Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No More Heroes Anymore

As a DM I’ve obviously hit a potential problem; What motivates the party?
Why are the characters doing the things that they’re doing? Why is each of us adventuring?

Looking at the past adventures, a few things become clear…

The Pirate Wreakers: For Gold and recognition.
The Runaway Gambler: For Gold.
The Darkening Wood: To restore a Church of St Cuthbert.
The Magnificent Seven: Just trying to get back to Seawell.
Munagon: To help the Gnome villagers
The Id, the Ego and the Super Ego: Still just trying to get back to Seawell.
The Baron’s Captive Daughter: Gold, glory and a potentially noble cause.
The Duchess’ Lover: Mendez was ‘enchanted’ by an evil bitch Bard.
Dead Mayor Walking: Gold and Political influence for the Church of St Cuthbert.
The Three Towers: For Gold and then to protect Good and Neutral.
A New Mission: To take over an existing church of Chaos and replace it with a Church of St Cuthbert. (Also as a place to dump Eolar’s dozens of acolytes.)

Eolar’s reasons so far have been the most obvious… Expand the Church of St Cuthbert.

But what about everyone else?

Mendez adventures mostly for the gold and the glory. (Mostly the gold.) This makes him easily set in motion. He is actively good though and wants to forward that goal. “Death to evil!” (As long as the situation isn’t life threatening.)

Wer. I have no idea what motivates Wer, why or what?

Ned. See Wer.

Bodush seems to have a secret agenda. Unfortunately I have no idea what it is. I fear we’ll all find out eventually though.

Durin. It seems battle and adventure are key with the Dwarf.

Thesis. He’s a worry.
‘Trained for war, educated in combat and schooled in fighting. Thesis’ father had imparted his knowledge and love of killing deep into his psyche.’
… I think Thesis just likes hitting things.

Chen’s reasons seem as lost as he himself seems to be. He’s taken on the mantle of ‘Guardian of the Middle’. If there could be an extreme middle, he’d push for it.

So far we have three main motivating forces…

1) Eolar and the Church of St Cuthbert.
2) Gold.
3) Fighting against Evil.

Whoever’s DMing next has got a battle on their hands just to keep the party interested.

The Return of Croc Savage

Whether it’s his loss of faith or his now completely reptile brain, Thesis’ patience is thinner than ever before. How dare those Black army idiots tell him what to do?
Despite the barrier, one is dead before Thesis can even think about it. The soldiers in black surround him and trained dog’s yap and snarl at his feet. A dog is killed next and his enemy’s swords are barely scratching his crocodile-like skin.
And then an axe blade cuff’s him across his back.
Durin has just hit him!
Ignoring the Black warriors around him, Thesis reels back in shock.
Durin has just hit him?
Not only that, but the Dwarf is ignoring the humanssss.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sleeping like a Baba

Baba wakes with a start. How could he have allowed himself to fall asleep?
Cursing the sweet wine, Baba slinks downstairs to rouse his bandits and to begin the slaughter. When he discovers the jars open and his people killed, he pales and quakes with fear.
Leaving his belongings behind, Baba flees into the night from the house of Esteban and the city itself.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Split XP

Unsurprisingly, no one went up or down a level. Next session should yield more substantial results…

Eolar: Level 12: 68,594xp
Elogyn: Level 9: 37,402xp
Durin: Level 11: 56,997 xp
Wer: Level 11: 56,325 xp
Bodush: Level 10: 45,761 xp
Thes-hiss: Level 9: 43,680 xp
Chen: Level 9: 40,411 xp
Ned: Level 6: 19,264 xp
Mendez: Level 12: 71,282 xp

[edit] 170XP deducted from Eolar for Elixir of Sneaking (10XP) and Restaurative Ointment (160XP)

Thes-hiss the harbinger of death to the dead

A new banner - it may look familiar, but take a closer look at who is doing the hacking!!

Got to love a little hack and slay.
Once Thesis gets a smell of blood there is no stopping him (except for the whining of his "friends")!

Wer Rat in the Woodpile

Wer, sitting under the big oak in the castle having a well deserved break thinks...

