Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do the Dead Queue?

After a troubled sleep, interrupted by the wails and moans of the bereft, Wer struggles out of the covers and hops from the too large bed.
She has only attempted the reincarnation spell once before, and that ironically was for the leader of the warriors that had killed Thesis the previous day.
It’s with a heavy heart that she prepares to bring back her chaotic ally Thesis and the unfortunate victims of Bodush’s fire, Selmars and Gelless.
The proud but desperate Ortos was transformed into a monstrous Bugbear. What will happen to these three?
There is a crowd waiting in the centre of the courtyard surrounding the remains of the three fallen warriors. The Lady Lesyeux and Ortos are there as well as several of her team-mates.
Looking down at the remains of the three men, Wer is glad that the bodies don’t need to be complete. Selmars is missing both his arms and Gelless, both his legs. Most of Thesis is present, but a lot of his internal organs were lost or ruined when he was cut in twain. They have all been prepared with oils from the inner church.
Calling on the power of nature, Wer calls to Thesis’ spirit. The ruined husk of a body starts to shrivel and darken. Soon it is shrunk to nothing but then it starts to grow. Wer is pleased that the shape initially appears to be human, but soon a massive tail blooms out and scales erupt through the skin.
The lizard/man creature lies still for a moment and then with a huge, gasping breath it opens it’s reptilian eyes.
The crowd scream and fall back before being calmed by Ortos and Lady Lesyeux.
Staggering to his feet, Thesis runs a long tongue over his sharp teeth. “What am I?”
Thesis takes in the scene. He seems taller and stronger than before, but his thoughts seem duller.
Thesis is led away by the now tiny seeming Durin.
Wer then turns her attention to the remaining two. It takes her the best part of an hour to bring all three back, but soon enough Selmars and Gelless are ‘back’ on their feet.
Selmars now inhabits the body of a tall Hobgoblin and Gelless, the body of a dog-faced Gnoll. They are not thrilled to be less than human but pleased to at least be whole.
As they are led away by Ortos, they turn and thank the little Druid.

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