Monday, December 28, 2009

Lights in the tree

It was slowly getting darker. They'd spotted a few of the hamsters and sailors who made their way through the jungle underneath them. Ragnar was flying in circles above them to spot gorillas in time, Durin and Thesis were flying higher to spot the remnants of ballons in the trees and Eolar was flying ahead to scout for a save path through the dense undergrowth.
The sun was slowly setting at the horizon when Eolar saw the strange tree in the middle of the clearing. It wasn't the kind of tree they'd seen so far, but a tall fir tree.
The clearing looked like a good place to make camp for the night and Eolar had a strange feeling about the fir tree. He urged his companions to make their way towards it and materialised next to the tree.
After a while the whole group was gathering around it. A peaceful feeling filled the air. Bodush was the first to act. He cast dancing lights on the tree which gave it a sparkely look. Eolar looked at it in joy and a table with food and drink for everybody appeared next to the tree. The travellers ate and drank and one after another gathered around the tree where people started to tell stories. Durin even intoned a few peaceful dwarfen songs. For this night they forgot the dangers and perils around them. It was a special night!

Happy holidays everybody!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Higher up the Evolutionary Tree

His ape foot soldiers have been badly hurt. Despite his clever use of tactics the enemy has defeated them…
No not defeated.
They fled…
Some transformed themselves into clouds, some simply vanished into thin air.
Still powerful as they are, they're just flesh.
Their blood still stains the soil.
And the ones found by themselves…
Hanging from the trees.
Easy pickings.
Gathering the biggest of his minions around him, he gives his orders.
“Oook, ook ooooka ook!”

Friday, December 18, 2009

We’ve got to get out of this Ape place

Experience from the ape encounter… Not much else.

Here are the current scores (In experience order):
Only Durin managed to squeak up a level.

Eolar: Level 16: 133,966xp
Mendez: Level 16: 133,961xp (Gah!)
Thes-hiss: Level 16: 127,190xp
Bodush: Level 15: 109,539xp
Durin: Level 13: 91,308xp (Up to 14th level!)
Hawkmoon: Level 13: 79,491xp
Mara’ch: Level 12: 76,585xp
Ragnar: Level 12: 75,584xp

Eolar’s still in the lead.
But only just.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roc (He) 3

Settling back onto his clutch of eggs, the mighty Roc watches the distant coastline of Ape Island.
If that thing moves again, he will make sure it dies this time.
He has eaten recently and can wait as long as it takes

Roc (He) 2

Hampered by the need to keep the eggs warm, he cannot be away from the nest too long.
Travelling in widening circles, he looks for the cause of his pain.
The loss of his mate will be avenged.
Finally he sees it.
The beached bubble and hard thing.
He has seen this before many seasons ago and defeated it then.
If it dares rise again he will defeat it once more.

Roc (He)

With a screech of anguish, the mighty Roc circles over the carcass of his mate.
She partially floats in the water below, already food for the myriad aquatic scavengers.
Whatever could have done this?
Whatever it was, it would have to be able to fly.
Whatever it is, it is going to die!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Game date change

Hi All,
As Assif can't keep track of dates but we all love him anyway, the game session has been moved back to Thursday the 17th of December.
As I imagine that this will be the last game until the new year, I'll be bringing a Santa hat and extra beer.
I may be late but I'll try to arrange not to be.
Assif will bring the mince pies (at least 12) as a thank you to everyone else for not having social lives.

Pellet of the Apes

Considering the standard of the opposition, the situation is actually quite grim.
The Party (Eolar, Thesis, Bodush, Durin, Hawkmoon, Mara’ch and Ragnar) have nursed the stricken Sky-ship to Ape island where it is currently beached.
They have moved inland into the jungle interior searching for any surviving crew-members (who bailed out using assorted two-floating or singular life saver balloons).
Hawkmoon used his arcane powers to discover the locations of a few of them and the Party have so far found three Human sailors and one of the Hamster men.
When they came to the fifth location, they found a ripped harness hanging from a tree and just as they were about to start searching they came under fire from at least a score of apes throwing rocks from the tree-tops.
Despite their crude tactics of whooping and throwing, the cover from the foliage and distance grants them quite an advantage.
Only Hawkmoon seems to be making it difficult for the apes so far.
Most everyone in the Party is injured and two of the Human sailors are unconscious or worse and so is the Hamster-man.
There is a city on the other side of the island but it’s at least 25 miles away!
Also, there are still 6 humans and 9 Hamster-men missing.