"I do kind of like the rag tag group of people in this castle, they are good people... I don't like Eolars plan... He wants to take away from my friends what they built..."

She plays with an acorn fallen from this big tree...

"I have to talk with the lady cleric, I have an idea!" *grins*

"Dear Miss Priestess, do you really think that letting those st-Cuthbert monkeys overtake your humble home and community can help your followers and friends?"

The Worst Scouts in the World

With Wer still busy bringing life back to those slaughtered by her companions, Eolar is eager to prevent another attack on the fortress he covets.
Calling to the others, Eolar shouts, “Elogyn and I are going down to explore the natural basin between here and the final mountain range before the Forbidden lands.”
Chen and Wer look up from their personal tasks. Wer shouts over to him. “I could fly around if you like? It’d only take me a day or so to get a pretty good idea of everything we’d need to know.”
Chen just smiles to himself. ‘A Paladin and a Cleric off exploring? How could that go wrong?'
The less than stealthy Durin and Thesis decide to tag along though and, seeing this, Bodush decides to follow as well.
All three of them however are a little surprised when Elogyn and Eolar saddle up their horses and lead them clip-clopping down the stone steps.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Whilst the others busy themselves in study or helping the villagers and their old friends, Chen remains in relative isolation. Of course he helps when asked directly, and eats with his companions, but otherwise he spends his time in the library (when Eolar has left for his other duties) reading and in introspective meditation.

He had no previous loyalty to the hapless mutants, and feels no remorse for his part in the carnage.

Rather, he is secretly pleased to have been an instrument of Chaos and Evil. All too often he has acted with Good intentions. Saving the whole of a secret valley from ravenous werewolves was such a gigantic act of Good that he was concerned how Balance would be restored. He is somewhat relieved that recent events occured before he had to make a conscious effort to right the Ying and the Yang. Until now, his only thoughts towards this goal could have meant attempting to sabotage Eolar and Elogyn's mission. While this may no longer be necessary, he is no more comfortable about the ever increasing influence of the Church of St Cuthbert.

He knows that the great oak he seeded in the courtyard will some to serve as a remembrance of the terrible battle fought here -as a symbol of the deaths and new lives that it sired.

This is not the true meaning of the tree however - merely a surface observation of events.

Before leaving, he harvests some acorns. When he returns to his monastery he will plant them to remind himself, and to teach the young initiates, of the true lesson:

Good and Evil come hand-in-hand. One may not exist without the other. One may come to pass even if the opposite is intended.

That the Balance between Ying and Yang; Light and Dark; Good and Evil remains in equilibrium is comforting.

Short Stories

Despite the disastrous beginning, the people of the fort have accepted Eolar and his followers and friends.
Perhaps it is because loss has become second nature to them. Perhaps it is due to the obvious regret and penance.
Selmars, Gelless and Thesis spend time together adapting to their new forms. Ortos takes pains to help them come to terms with their new reality.
Only Enas, the supposedly sane Derro, avoids all contact. It is due to this reserve that Durin in surprised when the pallid Derro knocks timidly on his door.
“May I come in?” he squeaks.
On Durin’s agreement, Enas enters cautiously.
“Forgive my seeming anti-socialness. Most creatures that know of my race, attack me on sight.”
Durin smiles as he remembers Thesis’ reaction.
“I’m wondering if you’d tell me about the Dwarven homeland? The stories I know are distorted by madness and hatred. I would dearly love to hear of our ancestry.”
Durin pulls a face. Despite knowing that Enas is sane, he can’t help feeling uncomfortable.
“It’s my turn on guard duty next. I do the night shift as I can see in the dark. Would you keep me company and tell me some Dwarven fables?”

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's cooking?

