Monday, August 31, 2009

XP for a Small Orc Army

Well, after calculating around for a while I finally arrived at an acceptable number :) To answer the first question: I've considered you in a very favourable position which reduced overall XP a bit.


Eolar: Level 15: 112070 xp - LEVEL UP! Did something near the valley (Yes, post coming!)
Mendez: Level 15:111777 xp - LEVEL UP! Even cold-blooded murder gets you forward!
Bodush: Level 13: 85804 xp - LEVEL UP! Raining fire from the skies has it's advantages
Wer: Level 13: 85127 xp - No-wer to be seen
Chen: Level 13: 83897 xp - LEVEL UP! Got tripped by a wolf. Did he find his master?
Thesis: Level 13(15): 83073 xp - LEVEL UP! Did he blink at me??
Elogyn: Level 12: 75237 xp - LEVEL UP! Discovering what it really means to be a paladin!
Durin: Level 12: 71244 xp - A mountain range full of dwarfs. Perhaps he's visiting relatives?


Well, the treasure is distributed over 52 bodies scattered in a wider area. Do you search all the bodies? Do you attempt to find the druid bodies? If you don't search all the bodies, how much time do you want to spend searching? The cloaks urge you to move on but you can decide about the time. You quickly search 15 orc bodies that you find in the area and they lead to:
- 7 bastard swords (Masterwork)
- 7 shields (large, steel)
- 15 breast plates (Masterwork)
- 8 Crossbows (light)
Smaller golden items and coins worth 1260gp

Friday, August 28, 2009

Quart-er past Dead

Mendez strides away from the amused looking Bodush, still clutching the recently aquired ‘Magical’ buckler.
“ 5,000gp! I’ll show that villainous merchant the meaning of stupid.”
Leaving the main parades of shops, Mendez enters the maze of small streets and alleys and finds his way back to ‘Quart's Wonderland’.
From what he’d previously noticed about the old man, Mendez can safely assume he’s a Wizard. But how powerful could he be?
Although appreciative of Bodush’s ability, Mendez maintains a deep mistrust of the arcane. This though is merely born out of a complete lack of understanding.
... Still, a Wizard’s just flesh and blood.
Finding a good hiding place, Mendez crouches down and waits until evening.
It’s surprisingly late when Quart finally leaves his shop. He seems to cast a few spells over the entrance and starts to shuffle off down the street.
Mendez checks that there'll be no witnesses and steps out of the shadows.
Without a word, Mendez notches three arrows simultaneously into his bow and lets them fly silently into the back of the old man.
Slightly surprised by the Wizards lack of magical protection, Mendez runs forward and drags the obviously dead body out of sight and quickly checks through his robes…
A dagger and a small purse… plus the shop keys!
Mendez licks his lips.
There were many expensive items in that shop, but he’s certain that they’ll be magically guarded.
Instead Mendez takes the cursed shield and pushes the edge into the dead merchants mouth until it slices through skin.
“Now we’re both smiling.”
With a final look over his shoulder, Mendez slinks through the darkness and back to his friends.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

No way to run

Mendez also tries to get information on the black cloaks. He wanders down the streets and visits the inns and pubs in the hope to get some information. he finds out that the people fear the black cloaks but more because they don't know anything about them. The yseem to be coming through for one and a half months now. They stay for 1 or 2 nights in one of the inns (Lately only in the inn they are staying at) and then leave again towards the mountains. A few people who dared to follow them stopped the search after one or two days because they were too scared in the mountains. One fight between them and a bully in one of the inns ended quickly with the death of the bully and the different versions of the story about what exactly happened range from a normal fight to magic raining down on from the sky.

Just when he walks down a smaller alley Mendez suddenly finds himself in front of two well-trained guards who are blocking his way. Where is Thes-Hiss when you need him! Looking at the size and armour of the guards, Mendez decides to better walk back and turns round. Two more guards step out of an entrance behind him, completely surrounding him. "Somebody wants to talk to you!" "Well, and he couldn't just ask?" While one of the guards pushes him forcefully into the next door, Mendez hates himself for his witty reply. He find himself in a smaller room without windows and just a candle illuminating the sparsely decorated room. Next to the table a well dressed guard, probably a captain, is looking at him.
"What do you want?!?"
The man stands up and walks towards Mendez. Two of the guards behind him block the door, making it impossible to escape without a fight. And Mendez doesn't rate his chances very high.
"Let me introduce myself. I am Onol Thul, Commander of the royal army."
Mendez tries to reply something but gets interrupted.
"And you are Mendez, I know. I also know that you are here with 4 other mercenaries escorting a group of the black hoods. You are staying at the inn in Hunters Alley where your sorcerer is guarding your clients who haven't left the room. You see, I follow every single one of your steps."
"What do you want from me? And why are you doing this? We have done nothing wrong!"
"True. That is the reason we are speaking to each other here and not in the prison. Where are you bringing the black hoods and what is their mission?"
"Why should I tell you about our clients? So far I don't see a reason to cooperate with you!"
After a sign of the commander, the guards leave the room and close the door behind them. "Perhaps we started on the wrong foot! I'm not accusing you of any crime. Yet. But I like to know what's going on in my town and I had to speak to you without your client's knowledge. See, I think people who are running around in dark cloaks normally have something to hide. I want to know what it is!"
Mendez doesn't feel immediately threatened but still rates his chances to just walk out of here unharmed rather low.
"Well, that makes two of us then! We just escort them, we know nothing about them. Only that they need escort into the mountains. On the way from Febril where we met them, they haven't given away any information regarding the exact aim or purpose of this journey. I don't even know how they look under these cloaks!"
"Interesting! The same answer as all the other mercenaries gave me. See, I have enough problems with the orcs in the north. I don't need any more right in the middle of our kingdom"
"But I heard in the pubs that you defeated the orcs in the last battle and that the king has ordered a week of festivities?"
Mendez can see anger building up on the commander's face.
"Yes, our glorious battle against the orcs! True, we attacked the fort of the main orcish army and we defeated orcs. But these orcs weren't the well trained elite troops we've expected. They were new recruits, but many of them. It was a gory battle and we lost many good men. Nobody knows where the main army went but the survivers we interrogated reported that the orcs drafted every able man. They are preparing for a big battle but our king decided that we were victorious and prefers to celebrate!! He even denies me the ressources I need to rebuild our army quickly because there apparently is no threat any more!"
He takes a deep breath and Mendez can see him trying to suppress the anger.