Current Hit points:

Mara'ch 37
Eolar 97
Thesis 171
Durin 154
Hawkmoon 61
Bodush 47
Ragnar 104

Initiative Order:

Bodush 23
Thesis 21
Fapes 21
Dapes 20
Napes 19
Mara'ch 19
Hawkmoon 14
Ragnar 14
Durin 7
Eolar 6

Good luck!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Family trumps Friendship

Looking up from his ledgers, Estaban notices the worry etched on his brother’s face.
“What is it Mendoza? You look upset.”
Speaking in barely more than a whisper, Mendoza responds to his brother’s question.
“You’ve taken things too far this time Estaban. Mendez will not forgive you for endangering his friends.”
Estaban smiles.
“I didn’t have much choice. I need those diamonds to pay off my debts. As for Mendez, of course he’ll forgive me. In fact I’m sure that if those adventurers turn ugly on their return, he’ll choose family over ‘friends’. Frankly I can’t believe he’s been associating with such a wretched group. Sub-humans all, aside from the teenage Sorcerer and even he’s tainted with the stink of Orc.”
Mendoza still doesn’t look convinced.
“Demi-human they may be, but if even half of what Mendez has said about them is true, I won’t be able to stop them.”
Estaban smiles again.
“Don’t you worry little brother. I’ve hired a few mercenaries to help if it comes down to it, and unbeknownst to those idiot adventurers, I have a spy amongst them.”

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Short on Thought

Durin futilely rushes to the base of a tree and throws another of his new javelins. The Apes are simply too big to be felled by a single javelin, regardless of how hard he throws it.
His thoughts dark, he starts to conjecture…

Would a three-legged dog fall over when it peed?

Hard Rocks verses Tough Nuts

Thesis hisses in frustration as another rock bounces of his toughened skull.
It’s a worry though, as it appears that Mendez’ ‘tall-tales’ might all be true.
Unbelievably the gigantic Roc was no exaggeration and now these vicious but intelligent seeming apes have proved themselves to be real.
Struggling to recollect what Mendez had told him years ago, Thesis wonders what other creatures they’re likely to encounter on this journey?

APEbble Problem

Bodush curses as he’s hit by another of the crude missiles.
How is it that mere animals have learnt this trick?
Straining to remember Mendez’ bragging tales of self-aggrandisement, Bodush seems to recall something about throwing rocks in return for fruit…

Liars, Damn Liars and then there's Mendez

Strangely, as Eolar finds himself under a murderous barrage of stones thrown by the carnivorous apes, his thoughts momentarily drift to Mendez.
He’d always thought his swarthy friend given to massive exaggeration, but his recent encounter with the colossal Roc and his current experience with the ferocious apes makes him wonder.
Could all of Mendez’ self-obsessed stories be true?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Banner: No Monkey Business

Kirk the killer DM once again taught us a lesson in using ordinary monsters to maximum effect.

I mean, how annoying is it that the apes should be 15 feet up in the trees, with cover, pelting us with stones. We can't get to them with swords and they are not nicely bunched for a fireball. Plus, we have no idea how many there are. Maybe we need a new strategy.

Having said that, put us in a seemingly impossible position with a ridiculously powerful single monster and we totally rule! A Roc with over 800hp stood no chance. Maybe he should have split up and hid in a tree ;)

Also, good to see Mara'ch and Ragnar making their first appearance :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Death of a Ranger

Nine years ago today...

