Friday, October 2, 2009

Baator out of Hell

Mendez steels himself and strides towards the gigantic Dragon and the merely enormous Devil.
“Welcome to Fissa my Lords. We have managed to protect your Sorcerers and keep the Chaotic Elves and Orcs from disrupting your journey. Now that you are both safe, our work here is finished. I would be grateful for the payment promised by your agent. ‘All the gold and jewels we could want’ is what was offered, but magic is what I truly crave.”
Trying not to flinch under these demi-gods stares, Mendez holds his ground.


Insanodag said...

Bodush takes one look at Mendez and steels himself, trying to contain his normal sarcastic demeanor. before he addresses the Pit Fiend in infernal. "Your Infernal Grace,"(knowing full well that the correct title would be your Infernal Lordship, but Pit Fiends usually have ideas above their station, so why not address him as one would a duke of hell)" I am much relieved to see that our efforts on behalf of your companion's disciples were not in vain, and I am greatly honoured to have played such central part in allowing our world to be graced by such a magnificent and distinguished arrival as yourselves. Allow me first to apologise for the impetousness of my compatriot. Truly, the honour of serving the both of you is enough. However, I am certain that at this stage of your power-base consolidation, wide-spread tales of your magnanimity would be very helpful in drawing the most talented and loyal individuals to your banner."

Hedzor said...

Despite having no clue to what Bodush is saying, Mendez gladly falls back behind his eloquent friend.