After a few moments pass, the commander continues. "One of my men recognized your group as the liberators of Seawell. Apparently you seem to have a good reputation so I wondered why you got involved with these characters. I would like to offer you a deal. You are heading into the mountains where most of my men don't want to go since many never came back from scouting missions. I nevertheless have reports that orcs moved into the mountains from the north. I would offer money for information on the black cloaks or orcs should you encounter them. I'm gathering the army near Gom Dalat, officially for the celebrations. I would prefer a preemptive strike if the orcs are gathering in the mountains to attack us. If you can give me information on their whereabouts you would be a local hero and would be rewarded."

"So you would pay us if we can give you strategic information and if we never come back you wouldn't have lost any more men. How clever. What if we decide not to cooperate?"
"You are free men and I have no charges against you. But let me tell you that if you decide to withhold information from me and things turn ugly, I consider you part of the bad guys.You are free to go."

Mendez walks towards the door and opens it. The guards step aside after a quick look at their commander. Just before Mendez can walk out, the commander continues.
"One of my men will follow you into the mountains as far as he dares. Should you have information on your destination or on who the black hoods are, fall back alone and he will approach you. Good day!"
Without turning around, Mendez walks back to the inn.

Bush Whacker-Jack Pot

In the absence of Eolar, Mendez finds himself with the task of dividing up the loot from the bitch bushwhackers as well as the 1500gp worth of assorted gems from the Lady Benidicta.

Bodush uses five of the found pearls to identify the weapons.

4x Crossbow (light), +2 (4167.5gp)
1x Rapier, magic +1 (1160gp)

Assuming no one wants any of them, Mendez then wanders to through the better markets and sells everything at the best price offered.

This means (Including the 300gp worth of assorted gems each previously mentioned and assuming no-one wants to argue over anything.) that we all make a surprisingly large amount of money.

Chen: 2 x golden anklets (750gp ea)/ 10pp / 4667gp / 7sp / 6cp / + 300gp worth of assorted gems.

Thesis: Potion of Blur / 1 x star ruby (1000gp))/ 19pp / 4877gp / 7sp / 6cp / + 300gp worth of assorted gems.

Bodush: 1 x golden anklet (750gp) / 2 x aquamarines (200gp ea) / 1 white pearl (100gp) / 10pp / 5017gp / 7sp / 6cp / + 300gp worth of assorted gems.

Wer: 1 x golden anklet (750gp)/ 2 x aquamarines (200gp ea))/ 10pp / 5117gp / 7sp / 6cp / + 300gp worth of assorted gems.

Mendez: Potion of Darkvision (3hrs) / 3 x Potions of Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+5) / 1 x star ruby (1000gp))/ 10pp / 3840gp / 7sp / 8cp / + 300gp worth of assorted gems.

(If anyone wants the magical Rapier or the crossbows, just debit the cost from your allotted gold.)

A visit to the library

After they bought what they wanted from Quart, the three adventurers split up to gather information. Chen decided that the best place to find information would be the local library within the palace walls. On the way there he concentrated on the people behind him to see if he was still followed, but because the streets were filled with people it was in vain. The library was the biggest Chen had seen so far and with a little help from the librarian he soon had a selection of books on history, geography and local myths. It took him three hours to look through them and come up with the following bits of information:

