Thursday, December 10, 2009

Liars, Damn Liars and then there's Mendez

Strangely, as Eolar finds himself under a murderous barrage of stones thrown by the carnivorous apes, his thoughts momentarily drift to Mendez.
He’d always thought his swarthy friend given to massive exaggeration, but his recent encounter with the colossal Roc and his current experience with the ferocious apes makes him wonder.
Could all of Mendez’ self-obsessed stories be true?


RoboGeek said...

And if they are indeed true, then it was Mendez that taught the monkeys to throw stuff. Although he made use of the coconuts and fruit last time to save the starving city.

Thesis might not mind the odd banana being thrown, but these stones are getting a tad annoying :(

Thesis has a brainwave at this point. If the monkeys can be taught to throw rocks, then maybe they can be taught to juggle instead!

He picks up three small similarly sized stones and strides forward ...

Hedzor said...

Ah Assif, you've second guessed tomorrow's story.
Oh well, I may as well post it up now.

RoboGeek said...

Well, you threw the line and I bit ...

Maybe it would be best for Mara'ch to do the juggling. He has to be good for something ;)