Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Riders after sunrise

They stopped their horses at the crossing where the road to the north started. Elogyn had said good-bye to the others at Bodush's mansion and Eolar had offered to accompany her for a while. Eolar reached back and got the longsword out he had taken from the loot from the mines. "Well, I think since you are aiming to become a better paladin, you also need a weapon better suited for a paladin on horseback!" He handed Elogyn the nicely crafted sword. She looked at it for a while, weighing it in her hands. "Eolar, I owe you much more than I can give or pay you. You brought me back from the dead twice and taught me much of what I know today. We had our differences but you have always been a good and patient teacher!" She looked at him "I hope my farewell gives another person the chance to become your student. You have many promising young followers at the monastery and I'm sure everyone of them would be proud to accompany you on your journeys"
"They may be promising, but the are not ready yet to replace you, Elogyn. I hope you can find a suitable teacher wherever you are going. You know where you can find the monastery and me and I hope our paths cross again in the future. I could need somebody who leads the monastery while I'm gone. Leofwen does a good job but is not experienced enough yet for what might be coming soon."
"Maybe one day I'll come back to that offer! Farewell, Eolar!" Elogyn bowed down as far as the saddle allowed her and spured her horse.
Eolar stood still for a while and watched Elogyn disappearing slowly.

Taking on a new student? He was hoping that his superiors didn't think the same. He was happy to teach his followers but it was difficult to have them with him while travelling. It was difficult to defend them. In these times it would be sensible to find some fighters who could defend him and his followers if there is need. His thoughts went back to the encounter with Ragnar yesterday night. A blacksmith that can change into a powerful bear. Eolar had agreed to meet him again later that day. Ragnar seemed to be a very honest and righteous man but struggled with his condition. Eolar started thinking. Perhaps they could find an agreement that could help them both.
He turned his horse around and slowly rode back to the mansion.

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Hedzor said...

As Eolar and Elogyn leave Bodush’s mansion, Mendez kisses the departing Paladin gently on her forehead and pulls her into a warm embrace.
“If ever you should need my help, it’s yours.”