Monday, November 23, 2009

Modern Dwarfare

Asking for Thesis’ help to carry the fallen Dwarf, Mendez leads them to the Paladin Quarter in the St Cuthbertian city-within-a-city.
It’s a long walk and Thesis and Mendez muse about their Dwarven companion.
“I thought Dwarves were supposed to be clever with tactics” rasps Thesis.
Mendez thinks for a while and then responds, “It’s true. From what I knew, Dwarves are supposed to be well versed in Combat strategy.”
Thesis smiles for a moment and then laughs, “Perhaps that was the lesson directly after Reading and Writing?”
Despite the seriousness of the situation, Mendez can’t help but join in his lizardy friend's laughter.
After a couple of hours they arrive at the well-guarded gates.
“We’re here to see Lejon.”


RoboGeek said...

So, what does Lejon say?
Is he willing to cast True Resurrection? And at what real cost?

(We need someone to adjudicate here - a DM's DM - I nominate Dag)

Hedzor said...

It's a difficult decision but as I'm the current DM I get to decide.
This will be a one off opportunity though.
Sven's right: Death should have a cost.
I'm only allowing this as I inadvertently tricked the party.
I never intended the group to go in to Bodush's house already so beaten up.
It was a fair but somehow unjust death.

RoboGeek said...

Unjust, maybe. But you gave Durin ample opportunity to get healing, the fact that he didn't puts at least some of the blame with the player.

Insanodag said...

I decline the nomination. Kirk is running the game currently. I prefer our world to be run by a pantheon of DMs playing musical chairs.

Joebroesel said...

I agree with Dag! If Kirk comes up with a spellcaster that is happy to truly resurrect people, he will get hit by a rogue meteor in the next session I run :)
Just out of revenge for destroying the first stationary magical shop I've installed!!! ;-)

TieDye said...

This is an opportunity and lesson which Durin won't soon forget. Death is funny thing that way...

Also, it really sucked being in Asgard and being forced to follow up tales of heroic sacrifice, selfless final actions, and taking one for the team so others could fight the good fight with a mere "I got jumped by assassins in my colleague's house and died because of horrible tactical choices (splitting up the party) and awful planning" !

Hedzor said...

Don't just allude to it...
Write a DT's post!