Friday, May 29, 2009

A History of Violence: Part Two

It’s a few days later before Ueshiba speaks again. After the simple meal he had retired to one of the many bedrooms and slept for a day and a half.
Chen was surprised to find him smiling and chatting to the recently arrived Mendez.
“Hello Chen.” Smiles Mendez, “I like your new friend.”
Ueshiba continues to tell Mendez more of the rise and fall of Lord Catidsis.
“As the teacher in this monastery, I was kept alive only due to Catidsis’ begging to the head War-priest. I can only speculate as to why, as his every conversation with me after that was filled with contempt and loathing. I have been a prisoner these last twenty years.
The people of this ‘basin’ were crushed under the god’s wicked heel. They became little more than slaves. The ridiculous black and white war was created just to please their wicked deity.
The foolish priests though, thought Catidsis just a servant in their thrall. They were wrong. Unable to pursue his monastic training, he instead began to study the way of Erythnul. Catidsis learned quickly and was soon given greater responsibilities. After many years, when he felt strong enough, he poisoned all of the War-priests more powerful than he. He then assumed command of those remaining and honoured himself with the title of ‘Lord’.
Years went by and his power grew. He would humiliate everyone he could. His underlings, his staff and the people of the valley.
It was only the recent arrival of the monsters at the fort caused ‘Lord Catidsis’ any concern. Even then he thought them no more than a petty annoyance. Your group however proved his undoing.
I wonder if he was glad when it was finally over?”

Bodush and the revenge of the ethical quandaries

Well, that certainly explains a lot... The robed figure chuckled as it studied the helmet lying on its desk.

Bodush nodded. Of course, I couldn't just let them have it. Imagine the absolute disaster which could have occured if Eolar, or even worse, Elogyn got their hands on it. There is no telling what they could do if they had gotten to it before I whisked it away! Bodush suppressed a shudder. The underground chamber seemed slightly cooler than usual, and the helmet was turning into a rather strange literal interpretation of the elephant in the room.

Do they know?

There was a strange forced casual tone which Bodush hadn't heard before. The robed figure stepped away from the table, almost as if the helmet itself had some contagious, dangerous property that neither of them knew enough. Bodush reached for the helmet and lifted it up to look at it again. No, they do not. I decided that if it was kept around us, it would get used, sooner or later. And that might create....complications. Anyway, they will do fine without it. Hunting down some jumped-up paladin shouldn't cause any problems for them.

Ah...yes, the paladin, Lejon. You know, there is something I might have neglected to tell you about him......

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A History of Violence: Part One

The young Acolytes have fled the monastery and Elogyn has made sure the building is secure before the adventurers sit down to assess their situation.
Thesis and Durin are both dead but the rest of the group are in relatively good shape.
All the trained War-priests of Erythnul are dead as is their leader ‘Lord Catidisis’.
The old prisoner ‘Ueshiba’ sits with the survivors and shares in their meal.
“Catidsis wasn’t always an evil man. Once he was a promising student of mine. He was honest and diligent, never complaining of his chores or training. I hoped that one day he would take my place.”
Chen listens intently. Despite the battle and the tragic loses, he has never felt more at home. The old man reminds him greatly of his own Sensei.
“Two decades ago the fort of the clerics of Wee Jas was attacked and overwhelmed by the War-priests of Erythnul. They lost quickly despite the protection the fort afforded them. Regardless of their Harpies and Giant Eagles, they were soft, flabby and unprepared.
On request from the villagers I sent a small group of my Monks to assess the situation and to offer warning that the villagers were under our protection. There were a few minor skirmishes, but they found us to be resolute and well disciplined. Any battle would cost them dear.”
Ueshiba looks down for a moment before continuing.
“Somehow, months later, they managed to kidnap Brother Catidsis. Using foul magic they twisted his mind. Even with his training, he was unable to resist. He swore that he would serve both the clerics and their chaotic god.
Using the secret tunnels that link the mountaintop fort to the monastery, Catidsis smuggled the demonic Basilisk into the great hall. This time it was us who were ill prepared. Our tradition of dealing with our enemies face to face cost us our greatest martial artists. Dozens of us were turned to stone and those that remained were quickly overwhelmed by the forces of Erythnul.”
The long bearded, bald headed monk looks up from his bowl.
“Nice porridge.”

