Monday, November 30, 2009

There is a bear in the woods

Eolar was slowly walking down the small path into the forest. It was two days since he had raised Elogyn and it had been two days filled with discussions. She had changed. Eolar didn't know what had happened on the other plane, but Elogyn had come back restless. When he asked her about it, they had had the same debates they had so often. First he was angry because Elogyn dared to attack his principles and beliefs but later he realised it was because he already knew he'd lose her. She had been a loyal companion for so long, it was hard to imagine her gone.

She, like most paladins, wanted to fight evil wherever it showed its face. They didn't seem to see that the lack of organisation and law are what leads to it in the first place. Give people a place in a society, a purpose in life and they will thrive. As long as this order is enforced by a srong hierarchy and a strict legal system, evil has no place to grow and will die out opr be suppressed. In Eolars opinion, paladins only fight the effects of chaos. Elogyn didn't see it that way.

She had said she will be leaving next morning to head north. Walking through woods always calmed Eolar down and he realised that he had to let her go. He wasn't as good as a teacher as she would need to get her on the right path. He inhaled the fresh forest air. He had put money in for the longsword they got and decided to give it to her as a leaving present. He wasn't bitter. It would be an important step for her and he could only hope she would find a better teacher.

The path narrowed while it lead down a ridge. Eolar tried to get his bearings again. He had been walking for more than an hour and estimated that one of the smaller roads leading from Febril to the villages should be not far ahead. He was about half way down the ridge when he heard shouting ahead. He stopped to listen and started to run when he could hear fighting noises and women screaming. He had his bow ready by the time he reached the opening. A horse carriage had been driven into the ditch and he could see four armed men closing in on two woman and a badly injured man who stood with their backs against a bigger rock alongside the road. He aimed at the robber closest to the women and was just about to shoot when he could see a dark shape breaking out of the woods to his right. The bear took down the first robber on the run as if he wasn't an obstacle at all and was already onto the second before Eolar could shoot his arrow. He stopped and released the second arrow which brought down his target. The last robber had turned around and was facing the bear which was slowly closing in on him.

"Drop your weapon and surrender!" Eolar was running towards him trying to aim at both the bear and the robber. The sword fell to the ground and the robber dropped to his knees. To Eolars amazement, the bear turned away from the - now unarmed - robber and towards him. He raised his holy symbol pointing it at the bear and was ready to bring down holy fire on the bear as soon as it started attacking. For a few seconds bear and cleric were looking at each other before the bear turned away and trotted away into the undergrowth. Eolar stood there puzzled. He could swear the bear had nodded to him before it had left.

The robber sat there bound to the cartwheel while Eolar treated the wounds of the merchant. "Thank you so very much for saving me, my wife and my daughter! These robbers would surely have killed us. How can we thank you? Take this money as sign of our gratitude!" He was holding a bag of coins towards Eolar who gently pushed it back to the man "You don't have to give me money. If you want, donate it to the church of St.Cuthbert next time you pass a temple and pray to thank St.Cuthbert for sending me here in time." He helped them push the carriage out of the mud and calm the horses. When the daughter climbed on the carriage she looked at the trees where the bear had vanished. "I'm sure the bear would have eaten us alive if you wouldn't have scared it off!" The carriage slowly rolled down the road with three people waving good bye and Eolar looked at the treeline as well. "I'm not so sure about that!". He was intrigued.

It started to get dark, but the full moon cast enough light for Eolar to keep on following the bear's tracks. He was curious to find the animal. He had seen bears up close before, but never had an animal reacted so controlled when facing armed humans. It was as if the bear knew exactly what was happening. He had even accepted the robber's surrender. The tracks led into an area filled with big boulders which formed small paths and caverns. Between two boulders he stopped and listened. He could feel the bear was close. He looked up and saw the bear sitting on top of the boulder next to him. Eolar didn't hold a weapon and the bear, although being cautious, didn't look as if it wanted to attack. Eolar stretched out an arm "Be calm, I'm not here to hurt you!" Then he noticed the eyes. The bear looked at him with an unnatural intelligence which Eolar had never seen in an animal. The bear slowly got up and jumped off the boulder in the opposite direction. Eolar started to run round the boulder and after fighting his way quickly through some thorn bushes was standing in front of a massive man just dressed in a loincloth. His upper body was mostly covered in thick brown hair, he had massive hands and his face was mostly covered by a beard. Eolar stopped in surprise and automatically reached for his mace when the man started laughing "Calm down, I'm not here to hurt you!"