- The wealth of the town was due to flourishing trade realitions with the dwarfs living underneath the mountains. The town sold everything the dwarfs needed in return of precious metals and gems.
- The mountaineous area was almost circular with Gom Dalat being the biggest settlement above ground. Chen memorised the maps and landmarks. Only a few smaller settlements were marked on the general maps and they are mostly located around the mountains.
- The history books were full of wars against orcs from north of the mountains. The victories seem to be equally distributed with a tendency towards orcish wins in the recent past. The orcs managed to capture several territories in the north.
- History revealed little about the mountain range itself sence the people from Gom Dalat don't seem to penetrate the mountains often. There are occasional hints to other races but except for the dwarfes they never had relations with Gom Dalat.
- The book on myths and folklore on the other hand was full of stories about the mountains. Many tales were about strange mountain dwellers and missing people. Chen tried to crossreference the stories with the history and geography books and could dismiss most tales as myths without background. A few stories could have a true core:
1. A tribe of vampires living in a castle in the southern region. The exact location was unknown but reports of vampire encounters could be found over the whole history of Gom Dalat.
2. An ancient dragon living in the middle of the mountain guarding a huge treasure in his hoard. There were occasional sightings of a huge, dragonlike flying creature from hunters.
3. A very elusive and old race inhabiting the higher regions of the whole mountain area. Only few people have ever really seen them as they seem to be masters in camouflage. They seem to avoid contact and no settlement was ever reported to be found. Hunters from time to time reported ranged attacks out of nowhere when trying to hunt and therefore avoid going futher into the mountains.
4. Only a few stories were about the time before Gom Dalat was founded. Tales hint to a kingdom of a evil and very religious race which was destroyed in an epic battle. Gom Dalat was founded by the progeny of survivors from the good side.

After he could find no mention of black cloaks or a special place inside the mountains they could aim for he gave the books back. The mountain range seemed to be mostly unknown to the current inhabitants of Gom Dalat with little to no specific information from recent history. Many ancient places were mentioned without exact location or confirmation of existence. He left the library to head back to the others. Hopefully they found out more.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lot's of Hot Air

Shortly before lunchtime Bodush looks up from his book. Although the cloaks had told them they would have to run some errands, nobody had left the room yet. He walks over to the door and listens. Yes, definitely voices in the room. Well, he thinks, being paid well for sitting next to a closed door is nothing to complain about.
Just as he sits down again and opens his book, the door opens. He looks over but nothing happens. The door closes again.

He stares into the direction of the door for a while and walks over again. Still voices inside. Shaking his head he sits down again and continues with his book.

Searching for Answers and Magic

Chen thanks Bodush who agreed to guard the door and follows Thesis and Mendez on their way out. The morning sun greets the three adventurers in the streets of Gom Dalat which already are buzzing with activity. Travelling merchants push their carts through the crowds while cursing at the creatures who don't make way fast enough. Chen looks around and is surprised how many different races share the streets.

They walk down the main road towards what they think might be the city centre. They reach a bigger square which is completely filled with market stalls filled with everything from groceries over tools and weapons to exotic things which purpose can only be guessed. Above all, a magnificient palace fills the view. The 3 spend most part of an hour rummaging through the weapons and armour but, except for some frauds trying to sell them non-magic equipment as magic, none of the merchants advertises magic items. And the that tried to sell Thesis a phoney magic breastplate that broke as soon as Chen gave it a test with his fist will remember not to upset a lizard in the future. Almost at the point to give up Mendez finds a merchant who tells them to find Quart, the owner of a small shop. Following the description, they enter a maze of small streets and alleys along the palace walls.

Away from the crowds and only pestered by street urchins trying to sell them junk, Chen thinks from time to time he would see a man following them but whenever he concentrates or deliberately falls back to get a better look, their shadow disappears and only shows up a few streets later again. He just wants to tell the others when Thesis spots a small shop labelled "Quart's Wonderland". They enter to find a room with some empty shelves and an elderly looking man in a rocking chair in one of the corners. Mendez approaches the man "Are you Quart? A merchant sent us to you and told us you might have some magic items on sale". The man looks up and looks at the adventurers. "Many do but only few can afford rare magic items" Mendez, who immediately got where this is going takes his pouch out and shows a handful of gems to the old man. "I'm sure i could afford a few items if only you would be selling some!" The old man smiles and gets up. Walking towards one of the shelves he snaps his finger and suddenly the shelves are full of items "Now what exactly are you looking for?"

They look through the items and they find the following items and get the follwoing descriptions and prices told by Quart:

- buckler +1 (1250 gp)
- large steel shield +1 (1285 gp)
A very nice buckler and shield, I think they are plus one but the seller told me the price is a bargain

- potion (275 gp)
Got told you might get bigger if you drink it

- potion of lesser restoration (300 gp)
Brewed that one myself

- potion of protection from arrows 10/magic (300 gp)
Had two of them and tested the other one myself

- ring (1760 gp)
I think you fall slower if you wear it

- ring (3000 gp)
Have no idea what this one does exactly but the guy I bought it from said he can't use it anymore because of his bad knees

- bracers of armor (+2) (4000 gp)
I paid more for them but they creep me out whenever I wear them. It's almost as if they tell me stuff they see....

- Goggles (1,200 gp)
Wearing these makes me see better

- Feather token (150 gp)
These feathers all do something but since they can only be used once, I don't know what this one does exactly. Couldn't test it.

- worn large steel shield (585 gp)
Not sure why I bought this one, but it's magic

- black studded leather armor +1 (4,925 gp)
Got this from a trusted friend. He said it's great to keep out of sight so I think it has a shadow enhancement on it

- potion of magic fang (50 gp)
Tested it on my cat last week. don't try that at home!

