Friday, October 30, 2009

A Week in Pearlglen

Eolar moved away from the forge. He was sweating and exhausted and was holding the white glowing chain mail with the tongs. He looked at the armour and was satisfied. It was hard to work the mithral but with the help of the local blacksmith who he had paid to use his forge he finally managed to finalise his work. He dropped the metal into the bucket of water and started to clean up. He had learned a lot in the last couple of days. The blacksmith had taught him how to heat and work the metal and how different metals can be used for different purposes.

He met Thes-Hiss in front of the tavern and handed over the new armour. After trying it out the lizardman had to agree that it was less noisy and less restrictive to move in it. Eolar was pleased. Another happy customer and more money for his monastery. Soon he can think about the refurbishments he had in mind for a while to provide better study rooms for the growing number of acolytes. He looked over to the few stalls that were on the market today. A nice piece of leather caught his eye. If he could use the forge again to make some smaller studs he might be able to also fulfill the dwarfs wishes....

[Thesis gets Enhanced Elven Chain +1 (Silent Moves) and gives Eolar 5000gp]

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Upon their return to Gom Dalat, Chen retires to a modest and quiet hotel suite to contemplate what they have wrought. Gazing into the mirror, shaving his head, he meditates on the release of the Pit Fiend into Fissa.

Of course he wanted the Balance restored - he and his friends had done too much Good in recent times... Stopping an evil monk and restoring warring factions to peace, helping to halt a Dragonborn invasion fleet, the list goes on. Of course, then, it is only right that some Evil is done to redress this state of affairs...

But a Pit Fiend loose in the world?! This is too much...

Chen makes the decision to take a leave of absence from his friends and return to his monastery. News of this magnitude can not be delivered by carrier pigeon. He says his goodbyes and departs.

The journey is long, but uneventful and swift, and he soon arrives back at the monastery to lay himself prostrate at the feet of his Sifus. He explains what came to pass in the mountains near Gom Dalat - how the elves failed to warn him of the dangers the Black Cloaks threatened though he had tried on numerous occasions to communicate with them, and how the elves instead had formed an unlikely alliance with an ork army. He admits his role in holding off the orks until the Pit Fiend appeared, only then knowing the full depths of the Black Cloaks' betrayal.

As a penance the elders order him to clear the Great Courtyard free of all the cherry blossoms with nothing but a pair of chopsticks. As soon as one blossom is collected, another falls to the ground in its stead. It is an impossible task. The days and weeks pass slowly in backbreaking labour, but Chen's mind is free to wander - free to explore the possibilities that are now laid out in front him. Eventually, one of the masters bids him to stop and walk a while.

"Why did we give you an impossible task Chen?"
"The task was meaningless, Sifu. But the time it gave me to think was invaluable."
"Just so, Chen. You learn quickly... Now tell me, of what did you think?"
"I thought on how to restore the Balance. On how to send the Pit Fiend back to the Hell from whence it came."
"Just so. Just so. And how do you intend to do this?"
"I... I don't know."
"Just so. The other masters and I have reached the same conclusion. We do not possess the answer to this problem. We understand that you will not learn how to do this by clearing the courtyard of cherry blossoms. You have let a great Evil into this world Chen, and it is your responsibility to right this wrong.
"Yes, Sifu."
"You will return to your band of adventurers; you will grow stronger; you will learn how to combat the daemon; and you will banish him from this land forever...

"Then, and only then, will you be permitted to return to us here."


Eolar took his bow and aimed at the target in the distance. The arrow flew and hit the target spot on. Eolar had a pleased smile on his face. He had spent every free minute in the last 7 days enhancing it and it seemed to have paid off. The bow was more balanced and aiming was easier. It was the first weapon he had worked on after strengthening his chain shirt and crafting the amulet at the monastery. The stone for Chen had been easy but the amulet had taken him 16 days to finish. He looked at the piece of jewellery hanging from his neck. It had a strong transmutation spell woven into the material which improved his abilities noticeably.
He was pleased. His crafting skills had improved but he was still far away of being a master of the trade. But he was learning quickly. He enjoyed creating powerful items. If only he had more time to spend on his new obsession. But there was always some time where he could find some peace and quiet to get his tools out. He was already looking for some more materials for his next creation. He looked at the dust on the ground and remembered the dust Telfis once had. It could store water. That was something to try while he was searching for materials. Shouldn't be too difficult!

