Friday, November 6, 2009

Get off my cloud

Yes more Stones and Stone Golems ;)

The party readied themselves, knowing that the Necromancer and his creatures must be behind the stone door. Preparing spells to buff themselves up, Durin opened the door. Immediately he launched himself at the largest of the 2 golems in front of him. Amazingly, Mendez decided not to fire his deadly 5 a round arrows and charge in to engage the two-weaponed fighter at the back of the room. And crazily of all, the party decided not to wait until Eolar and Elogyn were fully substantial.

The battle however quickly moved in the adventurers favour. Despite being severely injured and having the finger-of-death pointed in his direction, Mendez, with the help of Chen killed Krael. Wer had summoned 3 Dire Bears to deal with the golems and they and Durin were slowly (!) wearing them down.

Bodush was able to detect the lurking necromancer and fired off a deadly blast of destruction at him. He saw him falter and was sure he had got him. 83 HP damage against a Mage, surely that would be enough to kill him twice!

But, against all odds, the mage had used the time while the adventurers moved through the secret tunnel to prepare himself with Invisibility, Protection from Arrows and Bears Endurance.

And so, with the fight delicately balanced we pause for two weeks ....


Hedzor said...

Again, we'd have been completely screwed if it wasn't for Bodush and Wer.
Great fun last night!

Insanodag said...

Well, Bodush would have been mincemeat if he had to deal with the golems.

RoboGeek said...

Good teamwork. And it was needed really, that was how the encounter was set-up, although I wish I had put a cleric in there too - I had one prepared but thought against it.

Joebroesel said...

Would have been nice! We could have had a cloud fight ;-)