- ring (4250 gp)
It's funny, as soon as you say "Shield" it looks as if you are wearing a shield

- Wand (216 gp)
No idea, but when I tried it once I had to get new windows for my house

- 33 arrow (2805 gp)
These arrows seem to hit better than others

- heavy mace +1 (ghost touch) (9143 gp)
Bought if from a guy hunting ethereal creatures and he assured me it has ghost touch. And as you can see it can be used as a light source

- longsword (2777 gp)
A nicely crafted longsword with magic damage

- whip (2761 gp)
Tried to use it to keep the cat off me and killed the poor creature. Not your average whip I would say

- buckler +2 (4997 gp)
A very nice one and I really don't know why the guy sold it to me that cheap! But hey, sometimes you are lucky!

- large wooden shield (5478 gp)
An interesting item. For a wooden shield you can defend attacks really easily. Don't know its enhancements, but they must be good

- potion of endurance (330 gp)
You should use that one when you are feeling cold

- potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
Got that one from the church over the road

- greatsword (16175 gp)
Has a quite hot blade. The box that I hit with it burned down. Powerful I would say!

- potion of barkskin +2 (300 gp)
Gives you impenetrable skin

- rod of flame extinguishing (16,500 gp) has 10 charges
Used this one to save my house after I tried the greatsword on other items. Seems to recharge overnight

- Wand of Darkness (l2, cl3) (4,752 gp)
Almost as new!

- kama +3 (18,302 gp)
The perfect weapon for you Mr. monk

- Pink stone (4000 gp)
Found that one in the forest. Pinks stones are always magic

- ring (16000 gp)
Did a great job keeping the cat off me before I used the whip. Didn't get scratched once!

- staff of passage (92752 gp)
Very useful if you have to get out of somewhere! The wizard I bought it from assured me it has plenty of charges left

- large steel shield +4 (64936 gp)
A very nice shield indeed. It also seems to grant resistance to certain spells

- ring (32400 gp)
Enables you to walk through walls! Tried it and almost got stuck in one!

The adventurers look at the old man and are sure he doesn't lie to them. If he has more information about some items he hides it well. Some items seem to be bargains, others seem to be overpriced.
"What's it gonna be my friends? Anything that catches your eye? And I can immediately tell you, I'm not the bargaining kind! I would also buy items if you have something you don't like anymore!"

Retail Relief

Thesis is always on the lookout for things that might make him harder to hit or indeed to hit harder, but his recent experience with those roguish ladies of the forest left him feeling unusually vulnerable. So, finding that he has a day in the impressive city of Gom Dalat he decides to go out and see what he can find on offer.

He persuades Mendez and Chen to come along, safety in numbers of course, but they also believe they may be able to find out one or two things about the intriguing mystery of the Daleg, the Black Cloaks and what they might be walking into if they were to escort them into the mountains.

Thesis is particularly careful before he sets off to secure is many pouches and keep them well hidden under layers of clothes and armour just in case the odd light fingered character should brush up against him, however he leaves his most bulky travelling gear (backpack, bedroll and larger items) back at the Inn.

Things Thesis is on the lookout for: Armouries, Jewelers, Sellers of Exotic and unusual items. Talk or gossip of where magic can be be traded. But he starts, of course with the lead that he was given about somebody that might be selling magic items.

Specifically he is looking for better armour (a magical chain shirt, say), rings and cloaks of protection or resistance, belts or gloves or stones imparting strength, constitution or dexterity bonuses and anything else that might prove useful.

He, along with Mendez and Chen also listen out for any information about the Black Cloaks.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Dwarf of Letters

Durin finds an envelope waiting for him when he returns from another all-night drinking session. He still finds it funny to out-drink the toughest of the feeble humans.
Opening the envelope and pulls out the neatly written letter…

Dear Durin,
Please forgive us for leaving without you. Unfortunately two urgent job offers came up and we couldn’t find you before we had to depart.
We are heading along the North road to Gom Dulat. It is about a weeks ride from Febril.
Catch up if you can, otherwise meet us there.

The hairy Dwarf looks at the letter for some time before crumpling it up in his hand. He heads downstairs to see the Innkeeper and coughs for attention.
Thrusting the crumpled piece of paper into the middle-aged man’s hand, Durin grumbles, “Will you read this to me?”.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Certain Death if you come: Inn

Finding himself in an unknown Inn, Mendez consults the others.
“We’ve done as requested and now this job is almost over. Bodush and Wer, you can both sleep. Thesis, Chen and I will take turns guarding.
I’ll take the first watch, then Thesis, then Chen. Starting at around one in the night, each watch will last three hours. If the hoodies rise early, so much the better for Chen.”
Mendez, though somewhat comforted by the sturdiness of the stone built Inn, that the rooms are above ground level and the windows are barred, still finds a chair and takes up position outside the door of room 7.
“In the morning, when free of this responsibility, we’ll decide what to do.”
Rubbing his still sore shoulder, Mendez hopes that Durin got the message he'd left for him back in Febril.