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

St Cuthbert's more powerful than I realised

My lack of Clerical knowledge let me down again. 'True Resurection' does not cost a level of experience and as that was the boon Eolar requested, Thesis actually managed to go up a level!
So both Chen and Thesis went up a level!

Eolar: Level 12: 72,939 xp (Cleric:8/Ranger:4)
Elogyn: Level 9: 40,093 xp (Cleric:5/Paladin:4)
Durin: Level 11: 55,002 xp (Barbarian:11)
Wer: Level 11: 61,045 xp (Druid:11)
Bodush: Level 10: 49,696 xp (Sorcerer:10)
Thesis: Level 10(12): 48,806 xp (Fighter:9/Barbarian:1/Humanoid:2)
Chen: Level 10: 45,131 xp (Monk:10)

Mendez: Level 12: 76,312 xp (Ranger:5/Fighter:4/Barbarian:3)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Death and Taxes

The pudgy representitive of the Seawell chapter of the Church of St Cuthbert, gazes up at Eolar in disbelief.
“You want me to raise the Dwarf and Lizard-man Barbarians and heal the disfigured face of a priest of a rival church?”
Rifling through the treasure, he takes several choice items as payment for his services above and beyond the boon offered by the church (11,910gp worth!) and unrolls a scroll...



2 x gems (1,000gp)
6 x gems (500gp)
6 x gems (100gp)
6 x gems (50gp)
6 x gems (10gp)

Tapestry (Showing the glory of Erythnul) (600gp)
Gold Dragon statuette (1,400gp)
Silver embroided ceremonial cloth (120gp)
Golden mask of Wee Jas (1,100gp)

Pots of Stone Salve x 4 (Sale price: 2,000gp each)
Monk’s belt (Sale price: 7,500gp)
Chime of interruption (Sale price: 8,400gp)
Magic helm of? (Sale price: 2,000gp)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (1d8+5) x 12 (Sale price: 25gp each)
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+6) x 6 (Sale price: 375gp each)
Potion of Shield of Faith x 5 (Sale price: 150gp each)
Potion of Aid x 5 (Sale price: 150gp each)
Potion of Bulls strength x 6 (Sale price: 150gp each)
Potion of Owls wisdom x 3 (Sale price: 150gp each)
Potion of Water walk x 4 (Sale price: 375gp each)
Potion of Protection from energy(72) x 3 (Sale price: 375gp each)
Potion of Magic circle vs Law x 2 (Sale price: 375gp each)
Potion of Magic circle vs Good x 2 (Sale price: 375gp each)

You Only Die Twice

New Banner:

Heroically Thesis and Durin give their lives for the sake of their friends, knowing that if by some miracle the party survives they would not hesitate to resurrect their fallen comrades and hold them above their heads when they march in triumphant victory.

And so it was.

Thesis and Durin shouldn't have to buy a drink for a while!

Did you miss Me(ndez)?

Landing at the mountaintop fort, Mendez draws his scimitar at the sight of the multitude of monsters. Kobolds, Hobgoblins and Orcs all working together. It is only the beautiful lady in their midst that causes him to lower his weapon.
The Lady Lesyeux explains the whole story of his friend’s adventures and sends him on his way.
Arriving at the breathtaking Monastery, Mendez embraces his friends. He stops when he gets to the lizard-like Thesis. “Have you cut your hair?”

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Experience that comes with Living

After all that, only Chen truly went up a level. Thesis actually managed to lose one!