The armies of the south were marching toward Shalalah. If they arrived unscathed they would take the city in mere days.
Duban strides into the room. He is dressed for battle in his leather armour, scimitar at his waist and his longbow strapped across his shoulder.
“Mendoza. Estaban. Come gather the boys, we need to help the militia take the battle to the enemy.”
“Don’t be ridiculous Duban. This war needn’t be our concern. Let the armies battle. I’m sure I can persuade the city’s new Regent to leave my land unmolested.”
“I can’t do that Estaban. This won’t be a bloodless coup. The Southern army will kill a large portion of the population just as an example. Some say they intend to kill at least half of the men, warriors or not. Their leader is an evil man and I cannot abide evil.”
“You’re a fool Duban. I won’t allow my sons to involve themselves in a pointless war. I forbid you to go as well. I'll need you and Mendoza here, just in case.”
“I’ve always stood by you Estaban. Even when I wasn’t sure of your reasons or methods. But this is too important. If you won’t come with me then I must go alone.”
With that Duban the archer and idol of the thirteen-year-old Mendez, left the room, never to be seen alive again.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Groaning softly as he comes around, the huge Ragnar rubs his temples.
He was sure he'd only drunk moderately...
Looking around he finds that he's somehow back on the Sky-ship. Staggering to his feet he leans over the side and can see an island pass by miles below. It's got a very strange looking mountain at its centre.
Slowly his memory returns to him...
A song...
An Island covered in diamonds...
His train of thought is interrupted however, by the Elf: Hawkmoon calling down from the rigging.
Is that a bird flying towards them?
No, it's too big to be a bird...
By the Mace of St Cuthbert, surely it's too massive even to fly?
Suddenly the air is rent with blasts of flame from the youthful Sorcerer and arrow after arrow zips through the sky, shot from Hawkmoon's magical bow.
Everything suddenly falls into chaos with the Sky-ship crew yelling instructions to each other,
Then, impossibly fast, the colossal creature is above them and it starts to slash and rend the fragile air-sacks over his head.
With a sickening crunch, the Sky-ship lurches sideways and down.
Ragnar's massive bulk works against him and he finds himself pitched sideways towards the side-rail.
He watches in dismay as the rigging proves just out of his reach.
For a dizzying moment Ragnar finds himself hovering in the air...
He's already calling Eolar's name when he starts to fall...

Between a Roc and the Ape place

Experience from the surprisingly high (CR21 vs PL17) Roc encounter…

I haven’t included the experience for the handful of carnivorous apes yet and I WON’T allow anyone to level until you get to a safe place and rest…

But here are the current scores (In experience order):

Eolar: Level 16: 132,581xp
Mendez: Level 16: 132,414xp
Thes-hiss: Level 16: 125,805xp
Bodush: Level 14: 108,204xp (Up to 15th level!)
Durin: Level 13: 89,923xp
Hawkmoon: Level 12: 78,056xp (Up to 13th level!)
Mara’ch: Level 12: 75,500xp
Ragnar: Level 12: 74,550xp

Thanks to those lovely item creation feats, Mendez has ground Eolar’s lead down experience lead to just over a hundred.

After much debate, Thesis has had his experience and level adjusted for ease AND expedience.

[edit Sven: Eolar spent 640XP on belt of giant strength and 200XP on his chain shirt enhancement from +2 to +3]

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Missing Chen’s fleet feet and Wer’s bear behind

The journey to Shalalah…

Looking back towards the distant shore, Mendez feels a pang of regret.
Where have Chen and Wer disappeared to?
Of all his companions, despite their initial apparent weakness, he had grown to rely heavily on them both.
Chen was adept at exploiting Mendez’ combat style. He seemed able to dart in and out of the melee but never end up in the way and Wer’s summoned bears made every battle considerably easier.
With a deep sigh, Mendez heads back to the helm.

