Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Banner: Saftey Inn Numbers

Having convinced our two charges that it was in their interest that they travel with each other we set off as a large, heavily armed party for the distant city of Gom Dulat. Conscious of our duty and the complaints of the fat-lady, we stuck to the Inns we found. This however scuppered most of Sven's carefully laid plans of ambush and wolves.

Nevertheless, we did get jumped on when finally we were convinced not to stay overnight in a nice safe building. Four 12 level rogues, in sexy forest green leotards. You'd think we'd be able to see them, but no, they could hide when only a few feet from our eyes.

Mendez, Thesis and Chen took the brunt of the hits while Wer did his usual summoning of large animals (in this case Dire Bears). Bodush immediately became invisible and flew into the air. So, risk appropriately apportioned, the grunts took severe damage, Wer deftly cast magic, and Bodush disintegrated everything in sight.

Easy victory, but I suppose we won't be able to expect too much niceness in the next part ;)

Incidentally, what/who are those Cloaked guys???

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Joebroesel said...

Like the banner!! Nice idea of the rogues to hide in the letters ;-)