Elogyn had been wandering around the fortress and had been helping where she could. She was praying and meditating as much as she could but it didn't make her feel better about the killing of good people. She had apologized to each family that had lost a family member through the attack but although Wer was reincarnating all of them, it didn't make her feel any better. Why was it so difficult to do the right thing?
She hadn't seen Eolar for two days now and since she had done all she could for the families, she used the free time for training. On the third day she took Hasufel and went outside the walls where the ground was almost even. Using different weapons she trained charging at dummies made of straw. Since Hasufel was an experienced war horse, she learned more from how the horse moved automatically than she could ever teach the mount. Hasufel knew already what to do, which gave her more time to focus on the attack and after a few hours of trying, she was capable of attacking the target without having to stop Hasufels charge.
Proud and sweating, she dismounted and lead Hasufel back to the provisional stables. After feeding and grooming her mount and refreshing herself she went looking for Eolar. After an hour searching and asking around she finally found him in one of the rooms on the second level down. He was sitting at a table with lots of small potions, dried herbs and ointments around a bigger bowl. He turned when she knocked at the open door "Come in!" Coming closer, she noticed the old open book in front of him.
"I found an extensive library with the combined knowledge of clerics and wizards. You won't believe how easy it is to enhance different items with spells!"
Elogyn looked at the bowl filled with a steaming grey paste with growing interest. "What is it you are making?"
"I found this recipe for a healing ointment capable of curing diseases, poisons and healing wounds. I'm working on it for two days now already and I think I'm getting close. I can still make it more powerful but it will take 2 more days to get it ready." He took a small knife and made a small cut on the back of his hand. He took a small bit of the ointment and slowly rubbed it over the cut. Elogyn saw a light blue shine where he applied the paste and the cut slowly closed. "See? Isn't it wonderful? And there are many more wondrous items that are worth a try!"
Elogyn nodded in astonishment. This would definitely help them on the battlefield.
"I also had a closer look around this maze of corridors and rooms. The underground structure is huge! I even found a corridor leading away into the mountains. It is worth exploring!"

[Elogyn mastered ride-by-attacks and Eolar is cooking a restorative ointment, 5 applications, cures poison, diseases or 1d8+5 dmg, 4000gp)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Restoring a Head

The Lady Lesyeux acts independently and imperiously. Her noble ancestry is clearly apparent.
Turning to Eolar, she speaks with a a voice that's, despite her lack of lips, clear and pure.
“A kind but lowly priest of Pelor travelled with us for a while and I studied under him in an attempt to gain the power needed to heal my friends. I’ve learned a lot since our last meeting, but I am still years away from being granted the powers I need.”
She stops for a moment. Her thoughts impenetrable behind her featureless mask.
“Now that Gelless and Selmars are whole again… more AND less, I have only to find a way to restore Lefty and Righty’s arms. Could your superiors do this as well?”
The Lady Lesyeux unclips her mask and reveals the ruins of her once breathtaking looks. Her still beautiful eyes are set within a grotesque death mask.
“Could your superiors return my face to me?”
Then she pauses again.
“Could they restore Ortos to human form?”

