Friday, March 27, 2009

The Worst Scouts in the World

With Wer still busy bringing life back to those slaughtered by her companions, Eolar is eager to prevent another attack on the fortress he covets.
Calling to the others, Eolar shouts, “Elogyn and I are going down to explore the natural basin between here and the final mountain range before the Forbidden lands.”
Chen and Wer look up from their personal tasks. Wer shouts over to him. “I could fly around if you like? It’d only take me a day or so to get a pretty good idea of everything we’d need to know.”
Chen just smiles to himself. ‘A Paladin and a Cleric off exploring? How could that go wrong?'
The less than stealthy Durin and Thesis decide to tag along though and, seeing this, Bodush decides to follow as well.
All three of them however are a little surprised when Elogyn and Eolar saddle up their horses and lead them clip-clopping down the stone steps.

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RoboGeek said...

This can't end well ....

hee hee - up with Chaos!