Eolar: Level 12: 72,939 xp (Cleric:8/Ranger:4)
Elogyn: Level 9: 40,093 xp (Cleric:5/Paladin:4)
Durin: Level 11: 55,002 xp (Barbarian:11)
Wer: Level 11: 61,045 xp (Druid:11)
Bodush: Level 10: 49,696 xp (Sorcerer:10)
Thesis: Level 9(11): 37,126 xp (Fighter:8/Barbarian:1/Humanoid:2)
Chen: Level 10: 45,131 xp (Monk:10)
Mendez: Level 12: 76,312 xp (Ranger:5/Fighter:4/Barbarian:3)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fly Hamst Air

Passing just west of Seawell, the skyship sails over the city’s outer lying farms. Even these smallholdings soon thin out until there’s nothing but open land beneath.
Before nightfall the open lands gradually transform into deep forest, filled with wild wolves an bears and by dawn the majestic mountains are in sight.
They fly over rivers and mountains until the carved, stone steps Mendez had seen on the map come into sight. Following them up for several hours, they fly over an odd plateau filled with dead bird like creatures and then finally they arrive at a battered but impressive looking fortified church at the summit of one of the mountains.
Wiping the back of his hand across his forehead, Mendez sighs. “Thank the Gods that I didn’t have to walk that!”

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going Nowhere Fast

The massive skyship makes impressive time as Mendez soars back towards Seawell.
Sending his falcon Razor ahead to the main church of St Cuthbert, he awaits a response. Two days later Razor returns with a message tethered to his leg.
“Dear Mendez, Although Eolar has left Seawell, he can hopefully be found at the church of Erythnul shown on the attached map. He is facing testing times and could probably use the help of a good swordsman.”
Looking at the map, Mendez finds himself agreeing. The church's location is high in the 'Grach el Mordak' mountain range, just shy of the ‘Forbidden lands’.
Giving orders, Sinbad the Hamster captain of the Skyship, changes direction.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kinships and Skyships

The tearful goodbyes are warm and heartfelt. Mendez has never felt closer to his family.
Finally allowing his captive sex slave, Quivira to leave his bedchamber and his Father’s mansion. Unbeknownst to her, Mendez had slipped a small but expensive selection of jewels into her purse. She will have enough to set herself up wherever she chooses to go and quite frankly she'd earned it.
Dressed in a fine new set of clothes, Mendez leads his horse and falcon aboard the Sky-ship.
“Farewell my family. I shall see you all soon.”
As he disappears below deck Mendez considers the last few weeks. Since leaving his friends he has failed to slay a single monster or kill any of the villains that plagued his family. Even stranger, he has made no profit, having given the entire contents of the cave of wonders to his siblings.
Just then Tao comes rushing in. “You forgot this Brother.” And he tosses Mendez a bulging sack.
“What’s this?” Mendez smiles in response.
“It’s the treasure you brought back from your initial trip to the bandit’s cave.
Looking inside, Mendez smile widens. This’ll keep him in brandy for a while.
With a final embrace, Tao leaves the sky-ship and Mendez’s journey to seek his friends begins.
'I wonder how they've got on without me?' he muses.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wer it all went Wrong

I’ve gone over the final few encounters in my mind and I think I now know what went wrong…
Wer’s luck didn’t just run out, it went into reverse!
Hilarious, true, but disastrous for the entire party.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I met Assif for lunch and we were talking about what would happen if everyone died.
The most interesting aspect of the conversation was if we really knew the people we were playing with.
As Mendez, I pretty much play my egocentric, cowardly, vain self, but what of everybody else?
Assif stated that Thesis is an extension of his drunken self. Slow to thought, quick to inappropriate action.
What of everyone else though? I only know the players through the game and as such, I can’t really distinguish between player and character.
Is Sven very different from the pedantic Eolar?
Is Dag not really a psychotic killer?
If we all re-roll for Dag's next adventure, will our true personalities become further muddled or made clearer?

It’s Worse than I Thought

As Mendez finishes packing he realises that, since journeying home, he’s managed to kill no one or make any money.
No matter though he thinks, Durin still owes him 4000gp!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Past Master

The old man turns his ears to the muffled, distant sounds and listens intently.
Is that the sound of combat? Could the rescue he’s been waiting patiently for these last twenty years finally be at hand?
Although not a man of faith, Ueshiba offers up a silent prayer to all the gods who oppose Erythnul.
"Please let this time of evil come to an end."