[Eolar created a periapt of wisdom +4, increased the enhancement of his chain shirt from +1 to +2, imbued his bow with a +1 enhancement plus bane(human) and created some dust of dryness. XP deducted in last XP post from Scott. In total 27000gp and 27days were spent]

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


You search Hobliah's and Lerrius' bodies and the temple and you find quite a haul, considering the ease with which you cleared the temple. After separating what rightfully belongs to the villagers, and sneakily using some of the famous Pearlglen pearls to identify items (!) you are left with:

Hobliah's horde contains:
1xMoss Agate (10gp)
2xMoonstone (40gp each)
1xAmber (80gp)
1xEmerald (1000gp)
1xStar Sapphire (1100gp)
1xScroll of Expeditious Retreat (25gp)
1xPotion of Eagle's Splendour (300gp)
1xBracers of Armour +2 (4000gp)

Lerrius' pin-cushion of a corpse:
1xMasterwork Studded Leather Armour (175gp)
1xMasterwork Buckler (165gp)
1xMasterwork Longsword (315gp)
1xMasterwork Composite Longbow (+2 STR) (600gp)
20xArrows (1gp each)
1xSilversheen (250gp)
1xOil of Magic Weapon (50gp)
1xPotion Cure Moderate Wounds (300gp)
1xScroll of Bless Weapon (100gp)
1xTanglefoot Bag (50gp)
2xSunrods (2gp each)
3xVials of Holy Water (25gp each)

Hobliah's unwashed body:
1xMajor Circlet of Blasting (23760gp)
1xPotion of Cure Moderate Wounds (300gp)
1xPotion of Magic Fang (50gp)
1xSilvernecklace, set with an Obsidian gem (190gp)

XP aka I told you it was easy aka don't expect too much!

So, maybe the encounters weren't that challenging to adventurers as heroic as you.

Mendez: Level 16: 122344
Eolar: Level 16: 122032 [1434 deducted for crafting]
Bodush: Level 14: 96925
Wer: Level 14: 96348
Thes-hiss: Level 14 (16): 93994
Elogyn: Level 13: 83297
Durin: Level 13: 78634 - LEVEL UP!

Please don't hurt me. I'll do better next time...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are we nearly there yet?

Already badly burnt and tired from the second leg of his journey, Mendez struggles forward.
The group of women and children he's escorting on this difficult journey are exhausted but still he has to drive them on.
Carrying both of the small children, Mendez reminds himself that Paradise is only half a day away.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Shrine of the Feathered Serpent

Everyone looks around, surveying the destruction they have reaped. 8 dead gargoyles, a gnome, a spirit naga, and a gigantic behir. They all realise they had gotten lucky. The fight may have been an easy one in the end, but Bodush had come closer to death than he would ever wish for and the battle may well have taken a horrendous turn for the worst had Thesis not the strength of character to resist the naga's diabolical gaze.

As Thesis wipes the behir's stinking stomach fluids from his armour and the clerics heal Durin and Bodush, Wer and Mendez set about clearing up the old temple. Wer respectfully buries the bodies of the nymphs and other forest dwellers and Mendez burns the corpses and animal skins which Lerrius had been curing. Between them, Hobliah the spirit naga and Lerrius the gnome ranger had not only separated the villagers from what wealth they had, but they had also reaped untold damage on the local wildlife - something that would take the eco-system ages to recover from.

Eventually, the party decide to return to the village. Thesis carries the statue of the Couatl, glinting in the late afternoon sunlight. Upon their return, they are greeted by Hettag - the remaining cleric of Pelor. Seeing the statue he almost breaks into tears of gratitude: Tears he cannot hold back once he also finds that the party have returned Kalina's armour, signifying that which he not yet brought himself to accept - that she was dead.

The party are welcomed as heroes by the villagers of Pearlglen and during their stay are put up in the most comfortable of the inn's rooms, are waited upon hand and foot by the village maidens, and eat and drink freely across the village. The statue is returned to the Shrine, but the party are not allowed to visit for the duration of their stay.

During this time, the party learn that - in the case of the old Warden's and Cleric's murders - Hettag has requested Pelor to send a new cleric. Eolar (of course) offers his and St Cuthbert's support but this is politely, yet firmly, declined. The village decide to elect a new council of village elders and experts - with this council rotating every two months so that any futher attempts to dominate their government will be much harder in future.

On the morning of their departure, Hettag asks the party to meet him at the shrine. Here they are met by the entire village, and a huge celebratory feast of a breakfast is unveiled. The party are ushered into the shrine to finally gaze upon the magnificence of the pearl-encrusted statue.

Set pride of place within the shrine, calmly lit only by sunlight reflected from cleverly placed skylights and mirrors, the statute of the Couatl glints like diamonds as the pearls reflect light around the domed room. It truly is a masterpiece, and makes the spirit naga's magically enhanced impersonation of Tlanextic seem all the more weak. The features on the old priest's tomb are also cunningly highlighted - showing him to have possessed great strength of mind and, however unlikely it may be, the party can easily see how the villagers would believe that it was he who originally brought the extra-planar couatl to rescue Pearlglen from the plague.