New Banner: Saftey Inn Numbers

Having convinced our two charges that it was in their interest that they travel with each other we set off as a large, heavily armed party for the distant city of Gom Dulat. Conscious of our duty and the complaints of the fat-lady, we stuck to the Inns we found. This however scuppered most of Sven's carefully laid plans of ambush and wolves.

Nevertheless, we did get jumped on when finally we were convinced not to stay overnight in a nice safe building. Four 12 level rogues, in sexy forest green leotards. You'd think we'd be able to see them, but no, they could hide when only a few feet from our eyes.

Mendez, Thesis and Chen took the brunt of the hits while Wer did his usual summoning of large animals (in this case Dire Bears). Bodush immediately became invisible and flew into the air. So, risk appropriately apportioned, the grunts took severe damage, Wer deftly cast magic, and Bodush disintegrated everything in sight.

Easy victory, but I suppose we won't be able to expect too much niceness in the next part ;)

Incidentally, what/who are those Cloaked guys???

Monday, August 17, 2009

In Search for a Bed

The night watchman announced the 12th hour while they escorted the carriages up the road in Gom Dalat. At the first square they stopped and the guard on Lady Benissa's carriage waved Mendez over to the carriage. Lady Benedicta heartily thanked Mendez again for saving her life and handed over a leather pouch containing gems worth 1500gp. As the royal carriage moved on, Bodush could hear a voice behind him "It is time that we find a harbourage for the night". Bodush looked at the black hood of Daleg. "Very well, I can see an inn sign just over there"
"With all due respect, but we want to decide about the inn ourselves this time"
After Bodush exchanged looks with Mendez he nodded and beckoned Daleg to lead the way. They followed the black cloaks down the road towards the inn Bodush had pointed out earlier. At the door one of them got off the carriage and Bodush could hear a spell being cast. Just a moment later a few runes started to glow to the right of the door. Chen, Mendez and Theshiss looked confused at Bodush, but even the sorcerer had to pass after looking at the runes. To everybody's surprise, they were urged to move on and when Wer started to investigate the writing it vanished without trace.

The procedure was repeated at two other inns and the same marks appeared at the same position. At the 4th inn Bodush noticed a difference in the writing. "This is where we are staying tonight!" While Bodush just shrugged his shoulders after a look from Mendez and the others, two of the black cloaks already had entered the inn. By the time the group caught up, a quite satisfied old innkeeper smiled at them. "Your rooms are to the left and right of the one of the hooded gentlemen and already paid for. Numbers 6 and 8". He smiled while he handed over the keys. "I wish a pleasant night. If you need anything, let me know. My servant is already taking care of the cart outside"
The hooded figures had already made their way towards the stairs of the stone building when Daleg turned round again. "This place should be safe, but we would prefer guards to be present. We will have to run some errands tomorrow and are planning to continue the journey by sunrise the day after."
"We will of course place guards outside your door and escort you on your errands" Bodush got more and more interested.
"The escorts won't be necessary. Your people guarding the room will be sufficient! Good night!"

Mendez stopped the innkeeper on the way towards a small door on the other side of the room. "Do you know these people?" "Since I accommodated a first group of six 'bout a month ago, I had some here every few days. They come in groups of three to six and pay very well" A smile went over his face "A lot of the others fear them and there have been some problems in other inns, but I like them. If only all of my guests would be that quiet and easy to handle!"
"Are they from this area? Do you know where they come from?"
The old men laughed "You should know, you brought 'em here! Nobody knows 'em. Just suddenly started to appear a month and a half ago. All of 'em going somewhere into the mountains."
The last words where muttered while the old men left the room. Mendez went back to the others who had listened. They looked at each other "So, what are we going to do? What are the plans?"

Friday, August 14, 2009

Looting the looters

Experience for beating up some girls:

Mendez: Level 14:96292 xp - Not a single arrow fired but still experience
Eolar: Level 14: 95587 xp - Back in the valley to teach his followers
Wer: Level 13: 85127 xp - Only one who thought about protecting the black cloaks
Durin: Level 12: 71244 xp - Missed to jump on the waggon
Bodush: Level 12: 70319 xp - More experienced in choosing furniture now
Chen: Level 12: 68912 xp - Reward for making fat ladies faint
Thesis: Level 12(14): 68088 xp - LEVEL UP! Being reasonable for one adventure has advantages
Elogyn: Level 11: 62286 xp - Trying to get her head around being a paladin

And there is always treasure to be found on bodies of dead girls:

4x Crossbow (light), magic
1x Rapier, magic
3x Mwk Rapier (320gp ea)
4x Chain shirt (100gp ea)

- 3x Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+5) (750gp ea)
- 1x Blur (3min, 400gp)
- 1x Darkvision (3h, 400gp)

4 golden anklets (750gp ea)
2 star rubies (1000gp ea)
4 aquamarines (200 ea)
6 white pearls (100 ea)
59 pp
13 gp
5 sp
32 cp

Assorted gems worth 1500gp from Lady Benedicta.

Golden stuff and potions can be sold full price, weapons half.

I’m a Ranger, you’re a Ranger, let’s a Ranger night together!