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Planning Ahead

Eolar found Lady Lesyeux standing on the battlements looking down at the valley. The early morning mist covered most of the valley and, combined with the first light of day, created a calm and serene atmosphere.
"Wer just started to raise your people again. It will take a while to bring them all back and many of them won't have their old form. I'm sorry for that but my powers are not strong enough, yet, to raise them as humans for sure. If they want, I can send for a higher level healer who could be here within a few days to raise the ones who don't trust the more random powers of nature"
"Thank you for the offer, I will ask the families of the victims."
"I wanted to apologize again for the attack. It was a chain of unfortunate events and could have been avoided if we both would have acted befitting our standing as we both didn't present the symbols of our affiliations clearly enough. We attacked like a group of mercenaries, hiding our vestments, and you were defending a stronghold covered in evil emblems. It wasn't proper behaviour and our gods taught us a prompt lesson."
A few seconds passed while Lady Lesyeux stood there looking into the distance.
"We just started to setup a refuge for us and the suffering people from the village. We had no time to spend on embellishing these buildings. People always come first!"
Eolar ignored the slightly sarcastic tone in her voice.
"I saw the grey-clothed villagers. What are they suffering from?"
"There is a war going on for years in this valley between the white north and the black south. Deeply rooted hatred parts the two fractions north and south of the river. We force the refugees to wear grey to remind them that they are on neither side anymore! We do what we can, but there are too many refugees and the constant attacks make things worse! I don't have many followers in faith within these walls."
"Attacks of the villagers? Why are they attacking you?"
"No, the villagers are busy killing themselves. The attacks are coming from the monastery on the other side of the village. The priests of Erythnul that we banished from this stronghold have their base there. We are not strong enough to attack them so we have to rely on these walls to hide behind."
Eolar looked down into the valley where the morning's mist slowly dissolved in the warm sunlight.
"My followers have much to atone for after killing innocent defenders of faith, even though it was unintentional. Elogyn would call it a test of St.Cuthbert, and even I now believe he offers us a chance to redeem ourselves. We will take care of this church of Erythnul and squelch all evil in this valley!"
"Your help in this case would be much appreciated, but beware, it is said the followers of evil have a daemon amongst them. Don't underestimate their strength!"
"We fought the forces of evil on many occasions and with the power of St.Cuthbert on our side we always came out victorious. But thank you for the warning!"
Eolar turned round and looked over the awakening fortress.
"You know, the place here is perfect to set up a bastion of order in these chaotic lands. Since you have problems defending yourself we could work together to create a strong centre of lawful faith. My church is strong and could give you the protection you need to do your charitable work. Of course I respect your claim on this fortress but we should talk about an alliance after we have expelled evil from this valley."
For the first time Lady Lesyeux turned her head and looked at Eolar. Through the mask he couldn't make out her expression, so he continued
"Our gods are allies and Pelorians and followers of St.Cuthbert have worked together many times in history. My orders are to set up a strong church here near the forbidden lands and our protection would give you the chance to gain followers and do good."
He looked at her in excitement.
"Imagine what we could set up here! A shining beacon of lawful order. We can create a new order within this valley. In rebuilding this church the villagers could reinvent themselves and become part of a well structured and ordered society under the eyes of St.Cuthbert and Pelor. The community could rise from the ashes of a long war and become an example for many others. It's a lot of work, but it would be worth it. I can see these walls in shining white, with the sun of Pelor and the star burst of St.Cuthbert engraved in them. It would be a place of wisdom and teaching as well as protection and judgment. What do you think?"

[Eolar rolled a 17 for diplomacy ;-)]

Friday, March 20, 2009

The queueing dead - New Banner

Is this a vision of purgatory? Souls damned to wait in line for the chance to reuturn to their former life, only to be confronted by a maniacal-she-halfling-druid waving her arms and creating lizards and kobolds!

Still, beggars can't be choosers and Thes-Hiss looks pretty good actually ;)

PS - Thesis generously gives Wer the 1000gp to cover the ointments and another 500gp in good will ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mini Monsters for Good

Wer prepares and casts reincarnate every morning immediately after breakfast.
Lady Lesyeux had been able to create enough food for everyone in the fortified church, but now with Elogyn, Eolar and even Chen contributing, there’s now more than enough to go around.
In the last four days, the results have been pleasing, if a bit disturbing. Three of the archers had returned as humans and there were some reborn as Elves. More worrying however were those reborn as Orcs. Despite their improved strength, they seemed more disturbed within their new skin than the mixed selection of Kobolds, Goblins and Gnomes wandering around.
The lady Cleric killed by Bodush returns as a strikingly tall Hobgoblinette.
Families are divided regarding how to react to their sons, fathers and husbands returning to them whole, but different than before.

(Everyone please list the spells they remember During this down time.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Multi-Racial Swap Shop

It’s two day later when Ortos knocks on Thesis’ door.
It’s a bizarre sight, a heavily muscled Lizard man chatting amiably to a hulking Bugbear.
“I know this may seem insensitive.” Mumbles Ortos, “But considering your new tail and your inability to fit into your enchanted Full plate mail, would you trade it for these?”
Ortos holds out a pair of golden bracers.
“What are they?” Thesis’ voice has a rough rasp to it and he struggles not to hiss.
“They are magical too, although I fear, not as powerful as your armour. On the plus side, they would actually fit you.”
Whether it’s due to Thesis’ dislike of the armour that gave him such false confidence or his diminished intelligence, he agrees.