Pride before the Fail

A week ago…

Cheketa looked up proudly at the massive Flesh golem standing idly beside her.
This creature and its lesser brethren (the now-not-so-feeble-ones), her own magics and the support of her loyal sisterhood should be more than enough to defeat the vile Sorcerer.
She’d even animated the skeletal remains of Grimes the hill giant and a few of her Fathers old Ogre guard.
She doesn’t need them, but though mindless, it’s somehow fitting to give them a chance of revenge. It is unlikely that mere skeletons, even giant ones, would be able to hurt such seasoned adventurers…

A Debt Settled

Despite Mendez and Thesis’ lack of faith, they are well regarded by the St Cuthbert Paladins and are quickly ushered in to see Lejon.
“How can I be of service?” inquires the extremely tall and equally good-looking Paladin.
Mendez answers quickly, “My Dwarven friend here needs bringing back from the dead.”
“Surely the Elf Eolar can do that for you?”
“True, but I’d rather he was raised without any lose to his memory or essence.”
“Ah, I see. You want me to organise a ‘True resurrection’. But why should I do that?”
Mendez grimaces. He knew Lejon would be difficult but he ploughs on anyway.
“Because I will pay your church 27,000gp and because you personally owe us a debt for saving High Patriarch Rothgart.”
Lejon squirms in his seat.
“True enough. If I organise this for you though, I expect you never to mention this debt again. We shall be square.”
Mensez nods. Although often unsung, the Dwarf had steadfastly protected every one of them. Durin was owed a debt by his friends and this was a suitable act of gratitude.
It takes three days to organise and carry out the spell.
Neither Mendez or Thesis are allowed to be present during the ceremony, but trust is not an issue here.
On the fourth day, a grinning and surprisingly clean Durin is returned to them.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Gnome Sky Ship

Old Heads on Young Shoulders

One year and eleven months ago...

After the deal was made with Savant Freud, Cheketa had assessed the remains of her people. She’d been mistaken about all the men being dead. There were still the ‘feeble ones’. Orc warriors that had somehow failed to die bravely in battle.
These withered and useless old orcs were usually thought of as an embarrassment to their families...
But now with the surgeon-like Derro’s help, perhaps they could regain some of their former standing?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Banner: A fleshy shambles

If ever proof was needed that healing should be a priority, then the senseless loss of two of our party provides it.

Having flushed out Tagati and his nefarious plans and dealt heroically with the monstrous creatures that were destroying the mines around the Yellow River, the adventurers were eager to return to normality.

Bodush teleported his friends to the security of his mansion where they would rest and recouperate. However, their plans were turned upside down when the past came back to bit Bodush and his happless friends.

Chekeeta the last progeny of Calvera whose tribe they had utterly destroyed in a series of battles and a shameful masacare, was waiting for them with cold revenge in her heart.

Unfortunately the party was ill prepared for the encounter and there were inevitable casualties. Durin in particular, still terribly injured after the fight with the stone golems only needed a couple of blows from the ogre skeleton before he succumbed. Elogyn's fate was less explicable. Not overly injured but too ready to face combat not suited for her she was curely cut down by undead and golems. Eolar could do nothing about it, his spells were not enough for the onslaught of enemies who kept appearing out of nowhere.

Bodush escaped with his life with only minor damage to his house. The house of Calvera on the otherhand had fought their final battle.

Thesis and the Swordweld

Thesis found himself at the foot of a 200ft escarpment that formed a natural fortification for the city of Braemar. Looking up it was clear to see that the city was in decline and virtual ruin. Years ago, in his grandfather's day this was an important and proud city with a vibrant community and impressive army.

However, that had all changed during the most bloody years of the goblin wars. The hordes had hit the city time after time, each time depleting the city's resources a little more until the fateful final seige where the Swordweld of Braemar had been victorious but had suffered tragic losses, not least, one of their greatest fighters Traesal Swordweld, Thesis' grandfather.

He made his way over to the far end of the escarpment to the holy grounds, to the place where his grandfather was buried. To his astonishment, where there should have been a simple grave, instead he found a desecrated hole. There was a temple at the head of the cemetery, and entering he found two priests and started to find out a little of what happened here over recent years. Recently goblins had begun to raid the area again and on one of these had ruined Traesal's grave and stolen his sword.

It was clear that the memory of his grandfather was strong and had inspired a new breed of the Braemar Swordweld. They explained that they were going to raid another of the outlying goblin settlements and had planned to recover the sword. The timing was perfect and Thesis vowed to avenge his grandfather and recover the sword.

Approching the goblin stonghold in the feint light of early morning, they could see that they were not expected. Thesis sent a small troupe of 16 men to the north to deal with the threat from that direction and a similar sized group to the south. Thesis took the remainder of the men on to the main camp. He could see the leader's hut and made straight for it. Quickly dispatching the guards, they broke into the main hut.

The leader was unprepared but he quickly called on his goblins to engage. A simple fight quickly turned into a messy ruck. More goblins appeared continuously and they seemed to have better than normal weapons and strength as well as the support of magic users. Fire quickly overtook the main part of town and the fight was pushed into the hills.