Mendez inspects the bodies of the dead women with a grimness quite unlike him.
He’d encountered two of these women just a few days earlier. He’d shared wine and laughter with them.
Fair enough for them to rebuff his advances, but to shoot him in the back!
Bodush and Chen had obviously disapproved of him killing the survivor, but evil doesn’t deserve second chances.
Moving over to the still smoking carriage of Lady Benidicta, Mendez checks on the Lady herself. She is unharmed and Mendez waits until she recovers from her faint.
As she comes to, Mendez straightens his shoulders and pastes the smile back on his face.
“Be calm Lady Benidicta. I am here and you are safe. Your carriage is a bit singed but still roadworthy.
Skilled Bandits used magical blasts to unnerve the horses and then attacked us with crossbow bolts from the cover of the trees. I regained control of your carriage while the others quickly found and killed the ambushers.
I’m sad to tell you though, that one of your personal guards was killed.
We should be arriving in Gom Dalat before nightfall.”
Mendez kisses Lady Benidicta’s hand and departs.
As soon as he’s out of sight, the smile drops from his face. Mendez sighs. Lady Benidicta may be unpleasant but everyone deserves a little kindness.
What’s disturbing is the way he’s finding it more and more difficult to keep his ‘mask’ on.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Inn Training aka (Inn)keeping Up Appearances

The landlord of the inn at which Chen has been staying stomps angrily up the stairs. 'Monks should be quiet...' he thinks '...not always thumping around. What could he possibly be doing?!'

He bangs loudly on the door - he has to, to overcome the noises from within. Eventually, a sweaty and confused looking Chen timidly opens his door a crack and peers round.

"Hai, Innkeeper-san!" Chen bows.
"What are you doing in there?" the inkeeper demands.
"I practice." Chen smiles nervously and holds a particularly worn book up to the barman. "I find in bazaar. Is interest to me."

Chen rifles quickly through the pages and the complicated illustrations spring to life. The inkeeper instantly recognizes it as child's flick-book, with a more mature twist. The diagrams depict a series of figures locked in combat...

Chen stops the pages halfway through the book, and points to a set of pictures - men fighting with their bare fists. "This - very easy to learn."

He moves the pages on some more. These pages show a man whirling and twisting with what appears to be a chain link with a large spiked ball on the end. "This - not so easy to learn".

With this comment, Chen allows the door to slowly swing open. As the inkeeper's vision pans around the room he takes in the scene. A mirror lies smashed on the floor, the wardrobe door hangs by it's hinges, the paintings are all crooked, and the bed rests at an angle - one leg obviously broken.

Seeing the fury swell in the inkeeper, Chen bows lows. "I sorry. I pay all damage! Twice!" The inkeeper nods in agreement and his anger abates. This monk may be quite unlike any others he's met before, but at least he's likable.

And profitable.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One mountain too far

Thesis stands at the the top of the daunting cliff-face happy with how these gloves perform. But he realises now that they are no good to him when he is adventuring with his friends. He can't do without wearing his armour and so he can't use the gloves.

He resolves, reluctantly to return the gloves to the hoard to be bid for or sold. Trouble is he now has not taken anything from the last adventure aside from cash and hopes he can do a little better next time.

Sects in the City

Using Bodush’s mansion as a base, Mendez makes sure he keeps in contact with everyone else.
Despite having no interest in St Cuthbert, he occasionally stops by in the St Cuthbertian quarter to check on Eolar and Elogyn. They are both good people but he worries about their overly zealous nature.
Several minor cults have sprung up around the main city, while the St Cuthbertian inner city is being rebuilt.
Too many religions in a heavily populated area is never a good thing.
It's like someone engineered the whole un-civil war to destabilise Febril and specifically the inner city of St Cuthbert!

Lady Benissa

Mendez was walking down the hill towards the town center and was just walking over a small square when a guard pushed him to the side. He turned round and with one hand already on his weapon was about to shout at the idiot who almost destroyed his new shirt when he saw the carriage. He had noticed it a few times over the last week. It was a pompously decorated carriage with expensive curtains hiding the passengers. For Mendez these things stick out.
Mendez was told it belonged to Lady Benissa, one of the most respected and apparently most wealthy members of the higher nobility of Febril. People in the pubs told him that she was also the most beautiful woman in town and well known amongst the poorer people for her generousity.

He watched the carriage which was followed by 4 well armed guards crossing the small square and stopping at one of the public notice boards. While Mendez walked over towards the carriage to perhaps get a glance of the passenger he saw one of the guards nailing a note to the billboard.

Escort needed!
Lady Benissa is searching for experienced fighters
for an escort to the kingdom of Gom Dalat.
Interested people are asked to report to the
head guard at the mansion.
Good payment.

Mendez read the note and took it off the billboard. He grabbed the arm of the guard who was on his way back to the carriage. "May I see the face of the lady who is offering this job? I might be interested!". Mendez voice was loud enough to reach the carriage.
"No you can't! You can talk to the head guard at the mansion! He has a beautiful face as well!"
While the guards started laughing, Mendez saw the curtain of the carriage being pulled back just before the carriage went round the corner, revealing the most beautiful face he saw in a long time! He has never been to Gom Dalat, but heard that it was one of the wealthier kingdoms. Folding the note, he continued towards the pub where he always met up with the others. It didn't sound like a big adventure, but it would be something different.