(Thesis trades his Full Plate Armour +3 of Silence for Bracers of Armour +2)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pot Luck

The disguised Baba is lead to one of the guest rooms, far from the courtyard where his bandits are hiding. A pretty servant girl brings in a tray bearing a sweet dessert wine and some warm food. Despite his plan, Baba is soon fast asleep and snoring.
Mendez, his eleven brothers, Father, Uncle Mendoza and assorted staff silently move over to the thirty-nine large pottery Jars. With a signal from Mendoza, they all flip the lids from their jars and thrust their swords deep inside. The bandits barely have time to cry out and the battle is over before it even begins.
Mendez however finds he has another problem. As he opens his jar, he can’t resist a quick peek inside before the killing thrust. He sees a beautiful pair of green eyes peering up at him in surprise... A woman’s eyes. As realisation dawns on her, the young gypsy woman pleads, “Please don’t kill me. I’ll do anything!”
Mendez pauses for a moment and then smiles, “Anything?”

Do the Dead Queue?

After a troubled sleep, interrupted by the wails and moans of the bereft, Wer struggles out of the covers and hops from the too large bed.
She has only attempted the reincarnation spell once before, and that ironically was for the leader of the warriors that had killed Thesis the previous day.
It’s with a heavy heart that she prepares to bring back her chaotic ally Thesis and the unfortunate victims of Bodush’s fire, Selmars and Gelless.
The proud but desperate Ortos was transformed into a monstrous Bugbear. What will happen to these three?
There is a crowd waiting in the centre of the courtyard surrounding the remains of the three fallen warriors. The Lady Lesyeux and Ortos are there as well as several of her team-mates.
Looking down at the remains of the three men, Wer is glad that the bodies don’t need to be complete. Selmars is missing both his arms and Gelless, both his legs. Most of Thesis is present, but a lot of his internal organs were lost or ruined when he was cut in twain. They have all been prepared with oils from the inner church.
Calling on the power of nature, Wer calls to Thesis’ spirit. The ruined husk of a body starts to shrivel and darken. Soon it is shrunk to nothing but then it starts to grow. Wer is pleased that the shape initially appears to be human, but soon a massive tail blooms out and scales erupt through the skin.
The lizard/man creature lies still for a moment and then with a huge, gasping breath it opens it’s reptilian eyes.
The crowd scream and fall back before being calmed by Ortos and Lady Lesyeux.
Staggering to his feet, Thesis runs a long tongue over his sharp teeth. “What am I?”
Thesis takes in the scene. He seems taller and stronger than before, but his thoughts seem duller.
Thesis is led away by the now tiny seeming Durin.
Wer then turns her attention to the remaining two. It takes her the best part of an hour to bring all three back, but soon enough Selmars and Gelless are ‘back’ on their feet.
Selmars now inhabits the body of a tall Hobgoblin and Gelless, the body of a dog-faced Gnoll. They are not thrilled to be less than human but pleased to at least be whole.
As they are led away by Ortos, they turn and thank the little Druid.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Who’s Fooling Who?

A heavily disguised Baba leads a train of heavily laden donkeys to the house of Esteban.
Calling over one of the servants, Baba pleads,“Boy, fetch your Master. I need to ask a favour.”
Esteban himself comes to the gate. “Please kind sir, I have travelled far and my donkeys are tired. May I leave them safe in your gardens for the night?”
Fortunately Tao had managed to warn his father and Esteban quickly sees through Baba’s disguise. “Of course you can rest your animals, but tell me, what are you selling?”
“Just oil.” Responds Baba. Esteban smiles. “You should stay too.” Calling over an attractive female servant, Esteban sends Baba into the house and the servant girl shows him to his room.
“Would you like some food and wine?”
Baba smiles. He’s going to enjoy what’s coming.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rebirth Lottery

Other than the giant tree in the courtyard, the spells and effects have all worn off.
The diminished but still imposing Ortos stands over Wer and the smoking bodies of his truncated friends Selmars and Gelless.
“Can you bring them back little Druid?”
Wer gazes around herself. This farce of a battle has cost the lives of not just Thesis, but dozens of the defenders. Even if she puts all of her energy into bringing them back, she’ll be here for weeks!
Still, Eolar and the Lady Lesyeux are incapable of helping and so it’s up to her.
“Tomorrow Ortos. I’ll start with your friends and Thesis. As you know though, I can’t control what they’ll return as.”
“Anything’s better than dead.” Is Ortos’ guttural reply.
Wer goes off to tend her wounded goat and to prepare for the morning ahead.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meditation in the Library

Eolar walks down the stairs while the others are eating in the hall. He needs time to think and mediate and with all the noise upstairs he decided to explore the old church in search for a quiet place. He turns round another corner of the extensive underground maze of rooms and corridors. The stonework here is of good quality and above all it is very old! He found rooms that the current residents used for storage but further down he now could see rooms that the evil clerics had used for their ceremonies.

