Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Banner: Not fade away

In which we see the battle frozen in time.

Bodush's disintegrate might not be enough to have killed Tagati outright, but another blow and we are probably done. However, Tagati will get in at least one more spell and that might well be enough to put Bodush out of the game too. The Golems will fight on regardless and the bears will not last much longer. Will the returning Eolar change the balance?

I think in the end, there can only be one victor. Next time I DM, I won't be so kind!


TieDye said...

=) I love how the golems are calmly looking at the carnage around them with a hint of amusement: "Huh, looks like the weather forecast is calling for a heavy amount of violent today. Still, should be interesting to see all that blood..."

Charlie Stilton said...

I like the transluscent 'invisibility' effect

Hedzor said...

Fresh from his victory with the two weaponed, blond warrior, Mendez roars, 'Medic!'.
Actually I'm pretty tempted to rush the Stone golems.

Moritz Buck said...


Hedzor said...