Once the initial awe has faded slightly, everyone is able to take in the rest of the room. Placed in such a way that their vigilant gaze never wavers from the tomb and statue, seven pearl-eyed stone-carven busts of Bodush, Wer, Eolar, Elogyn, Durin, Thesis, and Mendez stand atop simple and elegant pedestals in a circle around the edge of the shrine. Behind these around almost the entire circumference of the shrine a tapestried wall hanging recounts the story of the Saviours of the Shrine of the Feathered Serpent.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goodness is its own Reward

Any doubts he had about killing the Gnome evaporate as Mendez discovers the remains of the Sylvan skins.
He'd have killed the Gnome for no other reason than that.
In a moment quite unlike Mendez, he leaves without even looking at the treasure.

The only Magic that I noticed was the 'Circlet of Blasting' and that seems a bit gay even for Mendez.
As the treasure was mostly stolen from Pearlglen, I say we give it back to them.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Banner: You look like a Coatl, but you're a Naga in disguise

So, the stumpy winged Coatl was really a nasty human headed evil snake abomination that was bent on corrupting the god-fearing village of Pearlglen and sucking it dry.

Of course, your favourite band of deed-dooers were not to be fooled and soon revealed the Naga for what she was and defeated her and her puny entourage with some fines!

Mind you, much worse than the Naga (in terms of general evilness) was that little toe-rag of a gnome. What was his excuse? Torturing and maiming those lovely sylvan creatures and keeping their skins for what? A new coat? Sick man - deserved to die horribly - pinned to the wall through the heart by 4 of Mendez's arrows :)

Everyone fought well and bravely, with not a small amount of risk though. Early on it seemed that Bodush might die. Two-thirds of his hit-points gone in one blow and Thesis, possessed, poised behind him about to strike. Fortunately Thesis fought the domination and in the next moment the Naga was utterly destroyed by burst of awesome magic from Bodush.

In the funniest incident of the climactic battle, Thesis (Str 25) found himself out grappled by a gianormous Behir, flicked up into the air and swallowed whole! No sooner had that happend that Thesis clawed his way out of the belly of the beast to find the creature disintegrating around him, thanks once again to the magic of the sorcerer!

Fun and larks - Good job Scott :-D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The vampire slayers

They left in the morning after Eolar was able identify their position. They had stopped at old ruins of a castle and used the dungeons to escape the light. The group started the chase by the first break of dawn. Eolar, Elogyn and 8 others changed to gaseous form and went fast as the wind while the others set out on horses.

The first group reached the ruins by midday and when they encountered only 3 guards they decided to attack immdediately. While still in gaseous form they sneaked past the guards and within seconds the undead were killed. None of the captured people were turned yet, not even fed on. After a quick investigation, most guards turned out to be vampire spawn and only the leader a true vampire. Eolar had kept the leader alive who provided some information under torture. The prisoners should have been brought to a castle another days march from the ruins where a vampire lord had taken over and started to built up his realm. The prisoners should have served as slaves and food for the growing vampire population.

After a quick talk to Elogyn and the others it was decided to move on to attack the castle before the lord could fully build up an effective defense. An hour later Cotis arrived with the other fighters and was ordered to move on and meet near the castle while Eolar and Elogyn moved in gaseous form to scout and get information about their destination. Four fighters were ordered to bring the unharmed villagers back while Eolars followers, despite being still confused and dizzy since the dominate spell wore off, decided to join the fight.

It turned out to be a smaller castle build on the side of a smaller mountain. In the few hours of the day that were left they could find out that there was only a small group of vampires around the lord who controlled many humans that were kept as slaves. Eolar had to stop Elogyn who wanted to attack immediately without waiting for the others after she saw that they kept humans like cattle. They went back and met the others at the designated spot.

It was a short battle the next day. The clerics who were prepared to fight undead took the mostly sleeping vampires by surprise. Holding the vampires at bay with holy symbols and daylight spells they slaughtered the first few before all vampires could be awakened. Many others died when they were dragged outside into the bright sunlight. Eolar, Elogyn and Cotis went straight for the lord who turned out to be an elder vampire. After a longer fight and chase through the tunnels under the castle, the vampire managed to escape much to the annoyance of Elogyn who tried to track him down while the others had already returned to the battle.

When Elogyn came back without success the battle was already over. Only few of the humans were used as meat shields by the vampires and were beyond healing. The others were sent home to their villages in the surrounding areas. Although the vampire lord had managed to escape, Eolar considered the attack a success. The chance of the lord returning was slim but Eolar would still check on the ruins in the area from time to time. They also had found rooms filled with treasure which could be brought to good use in the monastery and the valley.