He was walking now for 30mins and just entered a wider corridor. Judging by the untrodden layer of dust on the ground nobody had been here for a while. The nicely carved door in front of him opens with a creaking noise. He slowly looks round edge: a library! Astonished he walks into the room. It is a rather large room filled with shelves. Many of them contained books, others scrolls and boxes. He takes a random book, blows the dust off and reads the title: "Endo Lar's book of elixiers and ointments". Intrigued, he reads through the inventory and opens the book at a recipe that caught his attention. His eyes fly over the instructions and in a trace of scientific interest he starts to look round the room. He spots a small vial, dusts it off, fills it with water and starts the spell.

A few hours and many instructions later he looks at the vial. He didn't have the spell that was needed and had used a silence spell but it seems to have worked. The water changed in colour to a dark brown. Not sure what the exact effect might be, he smiles and without hesitation takes a sip. He makes one step and listens. His smile widens. In Seawell there are a few clerics in the church who produced elixirs but the secrets are only passed on to selected apprentices and not taught in general. He looked at other titles on the same shelf. This is a extensive collection of ancient craftsmen and their knowledge. He definitely has to come back here for further reading. After encountering wondrous items he finally knows how to produce them. And it is so easy once you know! He couldn't wait to test the formula on the others.

Elixir of sneaking, 500gp, +10 competence bonus to move silently

Bodush renounces (part of) his "evil" ways

Never before had a sleet storm been more fortuitous.  It was all that had come between the innocent refugees and a painful death by fire. Thesis' rash attack and the ensuing carnage had been tragic enough, but at least those who died had been able to defend themselves.

Bodush perched on top of a wall looking down at Wer's preparations for his reincarnation spell. At least something good might come out of this, the people mangled by the derro would now be made whole, well,  after a fashion. Bodush felt a tinge of awe as he carefully studied Wer's display of true power over life and death.  His own ways of bringing the dead back to life seemed so false and hollow in comparison, a mockery of what he saw now.

Standing next to Wer, he saw the masked Princess. He shuddered to think of what the visions the  phantasmal killer had conjured up to drive Princess Lyseu insane with fear.  Considering what she had endured already in her life,  the illusion must have been terrible beyond imagining. Bodush was grateful she had withstood its effects. Still, it was almost to be expected.  She had risen above an existence Bodush had thought not worth living in, and transcended her pain and anguish to become more than she was before.  She too had reclaimed a life from fate.

Bodush considered his own powers. What was the point in bringing back the dead, if all they would become were shambling collections of rotting flesh? It was no different from Pandit Freud's atrocities.  

Bodush sighed, there had to be a better way.  Perhaps the mind-tricks he had learned when studying the phantasmal killer spell could have other applications.

Adjusting Alignment

While alignments for monsters and non-player-characters makes sense to me, I’ve never really understood the relevance of player alignment in D&D. It just seems to be a tool to set conflicts. As Assif said, it’s usually the cause of party destabilisation once we get to double figure levels.

Law vs. Chaos and Good vs Evil.

Saying that, I’m wondering how well each of us is adhering to our initial choice.

Chosen alignment: Chaotic Good.
Although I like the idea of being free spirited, I don’t really play it. Other than the ‘off screen’ gambling and womanising.
He happily goes along with Eolar and enjoys the safety of Lawful communities. True Chaos is scary.
True alignment: Neutral Good.

