Monday, August 3, 2009

Living on in Infamy

Bodush looked down at Febril, the fires were under control and soon the rebuilding would begin. It had been such a waste of life. Throughout his life, he hadn’t had many days when he doubted himself, but this was one of them. While the plot of the Admiral had been thwarted, and already stories were spreading throughout the coast about the madness of the Cuthbertite, this massacre could possibly have been averted if he only had made a greater effort to contact his friends earlier.

Still feeling the pangs of guilt, sorcerer? The dragonmen would have come, no matter what you or your friends had done. It was better this way. That is one thing that I agreed with the late Admiral Flaertes on. The sharp shock of a burning city is worth a thousand reports of gruesome naval battles in a far-off ocean. The Furnace Coast will respond to this threat with a healthy dose of fear, and fear leads to strong leadership. Unfortunately for Flaertes, that leadership will not be his. Your friends made sure of that. With the patriarch resurrected, the church will not be a threat to my... I mean…our plans. Aware of the crimes committed by his underlings, he will put checks in place to make sure that his church will never live up to its political potential. All that remains is to decide who gets to rule. My guess, it will be some sort of merchant’s council with representatives off all the great trading houses. That will last a week. Perhaps it is time to reinstate the divine right of kings, or possibly emperors. The Third Empire has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

But enough of my ramblings, how are you finding your new accommodation?”


Hedzor said...

Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!

Nice mansion by the way, but considering the location and past disaster, is a wooden construction such a good idea?

Insanodag said...

Easy come, easy go. This is why I built it on the outskirts.