Thursday, November 19, 2009

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... ish.


Hedzor said...

As I'm going to be late and Mendez goes first...

Mendez moves (100' max) over to Wer and (pretty please) begs for healing.
He can do this easily even whilst avoiding the Stone golems 10' reach.
If Wer refuses, Mendez will use his next go to run to the unclouded Eolar and Elogyn and beg them instead.
Hopefully I'll still have enough raging rounds to attack the Stone golems.

RoboGeek said...

Thanks Kirk - really nice drawing :)

All please note though that the corridor is only 3 squares wide and the room thus also appears too wide.
Also there is 15 feet between the two bears. Anyway all will become clear this evening :)

Mendez can and does move over to Wer without a problem.
Wer has her turn directly after Mendez and so can heal if she wants to.

Hedzor said...

I will gratefully kiss the hairy feet of the little druidess.

Moritz Buck said...

FYI My bears a Huge not Large :P
And that also means that I can probably take care of Menez this round before starting to buff my Pets (Bears, Dwarf, The-Fast-Human-Killing-Thing, a.s.o)

Moritz Buck said...

Oh and Debuffing the golems... so many things to do!

Hedzor said...

In that case...

Assuming I'm still not there...

Upon receiving healing from the lovely Halfling, Mendez first kisses her forhead and then charges back at the nearest Stone golem and attacks!

+28 to hit but only one attack as I'll have to move.
1d6+14 (critical on a 15!)
(AC down to 19.)

(I think Assif has my character sheet.)