Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Confusion of St Cuthbertians

A New Banner showing our enjoyment of getting to attack Clerics of St Cuthbert.
Everyone fought bravely, which was lucky considering how tough they would have proven to be if allowed some time to press forward.
Fortunately Chen’s trips and Mendez’ arrows allowed our tanks (Durin and Thesis) and summoners (Wer and Eolar) the time they needed to quell the threat.


Charlie Stilton said...

Mendez' awesome bombardment is recorded well for posterity.

Woe betide anyone who ends up on the wrong end of his bow!

Hedzor said...

The ideal D&D party should have a Fighter, a Cleric, a Wizard and a Rogue.
Our party is missing the Rogue but Mendez and Chen fulfil (Sort of) that role.
Thank goodness we never encounter locks or traps!