Back at the monastery a regular patrol was started to check on the surrounding villages. Eolar saw a chance to expand the area of influence of the monastery and also to open trade relations to get much needed food. He wondered how the others got along and tried to scry on them in the evenings. He saw that they're on their way to Gom Dalat and saw a chance to meet an old friend in the church there while catching up with his comrades. Leaving Leofwen in charge again, Elogyn and Eolar left the valley behind once more.

Big Brother

Mendez packs his few belongings and travels on with Chen and the others.
Initially he found the quiet Monk an oddity but over the last two years, he’s grown to like and admire him.
Mendez has often found himself marvelling at the feats of agility that Chen seems to perform so effortlessly. Although no oaf, Mendez could never hope to achieve that level of grace… but still.
Chen helps him where able with subtle guidance and encouragement, until Mendez finally feels that he’s learned enough to use it in the heat of battle.
Looking at his friend, Mendez finally realises that Chen is more like an elder brother.

Mendez spends loads of skill points on the cross class skill ‘Tumble’ and also learns ‘Evasion’!

Money for no Hope

Once safely back in city, Mendez went immediately to see the leader of the Gom Dalat army.
He told Commander Thul of the hundreds of Powerful Orc warriors that they had killed as well as the Ogre legions and Druid leaders.
He also told of the scores of Black cloaks killed but of their ultimate victory. It’s with a bitter whisper that he spoke of the successful summoning of the immense blue Dragon and foul Devil.
It was at this point that Mendez fudged the truth.
He went on to explain that the Party were caught in the middle of a sprawling battle and only when the Black cloaks had proved victorious, were the Party forced to trick their way out with lies and the promise of loyalty.
As Commander Thul rose slowly to his feet, Mendez coughed and reminded the ashen-faced man of his promised reward for information.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The massive Thesis hands over thirty of his precious pearls to the spindly Bodush who adds them to his own four.
The young Sorcerer, armed with these pearls, several bottles of dark red wine and a basketful of owl's feathers, staggers off to find some privacy.
He emerges late the next day with a pained look but a smile on his lips.

The Party travel back to Gom Dalat unmolested and find it relatively easy to sell the magical treasure.
(But not to whoever took over Quart's magical emporium!)

Mendez takes the 'Brooch of Shielding' (1,500gp) and the 'Ring of the Ram' (12 charges) (2,064 gp) plus 1x 'Potion of Cure Serious Wounds' (3d8+5)(750gp), 1x 'Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds' (2d8+3) (300gp) and 2x 'Potions of Cure Light Wounds' (1d8+1)(50gp).

He also takes the 2x 'Composite Longbows +2' (+2) (8600gp ea) and the remaining 2 x 'Rings of Protection' +1 (2,000 gp) for his brothers.

Mendez PAYS in: 13,140gp.

Durin takes 2x 'Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds' (2d8+3)(300gp) and 1 x 'Potion of Eagle's Splendor' (300 gp).

Durin also gets: 10,384gp. (Not bad for hardly being there!)

Thesis takes 2x 'Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds' (2d8+3)(300gp) and 2x 'Potions of Cure Serious Wounds' (3d8+5)(750gp).

Thesis also gets: 14,234gp plus 340gp worth of gems and + 8sp (-30 pearls but already compensated for in the money).

Bodush takes the 'Staff of Fire' (36 charges) (12,780 gp).

Bodush also gets: 954gp plus 340gp worth of gems and + 8sp (-4 pearls but already compensated for in the money).

Chen takes the 'Ring of Force Shield' (8,500 gp).

Chen also gets: 5,284gp plus 340gp worth of gems and + 8sp.

Wer takes a 'Ring of Protection +1' (2000gp), the 'Ring of Mind Shielding' (8000gp), the 'Ring of Counterspells' (4000gp) and the 'Leather armour +2' (4160gp),
(We previously agreed that leather armour can be altered to fit.)
You do realise that you can only use two rings at a time right?

Wer PAYS in: 4,487gp (If she can afford it?)

No-one wanted the Intelligent and perversely good 'Bastard' sword. It was worth over 20,000gp!

I ignored all the mundane stuff. It's beneath Mendez to scrabble around in the mud for used weapons and armour. (If anyone wants any of it, they can demean themselves for it.)

I also didn't include the 'Cursed' armour. What sort of hypocrite would Mendez be if he passed that on?

Actually boys, we've done pretty well out of this.

Revise your character sheets and make sure you can carry all that money.