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Power of the Divine

While Thesis rages against Lord Catidsis, his mind races. His reptilian strength is massive and yet this spindly, aging Monk is able to bare handedly, smash through his defences with frightening speed and astonishing power.
It’s almost as if he were channelling Erythnul himself!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

8,9,10 and your Out

Just so we're clear, Death is at -11 HPs.
The books say otherwise, but we've made this mistake in the past and it might as well stick.
This means Eolar still has 2 rounds to save Durin.
However, in addition to Eolar probably taking an attack of opportunity from Lord Catidsis, Durin would still only be raised up to within/below his raging HP bonus. Unless given serious additional clerical aid, he'll still die after his rage has finished.
(Same goes for Thesis.)
No where to run to and all the big guns down.
See, I told you I'd kill you all eventually.

Basilisk Banner

New Banner and possibly the last for this party.
Wer and Chen turned to stone. Durin raging while unconscious. Bodush seemingly powerless. Thesis battling on vapors and even Eolar seriously injured.
Where are the side kicks?
Perhaps Wer's Goat and Eolar's cohort Elogyn might have turned the tide.
It's been fun but I can't see you getting out of this one.
Looking forward to you all proving me wrong next session.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a stones throw away

So close we are to a famous victory.
The horrid beastie vanquished but at the cost of a horse and an almost incurable case of excema.
The brave dwarf lies bleeding and the lizard will soon be a halfling.
So close, and yet so far.

Come Elogyn, your time has come!

Ode to a Horses End

Noble Asfaloth lies still and bleeding,
No more stables, no more feeding,
Rider forced to stand, heart full of remorse,
A horse. A horse, this temple cost a horse.

An Appropriate Ending

Lord Catidsis pulls off the ornate helmet and casts it aside. The Abyssal Basilisk is dead? Impossible!
Licking his lips he looks around himself. Two foes still facing him and the powerful boy sorcerer lurking behind the column. The boy is of no consequence. He has prepared himself well against the Death magic the boy wields.
The monstrous Lizard man is still standing by force of will alone and will not last much longer, but the Elf…
How fitting that this battle should finish thus. Cleric verses Cleric. Let us finally see who’s God is greater.

The Hitpoint/Status Situation

Base=81 Current=56 Total Damage=25
Currently not in immediate danger.

Base=68 Current=128 Temporary=66 Damage=6
Turned to stone in the shape of a Boar

Base=95 Current=47 Damage=48
In combat with Lord Catidsis

Base=127 Current=22 Rage Temp=22 Damage=127
5 rounds of rage left. In combat with Lord Catidsis

Base=121 Current=-8 Rage Temp=33 Damage=162
Bleeding to death (For the sake of 2 rounds of kindness, let's rule that 'Raging' stays in effect even when unconscious.)

Base=64 Current=64 Damage=0
Turned to stone at the top of the pillar

Base=49 Current=49

Thanks Assif for doing this. Now remember what I said... 'Be careful what you wish for'.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Somewhere in an at-present undisclosed, yet cool and dry location.

So this is all you need then?
Bodush glanced nervously at the hooded figure in front of him. What a stroke of luck that he recognised the landmarks in the flashes of fire during the fight outside the barn. The book had been exactly where his patron had told him, an unmarked tomb on a small hillock away from the grazing grounds. Bodush put the book down on the table in front of him and eagerly reached for the small chest next to it.
Not so fast, young sorcerer! There is still work to be done. This book is only one of the things I require. It is paramount that the cleric succeeds in cleansing the the valleys of the disciples of slaughter. We need the church of St. Cuthbert to establish a foothold there. My whole plan relies on it.

Bodush pulled back his hand, groaning. You mean I have to go back there?

The hooded figure lifted his arms, his voice falling to a whisper as he chanted in a long-dead language. Bodush felt the air around him twist and warp and suddenly he found himself back in the valley. With a sigh he took a look around getting his bearings.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Something Smells Good

Down in the monastery dungeon, a huge and hellish creature stirs and sniffs the dank air. Something’s coming.
The beast's long tongue flicks out through its massive, yellow teeth.
At last, someone good enough to eat.