Thesis looked about him and realised he had lost more than two thirds of his men, but the end was in sight. He found the leader and engaged him directly, Thesis's mighty sword swinging at goblin flesh. No goblin could ever be a match for the Lizard-man's wild strength.

Bloody and weary Thesis and the small surviving group of 20 young Swordveld marched back triumphant to Braemar to a rapturous welcome. Feasting in Thesis honour lasted 4 days and at the end of it a ceremony saw the great sword returned to the people to be displayed forever in the high hall.

Thesis was presented with a ceremonial helmet made of gold and platinum and encrusted with jewels. But this was nothing compared to the pride he felt at finally being able to live up to his family name.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A return ticket to heaven, please!

Elogyn looked down at her body. Without realising what happened she tried to hit the Orlem next to her. The mace went straight through and left a glimmering shine where it touched the animated flesh. She looked up. Stunned.
She looked around and only when she saw the look on Eolars face did she realise what had happened. She feel back and tumbled backwards. The fence surrounding the garden caught her fall. She stared at the battle going on. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

She looked to her right where another person was standing, watching the scene.
"Isn't is funny how we sometimes die for nothing?"
She looked puzzled.
"You could have died fighting the big evil that entered the world but you died fighting a battle you don't even know the reason for. When do you want to stop this and realise your full potential?"
She started to remember. Everything seemed blurred but a name came to her mind
"Ozul? I remember you!"
"'course you do. Not the first time you are here and believe me it won't be the last. The question is: Do you want to keep coming here while fighting small, insignificant battles or are you finally realising what a paladin exists for?"
"But I follow Eolar. He needs me. And I still have to learn from him!"
"What? How to ignore evil and think it has a place in this world? That forcing order onto this world is the only path to solve all the problems? Elogyn, deep in your heart you know you can't stand back and watch evil take over. The only way to win is to destroy evil. It has no place in a wealthy society. There will be no order in this world as long as evil exists!"
She looked around. The world had vanished. There was only light.

"But what am I supposed to do? I already tried to change Eolar and make him see that there is more than just order and a strict hierarchy."
"Leave him. You've learned and have gained valuable experience following this group. To go further on your path you have to find new teachers."

The world was back around them and she could see Eolar standing over her body that was lying on a table in Bodush's mansion. He was sprinkling diamond dust over it and she could hear the word of the raise spell. She could feel the pull towards her body. Ozul looked at her from the other side of the table standing between the stranger Hawkmoon and Thesis, who appeared not to see him.
"Head north from here. Hasufel will guide you, she knows the way. Or you can decide to stay with Eolar and watch the world fall into evil hands while you are fighting the small battles and try to keep order up in a world getting smaller and smaller around you. It is your choice!"

She opened her eyes and the pain took over. Eolar was holding her down and told her not too move before he had healed her wounds. She looked to the right at the face of Thesis and Hawkmoon. Ozul was gone. The only thing left was the voice in her head.

"It is your choice!"

Full Moon

He could feel the urge coming up again. He looked around. The place looked ok. The last rays of the setting sun could be seen over the small rock formation. He packed the armour and his belongings in the sack and sat down. He could feel the power within him building up.

The rage.

The strength.

He thought back to the moment it had happened. The bear had attacked the sheep and came running after the women running past his smithy. He had thrown his hammer and jumped at the bear which was four times his size. He would never know if it was the blow from the flying hammer or the surprise of a man flying out of a building towards it that drove the bear away after the short fight. He was a hero.

It had started a few days later. The bites from the fight had just closed when it had happened. Ragnar had no recollection of what he did that night. He woke up in the forest the next morning, a body of a slain deer next to him. It took him two more changes before he had realised what he was. First he had cursed the gods for bringing that upon him and tried hard to hide it, to fight it. Later he had realised that he can still be in control. He was the animal and the animal was him. That was when he did realise the power the gods had granted him. And he soon had to learn that the gods never give gifts for free. Three months after the first change he was in a bar when it happened. It wasn't him that started the fight, but it was him who had ended it. He flew when he had seen the bloodshed and only went back at night once to collect some of his belongings. The people didn't understand and he couln't blame them. He would be frightened as well.

The sun had gone and he could feel the first rays of silvery moon light touching his skin. He let the energy that was building up take over his body. He could feel his muscles explode and the hair grow. He threw his head back and opened his arms towards the full moon. A roar filled the night. It was the animal once again.

The bear walked over to the sack and threw some branches over it. He shut his eyes and listened. He could hear and smell everything. The trees, the other animals, the air blowing over from the distant city. He started to walk into the young night. The gods had given him the power and he was determined to use it his way. There were always robbers and highwaymen in these type of woods. They were up for a surprise.


Sitting under a tree just outside Bodush's Mansion I think.

"I am guilty!"

That's the only though I have had since that dreadful day in the mountain.

"I am guilty!"

