Saturday, May 9, 2009

Basilisk Banner

New Banner and possibly the last for this party.
Wer and Chen turned to stone. Durin raging while unconscious. Bodush seemingly powerless. Thesis battling on vapors and even Eolar seriously injured.
Where are the side kicks?
Perhaps Wer's Goat and Eolar's cohort Elogyn might have turned the tide.
It's been fun but I can't see you getting out of this one.
Looking forward to you all proving me wrong next session.


Charlie Stilton said...

If only you hadn't made us leave the cannon fodder behind...

Insanodag said...

I like the petrified Wer and Chen.

It may be time to turn invisible and fly away...

Hedzor said...

The doors are shut.
(The room is 30' high though.)