(If you want to exchange it for precious gems, you can in the jewellers quarter for a 5% commission.)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Bite at a Time

It was two days since the attacks had ceased. First Eolar had thought it was just the silence before the storm and had doubled the guards and urged the council to double the patrols which had been proven successful against the guerrilla-like attacks. Elogyn and Cotis had organised an effective and most importantly mixed militia. Able men from both parts of the formerly divided city had joined in an effort to fight back the attacks. The worse the attacks had gotten, the closer the two parts had grown back together.

The valley had been under constant patrol for two days now but there hadn't been a single report of an attack. Every patrol was accompanied by one of Eolar's followers who acted first most as a healer but was also part of a well organised information network, so Eolar would quickly be informed if something happened out of the ordinary. He looked at the paper again and slowly crumpled it. Two of the groups were missing. That was different. Before, the attackers tried to kill. They never took prisoners. Now both groups were missing. Without bodies, without traces of a major fight. Elogyn and the others looked at him after Leofwen had made a suggestion. It might be worth a shot!

A few minutes later the gathered round the fountain of holy water. Griswald was among the victims so there was an easy chance to see if they were still alive. Eolar cast the spell and looked into the water. After a short moment he could see a group of people walking. Griswald was there and Eolar could see some of the villagers. They were alive, but something in their eyes caught Eolar's attention. Their eyes showed an aboulic stare. Something or somebody was controlling them. After a few minutes one of the guards came into the scrying sensor. First Eolar thought it was one of the former black guards, but as he turned and looked at Griswald, Eolar could see hardened features and a fierce look in his eyes. It reminded Eolar of the eyes of a wild animal on the hunt.

He closed his eyes to think, losing the sensor. He never had seen such a look but he remembered a book that had described something similar. To the surprise of Eolgyn and the others who were looking at him in expectation, Eolar jumped up and ran into the library. They found him moments later concentrating on a book in front of him. He looked up at Elogyn and Leofwen who approached him. "Get a message to the council. We need 20 of the best fighters geared up and ready. Leofwen, get a group of 10 clerics together, pack silver and extra holy symbols! We are going vampire-hunting!"

Bodush uses his Mojo

Bodush sits there for a while happily identifying stuff:

1x ring of force shield (8,500 gp)
3x ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp)
1x ring of mind shielding (8,000 gp)
1x ring of the ram (12 charges) (2,064 gp)
1x ring of counterspells (4,000 gp) (Dispel Magic)

1. arcane (375 gp)
- Slow (l3, cl5)
2. arcane (200 gp)
- Burning Hands (l1, cl1)
- Sleep (l1, cl1)
- Cat's Grace (l2, cl3)
3. divine (325 gp)
- Augury (l2, cl3)
- Summon Nature's Ally I (l1, cl1)
- Bull's Strength (l2, cl3)
4. arcane (175 gp)
- Detect Secret Doors (l1, cl1)
- Locate Object (l2, cl3)
5. divine (200 gp)
- Summon Nature's Ally II (l2, cl3)
- Summon Monster I (l1, cl1)
- Faerie Fire (l1, cl1)

1. Delay Poison (l2, cl3) (25 charges) (2,250 gp)
2. Knock (l2, cl3) (12 charges) (1,080 gp)
3. Summon Monster I (l1, cl1) (14 charges) (210 gp)

1. short sword +1 (merciful) (8,310 gp)
2. greatsword +1 (2,350 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
3. 2x Composite Longbow +2 (+2) (8600gp ea)

1. full plate +3 (spell resistance (13)) (26,650 gp)
- CURSE: item has opposite effect/target
2. Leather armour +2 (4160gp)
3. 2x Leather armour +1 (1160gp)

Wondrous Items:
1. bracers of armor (+2) (4,000 gp)
2. brooch of shielding (1,500 gp)

1. potion of eagle's splendor (300 gp)
2. 3x Cure serious wounds (3d8+5)(750gp)
3. 5x Cure moderate wounds (2d8+3)(300gp)
4. 2x Cure light wounds (1d8+1)(50gp)

1. staff of fire (36 charges) (12,780 gp)
2. staff of size alteration (9 charges) (5,220 gp)

Intelligent Weapons:
1. bastard sword +3 (20,335 gp)
Int: 9 (-1)
Wis: 12 (1)
Cha: 8 (-1)
Ego: 6
Communication: empathy
Alignment: neutral good
sense motive +10
'bless' allies (3 per day)
sheds light in a 20-foot radius

Who wants what?

Friday, October 9, 2009


Some survivors of the exodus came at last to Pearlglen - a small village famed for the freshwater pearls often found in the river nearby. With them, they brought the plague. Skilled only in rudimentary midwifery and herblore, the village turned to their old priest to save them. Alas, he was amongst the first to succumb, but on his deathbed he swore that the village would be saved.