Ba(r)d Dad

It can’t be denied that Esteban is a marvellous host. The food, though different to what you’re used to, is delicious; the wines and brandy, first class.
Everything about Mendez’ family home declares class, but more importantly ‘wealth’.
Mendez joyously introduces you all to his family. He seems honestly proud of both his parents, uncle and siblings as he does of you: his adventurer friends.
Soon though Mendez is lost in the pleasures of brandy and the young women hired to flirt and entertain.
The Party start to enjoy the food and they all (with the exception of the Kobold stowaway) drink enough wine to finally relax after their long journey.
Mendez’ brother Sancho is the first to request a song from his Father.
Esteban smiles but waves him away. It takes the entreaties of others in the crowd to convince him to change his mind.
'Begrudgingly', Esteban calls for his ‘old’ liar. He makes a great show of tuning up the exquisite instrument but it’s patently obvious to all watching, that it’s been regularly played and lovingly cared for.
Then he starts to sing with a voice that’s deep but achingly beautiful…

“Oh come gather around, give me your full attention.
I have got something to say…

That’s right now, lean in much closer.
Be sure that you’re listening…
As you feel your will slip away..ay..ay.

You’re under my power; you’ll do as I bid thee.
And I won’t even have to…

I won’t even have to…
I won’t even have to…
I won’t even have to…


His voice fills the room, growing in power and charm until everyone listening is enraptured.

In reality the song goes on for verse after verse and Esteban sings proudly of his son Mendez’ adventures on the high seas.
He sings about giant Cyclops and an island of carnivorous apes. But mostly he sings about an island covered in diamonds guarded by monstrous serpents.

Then somehow, inexplicably everyone wakes up back on the Gnomish Sky-ship!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Puppet in the Sting

It’s been a week since the attack on his home and, while avoiding all shadows, Bodush has had plenty of time to think about the recent turn of events:
The corruption of Seawell.
The domination of Gom Dalat.
... And the destabilisation of Febril.
It’s almost as if he himself had been an instrument in Zatark’s infernal plot.
… Surely not?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Riders after sunrise

They stopped their horses at the crossing where the road to the north started. Elogyn had said good-bye to the others at Bodush's mansion and Eolar had offered to accompany her for a while. Eolar reached back and got the longsword out he had taken from the loot from the mines. "Well, I think since you are aiming to become a better paladin, you also need a weapon better suited for a paladin on horseback!" He handed Elogyn the nicely crafted sword. She looked at it for a while, weighing it in her hands. "Eolar, I owe you much more than I can give or pay you. You brought me back from the dead twice and taught me much of what I know today. We had our differences but you have always been a good and patient teacher!" She looked at him "I hope my farewell gives another person the chance to become your student. You have many promising young followers at the monastery and I'm sure everyone of them would be proud to accompany you on your journeys"
"They may be promising, but the are not ready yet to replace you, Elogyn. I hope you can find a suitable teacher wherever you are going. You know where you can find the monastery and me and I hope our paths cross again in the future. I could need somebody who leads the monastery while I'm gone. Leofwen does a good job but is not experienced enough yet for what might be coming soon."
"Maybe one day I'll come back to that offer! Farewell, Eolar!" Elogyn bowed down as far as the saddle allowed her and spured her horse.
Eolar stood still for a while and watched Elogyn disappearing slowly.

Taking on a new student? He was hoping that his superiors didn't think the same. He was happy to teach his followers but it was difficult to have them with him while travelling. It was difficult to defend them. In these times it would be sensible to find some fighters who could defend him and his followers if there is need. His thoughts went back to the encounter with Ragnar yesterday night. A blacksmith that can change into a powerful bear. Eolar had agreed to meet him again later that day. Ragnar seemed to be a very honest and righteous man but struggled with his condition. Eolar started thinking. Perhaps they could find an agreement that could help them both.
He turned his horse around and slowly rode back to the mansion.