Chosen alignment: Chaotic Good. (Recently changed to Chaotic Neutral.)
While Thesis is certainly Chaotic, the Good part concerns me. He seems to have no interest in anything other than killing. Whenever given the opportunity for kindness, he usually rejects it if it has a personal cost.
True alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Chosen alignment: Chaotic Good.
Actually I think this is fair. Although wild and unruly, Durin always tries to help others.
True alignment: Chaotic Good.

Chosen alignment: Lawful Neutral.
This Monk seems in a quandary to me. He is certainly disciplined and he respects authority, so the Lawful aspect is true. It’s the Neutrality... Intellectually he tries to maintain a balance but when forced to make a snap choice always seems to pick the good one. Why?
True alignment: Lawful Good.

Chosen alignment: Lawful Neutral.
The true role player in the group. Annoying as it is, no one can deny that Eolar’s Lawful Neutral.
True alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Chosen alignment: Lawful Good.
Despite causing Sven potentially serious schizophrenia issues later in life and causing headaches around the gaming table, Elogyn is a zealot of Good cohorting for the bureaucratic Eolar.
True alignment: Lawful Good.

Chosen alignment: True Neutral.
True alignment: Neutral Evil.

Chosen alignment: True Neutral (I think.)
I’m unsure, due to Moritz never giving me a proper character sheet. Being a Druid however, she has to be at least partially Neutral. I think she is True Neutral. She helps others for the sake of adventure and fun rather than being committed to any particular cause.
True alignment: True Neutral.

Chosen alignment: True Neutral (I think.)
Again I’m unsure, again due to never seeing a proper character sheet. A Druid has to be at least partially Neutral. I think she is also True Neutral. She wanders around helping our party for purposes of self preservation, rather than to help or hinder anyone or anything she encounters.
True alignment: True Neutral.

As for our fallen fellows:

Chosen alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
A liar and a schemer true, but Chaotic Neutral? Nah. He heroically gave his life for the Druidic lady.
True alignment: Chaotic Good.

Chosen alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
He seemed too organised and too much of a team player to be Chaotic.
True alignment: Lawful Neutral.

As a party we seem to lean towards Good, but are quiet evenly split in regards to Law and Chaos. Will this eventually lead to dissolution or conflict within the group?

These are just my opinions. They hold no weight. I’m just curious to know what you all think?

Experience is all that Matters

Well I hope you’re all proud of yourselves.

Despite your hardship, you have gained no additional gold or treasure since the Harpies. I must be getting even more miserly in my advancing years.

As for experience… Well it’s fortunate that D&D doesn’t care if you defeat good or evil.
The following listing includes everything from the ‘Windy walkway’ to the surrender of the ‘Monsters for Good’.

A lot of you have been hovering at the same level for a while now but (however misguided) the last battle was a tough one and it could have easily gone the other way.

Ned fled before the battle.
Thesis dead.
Durin’s legendary bravery failed him.
Chen mostly avoided the big hitters.
Eolar and Elogyn seemed more than willing to run and hide. (I thought they were going to put their own safety before saving the life of Durin!)
It was only really down to the spell caster’s casual disregard for life, that you defeated them at all.
Wer and Bodush saved you all from a real beating.

Eolar: Level 12: 68,009 xp (Up a level!)
Elogyn: Level 9: 36,826 xp (Up a level!)
Durin: Level 11: 56,242 xp (Up a level!)
Wer: Level 11: 56,145 xp (Up a level!)
Bodush: Level 10: 45,006 xp (Up a level!)
Thes-hiss: Level 9: 43,275 xp (Down a level. Sort of?)
Chen: Level 9: 40,231 xp
Ned: Level 6: 19,264 xp
Mendez: Level 12: 70,452 xp

Everyone whose character(s) have gone up a level roll HP increases in front of Sven. (Sven can pick anyone he wants as a witness.)
Send me the revised character sheets as soon as you’ve done them.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Coldblooded Murder of Faith

Thesis finally detached himself from the torn body and found himself wandering lost without hope in the planes. Kord did not come to his rescue this time. Maybe he had abandoned him for his foolishness in following another God's cleric into battle. Maybe his luck had just run out.