Guilty of letting horror onto this land. I can not run away from this, it is my duty to pay for what I have done. I understand that the others are scared, but I am sure they will be back to do what has to be done. But I cannot run away. I cannot!

"I am guilty!"

We need a plan. Plans can help. I am sure that with the right allies we can remove the dragon from this land. I made many friends over the past years, we can unite and fight, that can be done, that sounds like a plan. But the Demon... He is the tough one, I hope Chen has found some clues. But I cannot sit idle by.

"I am guilty!"

I need to find Chen, and then I need to find allies. I can't say goodbye to my friends, they would try to convince me to follow them.....

Wer writes a note of goodbye, stands up, slips it under the door, walks back to the tree, and straight through it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cheketa tell me what’s wrong?

Two years ago...

The Derro peers down on the wretched Orc woman spread prostrate before him.
Her face stained with soot and tears, she begs the shrivelled albino for help.
“The adventurers pretended to be our friends. They broke bread with us and shared our wine…”
Her voice cracks for a moment before she continues.
“Their Sorcerer 'Bodush' was entertaining the children when they attacked. Our Warriors were drunk or unconscious. It wasn’t even a battle. They butchered everyone. The women, the children and all our men.”
Again she stops to cough some of the smoke from her lungs.
“They killed our giant leader and destroyed your golem. They burned everything to the ground!”
Savant Freud pulls himself to his full height as he strides across his desk.
“And what would you like me to do about it?”
With hatred shining from her eyes, Cheketa, the last surviving heir of Calvera, spits out the words.
“I want revenge!”
The twisted, bug-eyed Derro pauses for a moment as he considers the situation.
“Well that’s very tragic and everything, but what’s in it for us?”
Cheketa looks crestfallen.
“I… I’ve told you. All we have is the bodies of our dead husbands and children to grieve over.”
The Derro looks up excitedly.
“It’s a deal!”

End of the Line

With the death of Cheketa, comes the extinction of her entire clan. Bodush hugs himself. He should feel safe, but he knows that there are still a few followers left. Enough to make him nervous of every shadow.
He knows that he won’t be safe in Febril for a while.
It was fortunate that Cheketa wanted him alive rather than just killed where he was standing.
Ironically it was her hatred that kept him alive.
He spends the next few days hiring labourers to repair the self-inflicted damage to his property and organising replacements for the staff he’d just fired.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Modern Dwarfare

Asking for Thesis’ help to carry the fallen Dwarf, Mendez leads them to the Paladin Quarter in the St Cuthbertian city-within-a-city.
It’s a long walk and Thesis and Mendez muse about their Dwarven companion.
“I thought Dwarves were supposed to be clever with tactics” rasps Thesis.
Mendez thinks for a while and then responds, “It’s true. From what I knew, Dwarves are supposed to be well versed in Combat strategy.”
Thesis smiles for a moment and then laughs, “Perhaps that was the lesson directly after Reading and Writing?”
Despite the seriousness of the situation, Mendez can’t help but join in his lizardy friend's laughter.
After a couple of hours they arrive at the well-guarded gates.
“We’re here to see Lejon.”

Experience of the Flesh

Despite your protestations, this was not a tough encounter. I did bump it up though due to the poor state the Party entered Bodush’s mansion in…

Bodush: Level 14: 104,704
Durin: Level 13: 86,423
Eolar: Level 16: 129,921
Elogyn: Level 12: 74,556 (Down a level)
Hawkmoon: Level 12: 74,556
Mendez: Level 16: 128,564
Thes-hiss: Level 14 (16): 102.305
Wer: Level 14: 102,312

These sums are on the understanding that Durin can afford a ‘True resurrection’ spell and that Eolar just raised Elogyn himself.
Sadly no one levelled. (Elogyn actually lost a level.)

Even more sadly Mendez is still far behind Eolar…

Ghost town

It was only a matter of months later, but Mausolith was practically unrecognizable. Where once there was bustling activity, there were now only a handful of people talking in whispers and working out where they were going to settle and make a living. The bars and taverns were all but closed, and the doors to the bank and gaol hung loosely on their hinges.

There was no law still, but also no-one to impose law upon. The St. Cuthbert evangelists soon realised that there was nothing worth converting here and left as soon as they arrived.

What had happened was still unclear, but what was certain was that they had exhausted the gold in the seams in the hills around Yellow River. What there was left, nobody wanted to dig for. It was said that all the mines therabouts were now haunted by the undead dwarven miners who were interned there.

Guthrie was a wise man - as soon as he saw the changing fortunes for the miners, he closed up his saloons and moved on. Some say he is selling snake oil from a traveling healing show - but rumours abound.

General Sutter however had not been seen for some months before, and the popular story is that he was murdered by his own men for the collapses in the mines. Others say that he was cursed by the gold itself. There is still another rumour that he was instead driven mad by his deeds and was locked in the gaol's punishment hole - never to be released. Nobody knows, and no body was found. His commercial concerns quickly descended into anarchy and then ruin.

