Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Only Die Twice

New Banner:

Heroically Thesis and Durin give their lives for the sake of their friends, knowing that if by some miracle the party survives they would not hesitate to resurrect their fallen comrades and hold them above their heads when they march in triumphant victory.

And so it was.

Thesis and Durin shouldn't have to buy a drink for a while!


Hedzor said...

Durin and especially Thesis paid dearly for their sacrifice.
Although I said 'everyone did their part', you all owe a debt to Thesis. He kept on swinging when he could have run for it.
He kept on battling to ensure everyone survived even after he realised that he was dead as soon as his rage finished.
Thesis I salute you.

Charlie Stilton said...

And I scrape him up off the floor.
Ceremoniously, of course...