But, events were moving down in the material and if Thesis looked over his shoulder he could just catch a ghostly image of the battle raging and rapidly coming to its bloody conclusion. Then all of a sudden he felt a pull like a giant cable forcibly dragging him backwards. Thesis lost all sense of reality and images of dragons and snakes and water rushed by as he found himself waking to the sound of a small female voice incanting above him.

Slowly his senses were returning, but they didn't feel right. He didn't feel right. He opened his eyes and what he saw was extraordinary. Everything was far clearer than it had ever been.

In the hours that followed, Wer explained that he was still Thesis as he ever was, but that he was in another body. A stronger body, but an alien one. He flexed his arms with even more strength than before and he also flexed his .... tail!

He lost his faith as cleric, but was reincarnated in a slithering alien reptilian body and he would live to fight on as a Lizardfolk. But now the only thing hot inside him now was the burning desire to be returned to his own body ...

Thesis got up, discarded the plate armour* that had slowed him up and gave him the unreal feeling of invulnerability and instead donned his trusty chain shirt. In any case, he couldn't find a way of cutting a hole in it for his new rear appendage!!

* to be sold later ;)

A Brief Moment in Time

Eolar, Elogyn and Wer’s huge goat are finally at the top of the seemingly endless stairway. They have come to a plateau twenty feet before the halfway raised, tilted portcullis.
Chen is running along the inner wall. Durin has flown into the left tower and he is being watched over by Wer and Bodush from the trapdoor above.
Below them, the giant two headed Orc squats. By the hastily removed helmets and the empty glass vials, it has obviously taken a couple of potions. Weirdly the separate heads seem to be muttering to each other.
Thesis lies by the front portcullis… and also beside the main keep.
Meanwhile, inside the building, a heavily robed woman and a diminutive Derro race back along one of the torch lit corridors.

Friday, March 6, 2009

When is a Bandit not a Bandit?

It only takes the cunning Baba a few days to put his plan together. He purchases thirty-nine large oil jars and enough mules to carry them. He then orders his bandits to get into thirty eight of them and fills the remaining one with oil and shuts all the lids to create the illusion that they’re genuine. Wiping a little real oil around the seals, he makes sure that his thieves can breath freely and then dressed as an oil merchant he travels to the house of Esteban.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

(House Rules) Criticals and Fumbles

A natural 20 always succeeds and a natural 1 always fails.
This bothers me.
The DM guide offers an alternative which I approve of.
A natural 20 becomes a 30 (Plus or minus your adjusters). This means a much greater chance of success but not automatic.
A natural 1 becomes a -10 (Plus or minus your adjusters). Massively low but still a slight possibility of success.
This also counts in combat. I didn't like the fact that my twenty archer's would automatically hit whoever they were aiming for once a round, regardless of distance.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bodush goes "Whoa!"

Bodush shook his head in disbelief as he saw Thesis mangled body fall to the ground. It shouldn't have come as a surprise. After all, hadn't he constantly and incessantly predicted such an end to his comrade's life. Ever since the disastrous parlay with the goblins which led to a close brush with death, he had known that Thesis could not be trusted to stick to any plan, no matter how reasonable. Actually, Bodush realised, that might have been the problem. If only he had suggested that they strip Thesis naked, cover him in animal fat, set him alight, and tell him to charge the castle as a living pillar of burning death... Then Thesis would probably followed the plan to the letter, and the rest of the party could have planned around this. As it was he was stuck in an evil temple, with only the crazy illiterate dwarf and a dwindling supply of spells to keep him safe from a two-headed giant derro-spawned monstrosity.

Life didn't get better than this.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Full Scheme Ahead

The bandit leader Baba, paces around his treasure cave. His teeth gnashing together in frustration. From asking around the city, he had discovered that Esteban, the owner of the mansion, was respected and well connected. Worse though, was that he had a large family, most of whom still living at home.
He paces some more.
True he still had thirty eight bandits, but they were mostly thieves, not warriors. In a straight battle, they’d probably defeat the defending family and servants, but at what cost?
No a direct assault would be foolish, but what else could he do?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love yoursElf

Breaking off from the kiss, the handsome, green eyed Elf warrior looks down onto Ned’s beautiful face.“I knew you’d return.”
“So sure were you?” she smiles back up at him.