Friday, May 29, 2009

Bodush and the revenge of the ethical quandaries

Well, that certainly explains a lot... The robed figure chuckled as it studied the helmet lying on its desk.

Bodush nodded. Of course, I couldn't just let them have it. Imagine the absolute disaster which could have occured if Eolar, or even worse, Elogyn got their hands on it. There is no telling what they could do if they had gotten to it before I whisked it away! Bodush suppressed a shudder. The underground chamber seemed slightly cooler than usual, and the helmet was turning into a rather strange literal interpretation of the elephant in the room.

Do they know?

There was a strange forced casual tone which Bodush hadn't heard before. The robed figure stepped away from the table, almost as if the helmet itself had some contagious, dangerous property that neither of them knew enough. Bodush reached for the helmet and lifted it up to look at it again. No, they do not. I decided that if it was kept around us, it would get used, sooner or later. And that might create....complications. Anyway, they will do fine without it. Hunting down some jumped-up paladin shouldn't cause any problems for them.

Ah...yes, the paladin, Lejon. You know, there is something I might have neglected to tell you about him......