Boom town to Ghost town. An age old story.

Cheketa’s Spoils

The Party take their time going through the ruined husks of the golems and the skeletons but they find nothing of interest until they get to the Orcesses.

Considering he is at home and surrounded by more than adequate supplies of wine and owl feathers, Bodush ‘Identifies’ everything of interest.
(It costs him.19 pearls!)

Cheketa was their obvious leader and was dressed in surprising finery considering her Orcish upbringing.

She has:
A Ring of Counterspells. (Sale value: 2,000gp)
A Masterwork Silver Sickle. (Sale value: 163 gp)
2 x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds. (Sale value: 375gp each)
A pouch containing: (4 gems worth 100gp each.)
A silver necklace: (Worth 300gp.)

Thora though at least partially responsible for her mistresses death, was Cheketa’s second in command.

She has:
+2 Great Axe of Dwarven bane. (Sale value: 9,155gp)
+1 Heavy Crossbow. (Sale value: 1,175gp)
+2 Chain shirt. (Sale value: 2,625gp)
A Potion of Cure Serious Wounds. (Sale value: 375gp)
20 crossbow bolts. (Sale value: 1gp)
A pouch containing: (6 gems worth 50gp each.)

The Sisterhood Rogues all had matching equipment:

6 x Short swords +1 (Sale value: 1,155gp each)
6 x Potion of Cure Serious Wounds. (Sale value: 375gp)
6 x Masterworks Studded leather armour. (Sale value: 87.5 gp)
6 x Masterworks Light crossbow. (Sale value: 167.5gp)
6 x 20 crossbow bolts. (Sale value: 1gp)
6 x A pouch containing: (5 gems worth 10gp each.)

We can mint our own Gold pieces!

Additional treasure from Tagati...

Jewlery piece: 1000gp each
2 Red Garnets (100gp each)

10 Red Garnets (100gp each)

Jewlery piece: 1000gp each
2 Red Garnets (100gp each)

Jewlery piece: 1000gp each
2 Red Garnets (100gp each)

Jewlery piece: 1000gp each
2 Red Garnets (100gp each)

Jewlery piece: 1000gp each
2 Red Garnets (100gp each)

I guess that means that Wer can afford the Ring and the Raven.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mines of Terroth : Experience 2

Experience from encounter with orc guards and Jack MacCall outside the entrance to the Sutter's Hill mine, the Monstrous Centipedes and the final battle with Tagati and his minions are as follows:

Eolar: Level 16: 127,366
Bodush: Level 14: 102,159
Elogyn: Level 13: 87548
Durin: Level 13: 83868
Chen: Level 14: 100163
Mendez: Level 16: 125753
Wer: Level 14: 99757
Thes-hiss: Level 14 (16): 99750

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tagati’s Treasure

Sale value of magical items found:

Amulet of Natural Armour +2 4000gp
Figurine of Wondrous power: Raven 1900gp
Gloves of Arrow snaring 2000gp
Headband of intellect 2000gp
Ring of Protection +3 9000gp
Potion of Cure Serious wounds. 375gp
Potion of Cure Serious wounds. 375gp
Potion of Barkskin +4 450gp
Boots of Speed 6000gp
Chain Shirt +2 2125gp
Short Sword +2 4155gp
Long Sword +3 9158gp


Boots of Speed

Amulet of Natural Armour +2
Potion of Barkskin +4
Potion of Cure Serious wounds. (Unused)

Headband of intellect +2


Chain Shirt +2

Ring of Protection +3
Figurine of Wondrous power: Raven
OWES THE PARTY 4177gp!!! Can she afford it?

(There was some debate going on regarding the ownership of the ‘Ring’. Both Eolar and Wer wanted it.)

As nobody wanted the ‘Gloves’ and ‘Swords’, they were just sold for cash.

(This cost Bodush 12 pearls. (Costs already factored in.)


You also find among Tagati's hoard the following:
Stockpile of Gold Nuggets : 1200lb (60,000gp) Can be minted into GP (5% cost)
Jewlery pieces * 5 : 1000gp each
Gems : 20 Red Garnets (100gp each)

Everyone relax, Mendez is here

Mendez strolls back up the hill, warm with brandy and the knowledge that he is heading back home soon.
He had found a message from his Father waiting in his favourite tavern inviting him and his friends back to the city of Shalalah.
At last his Father has accepted his choices and his friends.
He’s half way up the hill when he sees smoke rising from Bodush’s secluded mansion.
Suddenly sober, Mendez sprints the remaining distance.
There are bodies everywhere. A macabre mess of Orc women, giant skeletons and weird stitched together grotesques.
He runs around the still smouldering building until he finds his friends… and a grim looking Elf.
“Is everyone alright? What happened?”
In silent response, Thesis gestures to the ground at his feet. There lie the cold bodies of Durin and Elogyn.
“Sweet Ehlonna, can’t I leave you guys alone for one evening?”

