Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Retail Relief

Thesis is always on the lookout for things that might make him harder to hit or indeed to hit harder, but his recent experience with those roguish ladies of the forest left him feeling unusually vulnerable. So, finding that he has a day in the impressive city of Gom Dalat he decides to go out and see what he can find on offer.

He persuades Mendez and Chen to come along, safety in numbers of course, but they also believe they may be able to find out one or two things about the intriguing mystery of the Daleg, the Black Cloaks and what they might be walking into if they were to escort them into the mountains.

Thesis is particularly careful before he sets off to secure is many pouches and keep them well hidden under layers of clothes and armour just in case the odd light fingered character should brush up against him, however he leaves his most bulky travelling gear (backpack, bedroll and larger items) back at the Inn.

Things Thesis is on the lookout for: Armouries, Jewelers, Sellers of Exotic and unusual items. Talk or gossip of where magic can be be traded. But he starts, of course with the lead that he was given about somebody that might be selling magic items.

Specifically he is looking for better armour (a magical chain shirt, say), rings and cloaks of protection or resistance, belts or gloves or stones imparting strength, constitution or dexterity bonuses and anything else that might prove useful.

He, along with Mendez and Chen also listen out for any information about the Black Cloaks.

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