves supply the group with everything they need including cleverly rigged up backpacks for Ortos and Gelless and a map.
The bizarre looking group lead by the now unencumbered Thesis, slowly descends from the mountain and moves back around towards the Orc valley camp.
Thesis and Durin lead while he faceless princess stays at the back. Gelless is carried by Selmars and Ortos is supported by the two Orcs.
It takes them just under a week, but by following the paths, they make it back with little difficulty.
The sight that greets them at the Orc valley however is disturbing.
Smoke rises from burned out buildings and Orc bodies lie everywhere. There’s been a massacre.
The two crippled Orcs draw their weapons.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Prodigal Son

Mendez looks down on the islands drifting past below; Islands that he finally recognises.
With a subtle change in tack, he steers the Sky ship towards his family’s estate.
As they get closer, Mendez makes a quick assessment of his cargo.
A large flock of sheep with several Rams, a huge quantity of ivory, hundreds of diamonds of varying sizes and quality, hundreds of pearls, a bag of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, a goblet carved from a single ruby, an exquisite piece of gold jewellery and a beautiful slave-girl.
Although the Sky ship is titanic, there is room enough to land it in the central courtyard.
Servants and family members run out to see the cause of all the noise and commotion and Mendez acrobatically swings down to the ground on a rope.
His smile vanishes however when he sees his Father’s stern look.
“Father, I have come home to apologise for leaving without your permission and to repay you for all of my gambling debts that you covered for me after my sudden departure.”
With a quick signal, the Hamsters start to unload Mendez’s cargo of Sheep and Ivory. And although impressive as it seems to everyone else, Mendez’s father is unmoved. Unmoved that is, until Mendez shows him the precious gems.
“My son, I can see you’ve done well for yourself. This treasure will indeed cover all your gambling debts and help salve relations with our neighbours. Go into the house and see your Mother.”
Mendez does as bidden and although kissing the girls and embracing his brothers, gets to her as quickly as he can.
“Mother, I have missed you most of all. I have a gifts from a far away Kingdom just for you.” With a heartfelt embrace, he presents her with the ruby goblet and the exquisite golden necklace.
Much later, after much feasting and rejoicing, Mendez finds himself still massively wealthy despite the repayments. He gives about half that remains to the Hamsters. His Father is more than happy to rent out some of his farm buildings and arable land to them.
Mendez feels content knowing that despite being an oddity, they will be safe and welcome here.
Exhausted after all the reunions with old friends and his enormous family Mendez finally heads back towards the house.
Walking lazily into his old room, he smiles as he sees the beautiful young woman curled up in the bed. Although he freed her as soon as she boarded the Sky ship, the slave girl had stayed a willing companion.
Despite a yearning to get back to adventure, maybe a few weeks at home would do him some good.