First Impressions

Hawkmoon stood to one side in Bodush's reception room. The surviving members of the party were stood talking with, presumably, another of their number. It appeard that he was called Mendez, and was obviously well liked and respected by the rest of the group. He was also obviously another archer and his almost grotesquely overt display of jewellery and finery spoke to Hawkmoon - maybe there would be money to made here, after all.

"Rou - come away form there".
The kitten had crept over to the chaise longue upon which the dead dwarf had been lain and, with a gleam in her eyes, was about to nibble on the fingers of the hand which hung towards the floor. The cat, it seemed, had a rather macabre fascination with the digits of the recently dead.

Having now met this group his first impressions are those of bewilderment. From what he'd been told of the success of this group he had expected them to be well organised and prepared. Instead he met them bedraggled and beaten - obviously fresh from a fight and completely unprepared for anything else. How Bodush had allowed a roving band of orks to infiltrate his mansion in his abence was unbelievably. Hawkmoon knew his magical gifts paled into insignificance nect to those of the scorceror, but still... A little imagination goes a long way.

His eyes fell again on the fallen Durin and Elogyn. It may well be a shame that they had died, but they really had no-one to blame for themselves, and he felt no sympathy towards them. It was inconceivable that a group of hardened adventurers would let this happen. His experience as a mercenary would surely be of use here...

He had developed some admiration for the prowess of Bodush and Wer however. They had responded quickly to the surprise attack, and had acquitted themselves well in the combat. The way that Bodush had managed to stay alive was... impressively disconcerting.

He walked over to join the main group. "You must be Mendez - I am Dulinithil Cu'Maksa, though you may find it easier to call me Hawkmoon Bowgentle. While the prosepect of visiting yet another of your homes fills me with dread of what may come to pass I find it hard to believe that anywhere could be less safe than here. For what little it may be worth, I would accept your offer."

A motion of his hand waves in the direction of Durin and Elogyn. "Perhaps it may be wise to prepare ourselves a little first though? Just in case, of course..."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Although still unbowed from the dual threats from the North and West, The St Cuthbertian rulers of Febril do nothing.
Despite calls to action from the Paladin quarter, the leadership is tied up in a deadlock. Internal debates prevent any true progress and now, thanks to the recent reorganisation of the command structure, no one individual or group has the authority to do anything independently.


After Thereanthor’s control of Gom Dalat was complete, Zatark unfurled his mighty wings and flew slowly over to Seawell.
He’d been preparing the city for years and had most of the important members of its society under his thrall.
Mayor Boscorm had eliminated anyone who might have suspected or stood in his way over the last year. Some politically, some more traditionally.
Arriving in darkness, Zatark enters the city keep. Like most things in this city, everything is prepared. It’s previous occupant being unfortunately driven out by those idiotic adventurers.
Settling into an enormous throne and surrounded by his minions, the mighty Devil laughs long into the night.

Gone Dalat

The ancient Blue Dragon wasted no time in claiming dominion over the city of Gom Dalat.
Once the combined Elf and Orc forces were destroyed or driven out of the nearby lands, Thereanthor claimed them as her own.
The human city was allowed to go on semi-independently, as long as certain rules were adhered to…
And a suitable tariff of virginal flesh paid at each full moon.
The Dragon disciples rapidly gained in numbers and hundreds of Kobolds, eager to serve one of their forebears, started swarming into the surrounding areas.
With any attempts at rebellion quickly crushed, Thereanthor’s control over the entire region was soon uncontested.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself...

The charcoal grey short-haired kitten hissed and spat at the dying would-be thief. From his chest sprouted three arrows - still crackling slightly with electricity. A silent shadow stood over him and looked down with contempt in his green eyes. The silouhette of his ears against the dull , amber streetlight marked him out as an elf.

"Who... who are you?" sputtered the thief through a throat of foaming blood.
"Who am I?" sneered the standing form. "I am Dulinithil Cu'Maksa, though I doubt your common tongue could handle such subtle syllables. Instead you may know me as Hawkmoon Bowgentle - though why I was named this I do not know. I have no especial affinity for hawks nor moons, and neither is my bow gentle." Twisting an arrow so as to make the thief gurgle in pain, he added "A fact to which you can attest."

Hawkmoon continued. "You may also wish to know of the bow. The bow you sought to steal. The bow which instead has killed you. This is the Longbow of the Leaping Lightning and it is mine. I commissioned the creation of this bow long before your short life began." A cruel smile played across his lips. "And by one look at you I can tell it will survive you also."

The thief groaned - his life energy draining slowly and painfully from him as the blood pooled amongst the cracks between the cobblestones paving the dark alley way in which he lay. Hawkmoon did nothing to ease the suffering, though he took no particular pleasure from it. He had seen so many deaths in his long years serving in mercenary companies that now he had entered business for himself he was not about to go soft.