The very next day a Couatl named Tlanextic arrived, though he would never discuss whether the priest's prayers had summoned him. Whatever his reason for coming to Pearlglen, he proved to be its saviour. Using extra-planar medicines he was able to innoculate the healthy, and by carefully segmenting the sick and quickly buying the dead Pearlglen was freed from the plague within a month. His work done Tlanextic took his leave of the villagers, vowing to look in from time to time.

In gratitude the villagers hand crafted a statue of the Couatl from hardwood and adorned it with locally collected pearls. It was erected in place honor in the village shrine and next to the dead priest's grave. Given the rarity of Couatls, word soon spread of the incredibly realistic detail and people travelled from miles around to gaze in wonderment at the carved imagery - grateful to have seen an illustration, knowing they would never truly set eyes on such a wondrous creature.

Eventually, the church of Pelor expanded the shrine and stationed a full time cleric in Pearlglen to look after the statue. Likewise, the village set up the Wardens to protect it's citizens.

All of this had come to pass two generations ago - by human reckoning at least - but the tale of Tlanextic, his miraculous doings, and the amazing statue are common folklore for hundreds of miles around.

Knowing that they are in the area, Wer decides that she would very much like to see Tlanextic's likeness and tries to persuade the party to join her. She also tells them of recent rumours brought to her on the wing and the wind: While the human-folk of Pearlglen are seemingly unaffected, and even completely ignorant of the fact, the sylvan creatures of the forest have recently learned to give Pearlglen a wide berth. Someone - or something - is stalking them. It kills without warning or mercy and leaves little left of its victims save a few grisly entrails.

Smelling adventure and possible reward the party acquiesce to Wer's pleas to visit Pearlglen and, once they have made appropriate preparations, set off towards the village to view the carven idol and uncover the mystery of the murdered forest dwellers...

XP and treasure from hell

Ok, evil always rewards it's followers generously, here the current XP points:

Eolar: Level 16: 122295 xp - LEVEL UP!
Mendez: Level 16: 121173 xp - LEVEL UP!
Bodush: Level 14: 95300 xp
Wer: Level 14: 94723 xp - LEVEL UP!
Chen: Level 14: 93193 xp - LEVEL UP!
Thesis: Level 14(16): 92369 xp - LEVEL UP!
Elogyn: Level 13: 81475 xp - LEVEL UP!
Durin: Level 12: 76590 xp

You did manage to kill quite a lot of guys in the end.
As for treasure, I didn't post treasure after the fight with the elves and the ogres, we include that now (prepare yourselves for a loooong list):

From the elves:
2 rings (m)
3 scrolls
3 wands
short sword (m)
bracers (m)
2 composite longbows +2 (m)
2 studded leathers (m)
+ arrows (taken by Mendez) and other normal stuff (food, axes, throwing axes,etc)

from the ogres:
1 composite longbow +5
1 Greatsword
1 Chain shirt
4 Greatclubs
4 Hide armours
2 rings (m)

From the battlefield:
lots of: all types of non-magic swords and armour and shields. If you are looking for something specific, let me know and I'll tell you.
Rummaging through everything, you find the following gold and magic stuff:

1 full plate armour
3 rings
11 potions
2 scrolls
2 staffs
1 bastard sword
1 great sword
3 leather armours
1 brooch
A pile of gold coins (5245gp)
Some gems (1700gp)

From the dragon you get a bag full of gems (after some serious talking between the highest living BC and him). You estimate their value to be 5000gp.

That should be everything I hope. Sorry that it took so long, but the free day I had on the weekend I spent sleeping after a long night.....

Stunning evil talk

Mendez just finished with his sentence when he could see the pit fiend turn, open his fiery wings and look down at him. He could hear a word being uttered and suddenly fear filled his body. Every muscle started to freeze. He dropped his bow and stood there looking at the creature gazing down on him.
The pit fiend slowly wrapped his wings around him again and looked down on Bodush who had just addresses him in infernal.
"You chose your words wisely, sorcerer. In contrast to your friend I have to say. But it seems that you indeed have played your part in defending the gate and therefore have aided our arrival. This help shall not go unrewarded. Since your friend seeks treasures, it is treasures he shall get. If it is true that Thereanthor's followers have made an agreement with you, Thereanthor will make sure you will receive what was promised."
He looked over to the dragon who had turned his head towards him suddenly. Bodush could see the dragon flinch but nodded after a stare of the centurion of Hell.

