Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wer it all went Wrong

I’ve gone over the final few encounters in my mind and I think I now know what went wrong…
Wer’s luck didn’t just run out, it went into reverse!
Hilarious, true, but disastrous for the entire party.


Moritz Buck said...

Yeah well, it is my my fault... I would like to say that the hilarious part set aside, failing that single saving throw at a critical moment taking the giant boar with healing spells out of combat was not my best move... but thats destiny :P

Hedzor said...

Although it came as a surprise to me, Wer is the single most influential member of the party.
Able to overcome any obstacle, cast powerful destructive or healing spells and be a juggernaut in combat.
If anyone else had failed their saving roll, it wouldn't have effected the outcome. Wer's failure has probably doomed everyone.