"I will give you some credit, nameless thief. You were quick. Too quick in fact. Too quick for most of your victims I am sure. Unfortunately for you, however, I am no mere bowman but have the gifts of the arcane to support me..."

"Now - up close - my suspicions as to the nature of this speed are confirmed. How you came by them I know, or care not. I do know and care, though, that such pretty footwear should not go wasted."

With that he bent down and dragged the boots roughly from the thief's feet - causing yet more blood to bubble up from the arrow wounds. Seating himself on a nearby kerb, he casually removed his own, and not overly worn, boots - tossing them carelessly over his shoulder - and replaced them with those he had just looted from the unfortunate thief.

Standing slowly Hawkmoon stretched his feet in the leathern boots to ease the fit. "They suit me better than they suited you, don't they Mr. Thief?!" He chuckled jovially, but received no answer. The thief's eternal soul had departed to whichever Hell his faith proposed.

Looking down at the kitten, who had already begun to gnaw on the dead man's toes, he shrugged at the dead thief's fate and said: "Come, Rou. The night is yet young and our struggle through this grim world must continue. Indeed, I have earlier espied that band of adventurers of whom I have heard many a tall tale..."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Banner: Not fade away

In which we see the battle frozen in time.

Bodush's disintegrate might not be enough to have killed Tagati outright, but another blow and we are probably done. However, Tagati will get in at least one more spell and that might well be enough to put Bodush out of the game too. The Golems will fight on regardless and the bears will not last much longer. Will the returning Eolar change the balance?

I think in the end, there can only be one victor. Next time I DM, I won't be so kind!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Is this a Dagger I see before me?

Removing his arrow from the eye socket of the now dead rooftop backstabber, Mendez is quite pleased with how much damage he was able to do with a simple arrow in melee.
Bending down, he pries the obviously magic dagger from his would be assassin’s fingers.
Mendez already has two daggers. A masterwork one he’d bought from Bodush when he first needed one and a minor magical one he found on the magical vendors Quart’s body…
Calling to his Sorcerer friend, Mendez tosses the +1 Dagger. “Hey Bodush! A gift!”

Friday, November 6, 2009

Out of Character

Mendez breathes hard as he looks down at his defeated opponent and then quickly back up to his friends.
He can tell that they are all surprised by his actions and who can blame them. The truth is that he had expected to be entering another dark room where his arrows would have proved worthless.
When confronted by the two massive, Stone golems and a Human armed with two swords in a well-lit room, his choice seemed pretty clear.
Still he is badly hurt and will surely die unless he gets some immediate help.
Gazing around, Mendez groans as he sees both Elogyn and Eolar still in useless cloud form… And where’s Wer?

Get off my cloud

Yes more Stones and Stone Golems ;)

The party readied themselves, knowing that the Necromancer and his creatures must be behind the stone door. Preparing spells to buff themselves up, Durin opened the door. Immediately he launched himself at the largest of the 2 golems in front of him. Amazingly, Mendez decided not to fire his deadly 5 a round arrows and charge in to engage the two-weaponed fighter at the back of the room. And crazily of all, the party decided not to wait until Eolar and Elogyn were fully substantial.

The battle however quickly moved in the adventurers favour. Despite being severely injured and having the finger-of-death pointed in his direction, Mendez, with the help of Chen killed Krael. Wer had summoned 3 Dire Bears to deal with the golems and they and Durin were slowly (!) wearing them down.

Bodush was able to detect the lurking necromancer and fired off a deadly blast of destruction at him. He saw him falter and was sure he had got him. 83 HP damage against a Mage, surely that would be enough to kill him twice!

But, against all odds, the mage had used the time while the adventurers moved through the secret tunnel to prepare himself with Invisibility, Protection from Arrows and Bears Endurance.

And so, with the fight delicately balanced we pause for two weeks ....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Banner: It's a gas, gas gas.

Our brave, intrepid adventurer's have found a new way to travel. Windwalking at up to 600ft a round (that's over 40mph!) while in gaseous form, protected from most blows and immune to poison. Able to get in past locked doors and mine collapses and able to change back and forth to corporeal form in less than a minute. Our adventures will certainly be different now!

Can you guess who is who though?

No Wer going Fast

The rest of the Party travelled on but Wer and Mendez couldn’t leave the small village of Pearl glen without doing something to address the damage done to the surrounding countryside.
Turning to his diminutive friend, Mendez tries to calm her. ‘Don’t blame them. They just don’t understand the importance of nature.’
Wer glares back. ‘The problem is that their nature is too self important.’
Mendez smiles at Wer’s witty retort.
After three days of restoring the damaged trees and plants, while Mendez searches out and removes Lerrius’ vicious traps, Wer streaks off in hawk form to rejoin the others.
Mendez stays a few extra days, enjoying the hospitality of the grateful people before riding off after his companions.
No matter, though. He’ll arrive in Mausolith soon enough.
Casually tracking his friends he notices that Thesis has gone off in a different direction to the others.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Too important to divvy up the Pearlglen Booty?

