Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rebirth Lottery

Other than the giant tree in the courtyard, the spells and effects have all worn off.
The diminished but still imposing Ortos stands over Wer and the smoking bodies of his truncated friends Selmars and Gelless.
“Can you bring them back little Druid?”
Wer gazes around herself. This farce of a battle has cost the lives of not just Thesis, but dozens of the defenders. Even if she puts all of her energy into bringing them back, she’ll be here for weeks!
Still, Eolar and the Lady Lesyeux are incapable of helping and so it’s up to her.
“Tomorrow Ortos. I’ll start with your friends and Thesis. As you know though, I can’t control what they’ll return as.”
“Anything’s better than dead.” Is Ortos’ guttural reply.
Wer goes off to tend her wounded goat and to prepare for the morning ahead.

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