"The tales that will be told of our arrival shall mention the part you and your friends have played in it! On top of the payment promised, take whatever you can carry from our slain opponents on the battlefield! Let people know that the new sovereign in this world is a generous one!"
Mendez could feel the control over his muscles coming back again and decided to slowly edge away while the pit fiend stepped closer to Bodush.
"As for you, young sorcerer, you seem to have much potential! I'm searching for worthy employees from this world since most of my loyal followers can't walk on this plane unnoticed. Would you be interested to work for me? I can promise a leading position within my new order if you live up to my expectations."

Seems Like a Nice Boy (To Eat!)

Mendez listens to Bodush and the dragon drone on and on in Draconic.
He has no idea what they’re saying but suddenly feels a tingling at the base of his neck. It’s like someone is gazing into his soul.
Feeling like the only clean spot in a filthy room, Mendez, oh so slowly, edges away from his sorcerer friend.
The devils summoned creatures ignore him as they feast upon the flesh of the fallen and the remaining Dragon disciples are too awed by their Lord to notice.
Mendez manages to get to the ruined remains of the main door.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ill Tidings

A strong breeze was blowing from the sea when the battered ship drifted in to the harbour, but no-one noticed the stench it carried over the usual portside smells of boiling pitch and rotting fish. An hour passed and still no-one had descended - not even to tie off - so the harbour master clambered aboard to investigate. He found the entire crew long dead and rotting, black-headed pustules covering their corpses. Not even rats survived. The sight and smell were enough to cause him to vomit uncontrollably. The ship was soon put back to sea and burned.

It started with a single cough not a day later. Within a week the harbourmaster had died, but not before he had visited most of the brothels and drinking holes along the docks...

The first sympton was a dry, hacking, cough which soon became more and more severe - the phlegm turning to blood. Vile spots appeared and leaked their oily contents across the body. Then came the sickness - bile and stomach lining bubbling up without warning until it violently erupted from the victim's mouth. Those that did not die from the disease itself died from malnutrition or dehydration. Either way, it was a grisly death - their last few days spent in agony, wasting away amid their own filth and excrement.

No man or woman, young or old, rich or poor was spared as the disease coursed through the city. Hospitals and churches quickly became mortuaries as the doctors' and priests' curative powers had little effect. Mass graves were dug and funery pyres lit - the ashes falling back to the city like blackened snow. People fled the cities in ever greater numbers as the soldiers manning the quarantine blockades also succumbed and could no longer stem the flood of refugees.

Plague had come to Fissa.

What a Gray Day

While Bodush negotiates with the Dragon, Mendez takes a moment to look around.
Black cloaks, Gray Elves and the drably armoured Orcs and Ogres. All dead or dying.
He is surrounded by the stench of evil. Even his friends no longer profess any leanings toward goodness.
Mendez feels a great weight settle on his chest and shoulders.
He was the only one who could have stopped this atrocity and he failed.
He must find a way to right this wrong.
Turning around, Mendez risks a quick look up at the Dragon and the Devil.

Perhaps not today though.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Whole New World

When he stepped through the gate he could see what the old dragon had meant. There really was a battle going on, but compared to the battles he had fought as a centurion of the Hell's armies, this looked like a mere skirmish. He looked around. He was in a room filled with dead bodies and surrounded only by a few mortals who seem to have defended the gate. Thereanthor had already taken care of the attackers within the room and was on his way outside.
He moved to the door and had a look. His new empire. Without fire. Without rivers of magma and the ash hills. His new home!
He saw the dragon engulfed in magic attacks and foot soldiers. What a puny attempt to stop his entry to this world. He summoned Drogoth, his loyal cornugon, into the area that his meteor swarm had just cleared. The opponents fell like flies and his minion liked that sort of unfair battle. Another two erinyes should be enough to take care of the flying druids and help Thereanthor by keeping the spellcasters busy.

His plan had worked. After a few unsuccessful attempts to create a bridgehead, he finally stepped into this world. He never should have sent his minions to seduce and deceive mortals. Sometimes you have to do a job yourself if you want it to be done. Here in the mountains he had space and time to build up a power base. The dragon had accumulated much treasure which should help in finding new underlings quickly and the weakness of the mortals to deception and promised riches should do the rest. The only thing he had to promise the dragon was to increase his wealth and to rid the world of some old enemies. What a tiny price for a whole new world. They were all thinking too small. After he has conquered this realm he will have enough power to go back and demand his rightful place as an archduke of hell.

