Friday, November 20, 2009

First Impressions

Hawkmoon stood to one side in Bodush's reception room. The surviving members of the party were stood talking with, presumably, another of their number. It appeard that he was called Mendez, and was obviously well liked and respected by the rest of the group. He was also obviously another archer and his almost grotesquely overt display of jewellery and finery spoke to Hawkmoon - maybe there would be money to made here, after all.

"Rou - come away form there".
The kitten had crept over to the chaise longue upon which the dead dwarf had been lain and, with a gleam in her eyes, was about to nibble on the fingers of the hand which hung towards the floor. The cat, it seemed, had a rather macabre fascination with the digits of the recently dead.

Having now met this group his first impressions are those of bewilderment. From what he'd been told of the success of this group he had expected them to be well organised and prepared. Instead he met them bedraggled and beaten - obviously fresh from a fight and completely unprepared for anything else. How Bodush had allowed a roving band of orks to infiltrate his mansion in his abence was unbelievably. Hawkmoon knew his magical gifts paled into insignificance nect to those of the scorceror, but still... A little imagination goes a long way.

His eyes fell again on the fallen Durin and Elogyn. It may well be a shame that they had died, but they really had no-one to blame for themselves, and he felt no sympathy towards them. It was inconceivable that a group of hardened adventurers would let this happen. His experience as a mercenary would surely be of use here...

He had developed some admiration for the prowess of Bodush and Wer however. They had responded quickly to the surprise attack, and had acquitted themselves well in the combat. The way that Bodush had managed to stay alive was... impressively disconcerting.

He walked over to join the main group. "You must be Mendez - I am Dulinithil Cu'Maksa, though you may find it easier to call me Hawkmoon Bowgentle. While the prosepect of visiting yet another of your homes fills me with dread of what may come to pass I find it hard to believe that anywhere could be less safe than here. For what little it may be worth, I would accept your offer."

A motion of his hand waves in the direction of Durin and Elogyn. "Perhaps it may be wise to prepare ourselves a little first though? Just in case, of course..."

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Hedzor said...

Mendez smile is as instant as it is automatic.

"Always a pleasure to make a new friend. Of course you're welcome to join us. The more the merrier."

He then wanders over to Eolar to help organise the 'True resurrections'.