Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An important meeting

Eolar is standing in front of the heavy wooden door.
He was in the church library and got this valuable, new prayer book. Much better than the one he had and which was old and tattered.
He went to the tailor and got new vestments for him and Elogyn. His vestment was worn and dirty and Elogyn didn't wear one while she had the chainmail.
He even replaced his old wooden symbol of St.Cuthbert with a more precious silver one.

After doffing the old items that he had for most of his life and after blessing the new ones in a small ceremony, he slowly put on the new vestment in the bright white and red colours of St.Cuthbert.
He went to the small chapel and surrounded by a cloud of incense, which slowly ascended from a golden brazier, was mediating and praying for many hours. He didn't notice that Elogyn, who was wondering about her mentors reclusiveness, accompanied him after a while and joined in the prayer.

After the meditation, Eolar quietly signaled Elogyn to follow him. In front of his temporary quarters, he gave her the new vestment and spoke in a quite voice: "It is our mission to be the lawful conscience of the people that we are responsible for and that travel with us. We can't betray our cause and the scriptures of St.Cuthbert. Let's wear these colours with pride and determination to show what we stand and fight for! I was weak and wasn't a good guide for you! This will change now. We will speak later, I now have to continue with my catharsis!"
While Elogyn looked at him slightly puzzled, Eolar started his prayers again and walked, his head lowered.

The heavy wooden door. Stepping through that door now is the last step on the way to purification. He pushes the heavy iron handles inwards. With a low creak, the door opens and Eolar steps into the room, filled with a intense smell of incense sticks. A hooded figure is waiting for him, surrounded by white candles. Eolar kneels down in front of the old priest and starts to confess.


Hedzor said...


Insanodag said...

Good thing it is the church of St. Cuthbert he is confessing to. If it had been one of those churches that actually cares about people rather than rules, we'd be looking at a minor crusade in our direction. As it is, we punished the transgressors... In perhaps a bit too ruthless a fashion, but that is what you get with us Zealous Cuthbertites, always getting carried away with the ole' righteous wrath...

RoboGeek said...

Double Strewth!!

Aren't you getting carried away with the whole role-playing a religious crusading nut?

Joebroesel said...

Am I, infidel? ;-)

RoboGeek said...

OK - point taken.
But - I mean, trying to read between the lines of your character's post: I can see the point in the first paragraph, it nicely introduces new items, but after that you descend into a religious fueled rant about hooded men, prayer, lawful conscience and confession. This can only mean the onset of some kind of madness.
Either that or you have way too much time on your hands.

Joebroesel said...

The new vestments were the only stuff I really wanted to introduce (as you can all see them). But actually I wrote the whole thing for the "religious fueled rant" :)
All part of a plan to position Team Eolar a bit more clearly (character wise)
And as you know I have way too much time on my hands :D This is just the start of the series "Teachings of Eolar".....

Hedzor said...

And now he has a nice big shield to paint St Cuthbert's emblem on.