Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mini Monsters for Good

Wer prepares and casts reincarnate every morning immediately after breakfast.
Lady Lesyeux had been able to create enough food for everyone in the fortified church, but now with Elogyn, Eolar and even Chen contributing, there’s now more than enough to go around.
In the last four days, the results have been pleasing, if a bit disturbing. Three of the archers had returned as humans and there were some reborn as Elves. More worrying however were those reborn as Orcs. Despite their improved strength, they seemed more disturbed within their new skin than the mixed selection of Kobolds, Goblins and Gnomes wandering around.
The lady Cleric killed by Bodush returns as a strikingly tall Hobgoblinette.
Families are divided regarding how to react to their sons, fathers and husbands returning to them whole, but different than before.

(Everyone please list the spells they remember During this down time.)


Joebroesel said...

So you want to list the spells we have prepared for the next time we play? Or what we remember while we are there?

So it's 4 days? Eolar sits in the basement then most of the time to read books and cast spells on random objects ;-) Ah, and the occasional "create food" for everybody....

Have to check the list what I can do in 4 days ;-) Or are we staying longer? Or does that depend on what I'm posting soon? So many questions....

Hedzor said...

Despite not being a particularly 'good' party, I'm making the DMly assumption that all those that can cast spells that help the people... do.
Wer must use all her appropriate spell slots for 'Reincarnate' etc,
Remember also that Team Eolar consists of 23 people... And growing.

I'm not sure if Wer can cast 3 or 4 Reincarnations per day so I can't tell you exactly how long you must stay for.

There were (including Thesis) 28 people killed in the battle. (I suppose she could reincarnate the 'Old man' as well if she'd like.)