I’d sell my Soul for…

Realising he’s back in Febril and justifiably nervous at the thought of trusting his life to those erratic Hamster men and their flying sky-boat again, Thesis seeks out Szandor the Magnificent.
Ignoring the hustlers in the Market place, Thesis pulls his cloak over his face and hurries to the wealthier part of the ‘free’ city.
Knocking on the impressive, iron-shod door, Thesis waits for a moment before it is opened by one of the stunning young woman he’d seen before.
She is close to six-foot tall with a mass of curly, flame red hair.
“How may I help you sir?”
On Thesis’ pleas for an audience with Szandor, she escorts him upstairs.
After a few minutes, Szandor enters the sumptuous room, but his face is far less ingratiating than the last time they met.
He is escorted by two more of his beautiful servants.
“Ah, the death seeking Lizard-man. What do owe the 'pleasure' of this intrusion?”
Slightly taken aback by Szandor’s change in attitude, Thesis asks for a potion of ‘Feather fall’ and a potion of ‘Flying’.
Szandor rolls his eyes as he tugs at his jet-black goatee. “Is that all you want? You bother me with these trifles!?”
Steadying his breath he continues. “Fine. What do you propose to trade for them? Remember I’m a dealer in the occult. What magical artefacts have you got that I would be interested in? Or are you offering something else”
Thesis is silent for a moment. Although he doesn’t understand Szandor’s change in behaviour, he starts to rummage through his pack…

Treasure Update

Since Eolar had time now and a shop to sell stuff that was on his and Elogyn's horse here a quick update and the spoils of the battle at Bodush mansion:

From the ambush on the way to the mines and the fight with Jack McCall at the entrance to the mine (Eolar took the things that were worth selling onto the horses):

From the ambush of the orc guards:

Eolar, Chen, Durin and Bodush get: 1072.5gp and 100gp in gems
Also 4x CMW potions (150gp ea) (Not sure if somebody took them already)

From the fight against Jack McCall at the entrance of the mine
1x Ring of protection +2 (4000gp)
1x Dagger + 3 (Mendez, 9151gp)
1x Potion of Barkskin (150gp)
Also not sure about the potion and the ring. I'm sure somebody said they took them!
Please say it again :)

Eolar, Chen, Durin, Wer, Bodush get 2216.83gp
Mendez owes 6934.17

From the battle at Bodush Mansion:
Eolar, Hawkmoon, Durin, Wer, Bodush and Thes-Hiss get:
150gp in gems
For a list of available items/prices please refer to the treasure post from Kirk

So far the following people have pointed on items:

Hawkmoon wants the ring of counterspells (2000gp) and a battleaxe that isn't there?
Thes-Hiss wants CSW potions (we have 7 available, 375 ea)
Eolar wants the greataxe (which I guess also Hawkmoon wants)

So if you don't post soon that you also want something, the stuff is considered sold!

I just found the post from the first ambush again and the list up there in this post was wrong. The post is labelled "Mines of Terroth Part1" and was below the post for Pearlglen. So I missed it. Assif, I take this list then as compared to the list you guessed in the email. So here the updated treasure for that encounter (Eolar had taken the splintmails and the bastard swords on the horses):

Eolar, Chen and Bodush get: 8460gp + 100gp gems
Durin claimed the battleaxe +4 from that encounter (=16155) and owes: 7595gp

From that encounter we had:
1 Potion of CMW (150), one of darkvision (150) and 1 potion of non-detection (375) as well as 3 greataxes + 2 (4160). Did anybody take one of them? Then take off the money :)

If you've already updated your treasure chests, please amend the amounts accordingly.

The Brave and the Kobold

To gasps of awe and amazement, the vast Sky-ship descends into the still water at the city docks. It has been a week since Bodush’s mansion was attacked.
The Party organise their equipment and supplies to be sent and loaded to be ready for their early morning departure.
Much later, just after Midnight, a small dark shape scurries unseen through the darkness looking for escape.
The humans have an innate distrust for his kind and truth be told, he can’t blame them.
His eyes accustomed, as they are for working in the gloom, spot a ship oddly different from the rest. Unlike the others, it has a weird collection of giant air sacks floating above it instead of sails.
Too curious to resist, the scaly shape scrabbles up the side of the Sky-ship moored in the harbour and quickly finds somewhere to hide.