Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Brave and the Kobold

To gasps of awe and amazement, the vast Sky-ship descends into the still water at the city docks. It has been a week since Bodush’s mansion was attacked.
The Party organise their equipment and supplies to be sent and loaded to be ready for their early morning departure.
Much later, just after Midnight, a small dark shape scurries unseen through the darkness looking for escape.
The humans have an innate distrust for his kind and truth be told, he can’t blame them.
His eyes accustomed, as they are for working in the gloom, spot a ship oddly different from the rest. Unlike the others, it has a weird collection of giant air sacks floating above it instead of sails.
Too curious to resist, the scaly shape scrabbles up the side of the Sky-ship moored in the harbour and quickly finds somewhere to hide.


RoboGeek said...

Hang on, we aren't all "humans" you know. Mind you, I still don't like Kobolds after they buried me in an avalanche near mount Snafang!

PS - is it possible to get hold of a couple of potions of "fly" and "feather-fall" before we go?

Hedzor said...

Potions of 'Flying' and 'Feather fall'?
I'm liking the way you think, but unless Bodush or Eolar will make them for you, the answers no!