Friday, November 6, 2009

Out of Character

Mendez breathes hard as he looks down at his defeated opponent and then quickly back up to his friends.
He can tell that they are all surprised by his actions and who can blame them. The truth is that he had expected to be entering another dark room where his arrows would have proved worthless.
When confronted by the two massive, Stone golems and a Human armed with two swords in a well-lit room, his choice seemed pretty clear.
Still he is badly hurt and will surely die unless he gets some immediate help.
Gazing around, Mendez groans as he sees both Elogyn and Eolar still in useless cloud form… And where’s Wer?

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RoboGeek said...

We commence with round 5, so next round Elogyn can heal and Eolar can march into the fray!