A surprise guest

Bodush was reading in the new purchase for his library when he heard the knock at the door. He was waiting a few seconds and smiled when he could hear the shuffling feet of one of his servants hurrying to answer the door. It was already dark outside and Mendez had left to meet the others at a pub in town. Bodush got up and went to the window. He could see 3 shapes in black robes talking to his servant. They didn't look like beggars and their appearance got Bodush interested.
The servant knocked at the door and announced that 3 strangers are asking for "Master Bodush".
"Ask them in, I will welcome them in the study".
'Master Bodush'....this could get interesting.
The servant entered the study followed by one of the hooded figures, the robe still hiding all features of the body underneath. Bodush nodded to the servant who closed the door behind him.

Even before Bodush could greet the guest, he started to talk in perfect common.
"Master Bodush, thank you for welcoming me in and granting me this audience".
Bodush, surprised by the perfectly accentless common and the eloquence, was intrigued.
"Welcome to my house. How may I be of service? Excuse me, but my servant didn't tell me your name?"
"Your servant doesn't need to know my name. My name is Daleg and me and my brothers would need your help. We got your name from a contact in town and were told that you are the leader of a group of experienced fighters who could escort us on our way to the mountains near Gom Dalat. We would of course compensate you well for your efforts."
Bodush enjoyed the sounds of 'leader of a group' for a while in his head before catching up with reality. "What is your business in the mountains of Gom Dalat? To my knowledge there is not much to do there for respected men!"
"Our business there is not your concern. We just need you to make sure we get there unharmed. We are people who treasure privacy and are willing to pay well to keep it that way."
"Escort without questions? Depending on the destination within these mountains we are talking about a 7 to 10 day journey. How much were you thinking to offer?"
"We were told 2 platinum pieces per day and gems worth 800gp on successful arrival should cover your expenses and those of your men"
"So possibly 1000 gold pieces for me and my men? I'm not sure who gave you these numbers but we are highly experienced men and this doesn't sound like a standard escort job. Maybe you should ask the paladins in town?"
"We consider 1000gp per head a reasonable offer. We don't expect any complications and just want to hire an escort as a precaution. Coming from the far east we don't know these lands. Better be safe than sorry. "
"I have to talk to my men about the offer. But you have my attention. Where can we reach you?"
"We are staying at the Seaside Inn near the harbour and want to leave the day after tomorrow. We are expecting your answer by tomorrow noon. You were recommended to us by reliable sources, I hope they were correct. See you tomorrow. Good night!"
The guest turned and went through the door towards the exit. Bodush looked after him torn between surprise and curiosity. 1000gp per head for a simple escort? They could get anybody in the town for that price. He was intrigued.
A few minutes later he took his cloak from his servant and left through the front door. He had to find Mendez.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tenants Extra

After the initial clean-up is finished, Mendez leaves the main city and goes to visit Bodush.
He smiles as he tries to imagine the odd little Sorcerer living in a fine house. Bodush has spent everything he had saved during the last two years adventuring, having this house built.
Stopping to buy a few barrels of ale and a crate of fine wine as house warming presents, Mendez loads it all on his horse and leads it to the outskirts of the city.
The house isn’t quite finished but already habitable.
With a loud knock on the door, Mendez beams at the servant who opens the door.
“A gift for your Master.” Mendez indicates the barrels and crate loaded on his horses back.
Not waiting for an invitation, Mendez barges in and wanders through the mansion, calling for his friend.
When he finally finds the young mystic, Mendez embraces him warmly. Bodush has not ever in two years, returned a hug, but Mendez never seems to notice.
“Your new home is wonderful Bodush, but a little Spartan. Please accept this small token as a nod towards my future rent.” Mendez passes Bodush a small leather bag containing a hundred platinum pieces. “Use it to buy some furniture.”
Mendez is slightly surprised that no-one else lodges with Bodush but shrugs it off. Bodush can be a little dark and sarcastic at times, but fortunately he’s also witty and charming.
Despite the lack of evidence, Mendez believes in Bodush. He believes that his friend can recover from his terrible beginnings.
... And drinking usually helps.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Fresh(ish) Start

Ever since the near destruction of our current campaign at the hands of Lord Catidsis and the Demonic Basilisk, I’ve wondered about a new character.
If anyone wanted to create a new character within the current campaign, what level would they be and what equipment would they possess?
I’d suggest a 2/3 rule in regard to level or possible a 3/4 one. I.e. We take the remaining party member’s average level and the ‘new’ character is 2/3’s or 1/4 of that level.
This means that if the average party level is 12, the ‘new’ character would be 8th or 9th level. (Having the minimum amount of experience to warrant that level.
As for equipment, I’d propose that they have the equivalent amount of gp as xp.
I WOULD allow them to buy magic items, as the likely hood of them not having magical weapons etc at this level is zero.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sisterhood of the Broken Lance

Three large Orcan women enter the tent and bow towards their leader.
The smallest of the three pushes back her hood and speaks. Her voice is low and guttural. “The accursed Bodush has left the city. Our spies were keeping track of him but he disappeared by magical means. I am sorry my Queen.”
The ‘Queen’ is smaller than her three subjects, but though still attractive by human standards, she is beautiful by orcan ones.
“I am Chekeeta. Daughter of Calvera. Granddaughter of Wallach. And I will not rest until I have that Sorcerer’s head on a spike.”
One of the other Orc women steps forward. “Our assassin had her chance but was too eager. If she had only been able to bed him and kill him in his sleep, our task would be complete!”
Finally the third Orc speaks up, her voice full of rage and loathing. “How could you expect a full blood orcess to lay with such a worm? Better she died with a weapon in her hand than with a slug between her thighs.”

