Thursday, December 10, 2009

Short on Thought

Durin futilely rushes to the base of a tree and throws another of his new javelins. The Apes are simply too big to be felled by a single javelin, regardless of how hard he throws it.
His thoughts dark, he starts to conjecture…

Would a three-legged dog fall over when it peed?


TieDye said...

Despite the barrage of stones, Durin's bizarre thought process continues unabated...

If one eats antipasta followed a by a bowl of pasta, is one still hungry?

Why does one park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?

What does one say to God if they hear Him sneeze?

Why are the party's melee specialists still using their comparatively-weaker ranged attacks? One of the party's spellcasters should really use some magic that would allow one or more of our heavy hitters to rapidly close the distance to the enemy and use some devastating melee attacks (fly, air walk, etc). Or barring that, what about something that would nullify or greatly hinder the apes' abilities to target us with missile weapons (obscuring mist, wind wall, control winds, etc)?

Hedzor said...