Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going Nowhere Fast

The massive skyship makes impressive time as Mendez soars back towards Seawell.
Sending his falcon Razor ahead to the main church of St Cuthbert, he awaits a response. Two days later Razor returns with a message tethered to his leg.
“Dear Mendez, Although Eolar has left Seawell, he can hopefully be found at the church of Erythnul shown on the attached map. He is facing testing times and could probably use the help of a good swordsman.”
Looking at the map, Mendez finds himself agreeing. The church's location is high in the 'Grach el Mordak' mountain range, just shy of the ‘Forbidden lands’.
Giving orders, Sinbad the Hamster captain of the Skyship, changes direction.

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