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Confusion of St Cuthbertians

A New Banner showing our enjoyment of getting to attack Clerics of St Cuthbert.
Everyone fought bravely, which was lucky considering how tough they would have proven to be if allowed some time to press forward.
Fortunately Chen’s trips and Mendez’ arrows allowed our tanks (Durin and Thesis) and summoners (Wer and Eolar) the time they needed to quell the threat.

"Money, get back. I'm all right Jack keep your hands off of my stack."

Chen looks around him. Scattered about are numerous magical items, many coins of various denominations, and arrays of jewels ranging from the plain to the exquisite. It was never in his plans to accumulate so much wealth - indeed it even rubs against his impoverished upbringing - but Fate has a strange sense of humour.

His new purchases lead him to deeper thought. Is he beginning to enjoy the life of a rich man a little too much? The Portable Hole is undoubtedly useful for the party as a whole - of that there can be no doubt. The Conch, though, is another question.

Can it really be that useful when Wer can simply cast a spell with a greater effect?
Is he just taking it for the sake of having it?

And now he's also contemplating asking Eolar for yet further magics.
( long as the priest doesn't give the money straight back to the overbearing and invasive church that he seems to hold so dear...)

But, what else to do with so much money? He can't very well tie that to a pigeon's leg and send it home - though they would surely put it to good use.

An idea strikes him, and he pulls out his quill and parchments. He writes another letter home - detailing the party's adventures on the high seas, under the high seas, and under under the high seas! He also records that he has accrued 'some money' and asks how they might advise him to invest it?

Curiously, he doesn't divulge the full amount.
He glances across again at his collection of magic items.
It would be wise to hold some money back - in case of emergency...

Money, Money, Money

So Bodush finally made enough money to buy the ‘little cottage’ he’d been dreaming about since he was a child in the Orcan slave camps.
Thanks to Dag’s generosity, we are all massively wealthy now, but everyone should know (to the copper piece) how much he or she has.
They should also know where they keep it. Bodush spent his entire fortune on a mansion. Mendez wears most of his, but this latest windfall (if converted into jewellery) would leave him unable to walk let alone run.
Work out how much you have and what you’re going to do with it.

Be prepared. If a DM asks you how much money you have and you don’t know, everything disappears other than the amount shown on very last ‘Treasure’ post on Dungeon Tales.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bodush and the Real Estate Agents.

Bodush has decided to sink his insane amount of cash into a mansion on the outskirts of Febril. Using the stronghold builders' guide for reference, the mansion looks like this in terms of game mechanics:

Bodush' Mansion:

Kitchen, Fancy: 12000 1
Bedroom suite, Fancy 5000 1
2x Bedrooms, Fancy 8000 2
Bath, Fancyx2 2000 2
Dining Hall, Fancy 12000 2
Stable, Basic 500 1
Library, Fancy 3000 1
Books: General and Arcana 4000 0
Servant’s Quarter 400 1
Bedroms, Basicx2 1400 2
Study/Office, Fancy 2500 1
Walls(Wood) 9000

Sum 59800 14

Also, servants for its upkeep will be needed. Monthly Costs are as follows:

Maid 3
Servantsx2 6
Cook 3
Scribe 9
Butler 15
Sum 36

Of course, if anyone has issues with Bodush instantly acquiring such an attractive piece of real estate, let me know.

Living on in Infamy

Bodush looked down at Febril, the fires were under control and soon the rebuilding would begin. It had been such a waste of life. Throughout his life, he hadn’t had many days when he doubted himself, but this was one of them. While the plot of the Admiral had been thwarted, and already stories were spreading throughout the coast about the madness of the Cuthbertite, this massacre could possibly have been averted if he only had made a greater effort to contact his friends earlier.

Still feeling the pangs of guilt, sorcerer? The dragonmen would have come, no matter what you or your friends had done. It was better this way. That is one thing that I agreed with the late Admiral Flaertes on. The sharp shock of a burning city is worth a thousand reports of gruesome naval battles in a far-off ocean. The Furnace Coast will respond to this threat with a healthy dose of fear, and fear leads to strong leadership. Unfortunately for Flaertes, that leadership will not be his. Your friends made sure of that. With the patriarch resurrected, the church will not be a threat to my... I mean…our plans. Aware of the crimes committed by his underlings, he will put checks in place to make sure that his church will never live up to its political potential. All that remains is to decide who gets to rule. My guess, it will be some sort of merchant’s council with representatives off all the great trading houses. That will last a week. Perhaps it is time to reinstate the divine right of kings, or possibly emperors. The Third Empire has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

But enough of my ramblings, how are you finding your new accommodation?”