Mendez goes through the unclaimed pile of stuff that Bodush identified. Anyone would think Bodush was just doing it for the free booze nowadays.

1xSilversheen (125gp)
20xArrows (.5gp)
1xTanglefoot Bag (25gp)
3xVials of Holy Water (12.5gp each)

1xPotion of Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp)
1xPotion of Magic Fang (25gp)
1xPotion of Eagle's Splendour (150gp)

1xPotion Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp)

1xMajor Circlet of Blasting (11,880gp)
2xSunrods (1gp each)
Owes 8,259gp!



To prevent confusion (Mostly mine) the following were just sold for gold.

1xMoss Agate (10gp)
2xMoonstone (40gp each)
1xAmber (80gp)
1xEmerald (1000gp)
1xStar Sapphire (1100gp)
1xSilvernecklace, set with an Obsidian gem (190gp)
1xScroll of Expeditious Retreat (25gp)
1xBracers of Armour +2 (2000gp)
1xMasterwork Studded Leather Armour (87.5gp)
1xMasterwork Buckler (82.5gp)
1xMasterwork Longsword (157.5gp)
1xMasterwork Composite Longbow (+2 STR) (300gp)
1xOil of Magic Weapon (25gp)

Mine, all mine

It was all clear to Eolar, Bodush, Chen, Durin and Elogyn. The problems in the town and the mine could be laid at the feet of the so-called General Sutter. In an insatiable thirst for power and wealth he had systematically destroyed the Eagle mine and Guthrie Wrigley and his dwarven work-force with it.

But, it seems he had to pay a high price. To consort with a creature as powerful as Tagati the Necromancer was surely a recipe for disaster, and if it ever came to an ultimate struggle for power, there could be only one victor. For now, Tagati was happy to play his part, but for how long?

They were also surprised to have seen 2 of those immense creatures who were carving out wealth and destruction for the General in equal measure - the Stone Golems. A creature so powerful it is said that they are un-affected by magic or weapons. One would have been a challenge, but 2? Surely suicidal.

Thanks to the wonder of Eolar's Wind-Walk, they were able to get out quickly and regroup. Maybe they were wise to to do so, but who knows what Tagati might have in readiness for our adventurers when they return? Clearly, the necromancer was not in evidence in the caverns underneath Eagle mine but his zombies and monsters certainly were. Maybe he was somewhere in Sutter's Hill mine? But, the only way across from the Eagle mine to Sutters appeared to be a water-filled tunnel. Would they brave that entrance or simply wind-walk in through Sutter's Hill?

While they contemplated this in the valley a safe distance from the mines, lady luck seemed to be smiling on them for in the distance they could clearly see the familiar form of an Eagle flying towards them. It was Wer! Now he and his Mud to Rock spell might prove very useful indeed!

Wer explained. She and Mendez had stayed behind for just three days longer in Pearlglen, helping to restore some of the woodland creatures and their devastated habitat. Then, they had traced the party's route to Mausolith and there had found out from Tom Mix at the Platinum Piece what their friends were intending. So, with appropriate haste they set out to find them - Mendez would be with them in a matter of hours.

The party had reformed, holed up in Bodush's magnificent cottage, they contemplated what lay in front of them.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Treasure - Mines of Terroth, part 1

Magic: (I assume you spend the pearls to identify these)

Battle Axe +4 (Sale value: 16,155gp)
Studded Leather +2 (Sale value: 2,088gp)
3 x Greataxe +2 (Sale value: 4,160gp each)
1 x Potion of Cure moderate wounds (Sale value: 150gp)
1 x potion of darkvision (Sale value: 150gp)
1 x potion of non-detection (Sale value: 375gp)

Other: (if you could carry it)

(I say you leave these behind. We're adventurers, not scrap merchants.)

4 x Masterwork Bastard Swords
4 x Heavy crossbows
7 x Masterwork Splint Mail


Gold Nuggets - 10 lbs (500gp)
47 gp
4 x 100gp gems

XP - Mines of Terroth, part 1

Not so much XP and nobody levelled - sorry!
Although I did award extra for your judicious play in the town (avoiding trouble) and a little bit extra to Eolar for Wind-Walking the party through much of the rest of the adventure.

Expect much more XP next time!

Eolar: Level 16: 123957
Bodush: Level 14: 98750
Elogyn: Level 13: 84779
Durin: Level 13: 80459
Chen: Level 14: 96759
Mendez: Level 16: 122344
Wer: Level 14: 96348
Thes-hiss: Level 14 (16): 96001

Treasure to follow