The messages he had received before leaving Phlegethos showed that the dragon's idea of a second gate near the main city was a full success. The gate was opened from Hades and had diverted Berials attention away from the gate they had used. By the time they finish searching for him on the battlegrounds of the Blood War his grip on this world will be strong enough to hide him.
If only his attempt to move up to the rank of one of the Dark Eight would have worked 200 years ago. It had been a carefully worked out assassination plan on Zaebos, the 7th of the generals of the Blood War. He had worked himself up in Zaebos ranks and would have been his legal successor. But the attempt had failed and Zaebos had escaped unharmed. And although assassinations were a often used instrument for promotion in Baator, they were also punished by life sentence. Belial had tortured him for 200 years, but revenge is a meal best served cold. After he has taken this world, he will return and punish those who dared to keep him from his rightful place!

He looked around. The noise of the battle had almost died down. Thereanthor had returned and turned his attention to what seemed to be his followers. He had mentioned that he had created a dragon cult over the years. First out of boredom, but later he had realised that having an army worshiping him could have benefits. There were about 30 mortals in black cloaks bowing in front of him.
Another group of mortals approached him. He could feel good auras amongst them. He wondered how the dragon had deceived them into helping him. Perhaps he had underestimated the abilities of the old bat!

New Banner: Shut that door!

Who opened that door?!

I can't believe we fell into Sven's carefully laid trap.

All the time I was thinking, "What's the worst that could happen? We might let a dragon into this world. Fine, no big deal." No-one expected a pit-fiend for chrisakes!!

The most annoying thing about the whole setup is clearly shown in Kirk's succinct banner. That is the Grey Elves and the Orcs acting in unison, as one. I just can't see how they would have come to collaborate let alone communicate via something other than arrows and swords. They certainly wouldn't talk to us!

Finally, I hope that this is not the final banner showing our fave characters alive. This one isn't finished just yet, let's see what those beings from the underworld have to say about our fate ...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Three Brothers

Mendosa enters his brother’s mansion.
‘Estaban, your boy Sancho has finished his morning lesson, but he’ll never be half the swordsman Mendez has become. Why do you persist in making all your sons practice with the bow and sword? You never had a use for them yourself.’
Estaban looks up at his thickly set brother.
“I didn’t need a bow or sword because I had your steel and Duban’s arrows to protect me. I only wish that Duban had us to stand with him when he died.”
Mendosa looks down as he speaks, “He left because we wouldn’t stand with him. Despite our disagreement, I would have it that he’d never left.”
Estaban pulls himself to his feet. “He was always too headstrong. He couldn’t see that my way was always the best way.”
Mendosa looks back up. “At least he taught all the boys how to use a bow.”

Friday, October 2, 2009

Baator out of Hell

Mendez steels himself and strides towards the gigantic Dragon and the merely enormous Devil.
“Welcome to Fissa my Lords. We have managed to protect your Sorcerers and keep the Chaotic Elves and Orcs from disrupting your journey. Now that you are both safe, our work here is finished. I would be grateful for the payment promised by your agent. ‘All the gold and jewels we could want’ is what was offered, but magic is what I truly crave.”
Trying not to flinch under these demi-gods stares, Mendez holds his ground.

For Evil to Triumph…

Mendez stares in awe at the enormous blue dragon that strides through the magical portal. He’d seen a much smaller black one before and even assisted the fearless Durin in killing it…
But this terrifying creature is so much more.
Dragging his eyes away from the massive lizard, Mendez’ heart turns to ice. The creature that follows it can only be a Prince of Baator.
Twelve feet tall and wreathed in flames, it keeps its leathery wings curled around itself like a cloak.
Mendez curses himself under his breath. Why didn’t he take the shot he’d been yearning to?
Why hadn’t he disrupted the summoning spell?

... and then all hell broke loose

Actually, more helped out rather than broke loose.

First off I'd like to say sorry to Durin for not playing his character last night. Sven decreed that he'd get no experience anyway and I thought it best not to put him in the way of danger for the sake of no XP.

Secondly, thanks to Sven for a fun, if somewhat confusing and frustrating adventure.

For all our complicity with the black-cloaks I maintain that we were rather duped into ushering forth the next dark age. Sven pointed out that we could have avoided all this if we had gone with Lady Bennissa alone in the first session, but I would counter that it was the sensible decision to keep the BC's near as we would learn more of their plans that way.

And that touches on my main problem with how things turned out - despite always being open for information during game-time, none was forthcoming. I, speaking draconic, was able to learn nothing from the BCs, the Elves never so much as spoke to us and there was never any explaination why evil orcs would be fighting evil (despite the lawful/chaotic opposition).

In fact, it seems the only real information cam in the form of a DT posting the afternoon before the final battle, which we might be forgiven for not following.

So, now I await to hear our fate. Was it not always thus?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Because Everyone likes a little Head

I recently sent everyone a little headshot avatar of their character.
Some of you won't use them so I thought I'd just post them up.