Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bodush' Morning

The world is a painful place for Bodush. He is used to pain, he has endured pain, he has managed to overcome both emotional and physical pain to become who he is. Still, the pain of this morning was beyond all belief. It started before he opened his eyes. It felt as if he was on a raft in the middle of a violent storm, or tumbling into a malstrom head first. Then he opened his eyes and the bright pulses of excruciating pain coming from every single little ray of sunshine hitting his face was enough to make him groan.

What the ... did he do last night? Trying to remember brings only brief flashes, images of fun and merrymaking. Yes, there was that band of mercenaries he was talking with, a friendly bunch, heavy drinkers, though. Yes, there was that drinking contest he had with that Eastern barbarian.

And....By Boccob, No! He didn't?

Bodush scanned the room and breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Gajarpan coiled up on top of his blanket. The relief soon faded as he met the snake's angry glare. Possibly, boasting that even his tiny familiar would be able to drink the mercenary leader under the table, was not the most inspired of moves. At least Gajarpan didn't die from alcohol poisoning.

Gajarpan suddenly uncoiled and what sounded like a small cough, followed by a stream of what looked like semi-digested mouse, came out of its mouth. Bodush looked at it for a second and then suddenly felt an urge to get rid of the content of his stomach.

Kneeling over the bucket in the corner, emptying his stomach until only yellow bile was coming up, he lifted his eyes to the sky "Why Boccob, why do I have to suffer so?". Boccob, the most uncaring of gods, was not in a very talkative mood.

Slumping down on the wooden floor, Bodush saw more flashes of the night before run in review across his mind's eye. Yes, that half-orc female. Why on earth had he thought that those protruding lower tusks were so charming? There was also the magic trick involving holding a pitcher of elven mead four feet above his head and redirecting the flow into his open mouth. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Bodush crawled back into bed, hoping that some more sleep would ease the pain somehow.

Tomorrow, he would try to figure out what his friends had planned for the future.....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Experience and new abilities

Experience totals for the yesterday's adventure up the the Aranea:

Mendez: 4072 + 1380 = 5452 ( 3rd level )
Eolar: 3290 + 1380 = 4670 ( 3rd level )
Wer: 1765 + 1480 = 3245 ( 3rd level )
Telfis: 2050 + 1380 = 3430 ( 3rd level )
Kruddo: 0 + 1330 = 1330 ( 2nd level )

This effectively means that Wer and Telfis are 3rd, and Kruddo is now 2nd level. Unfortunately only Eolar and Mendez don't advance.

You can level-up while holed up in the lair.

I now have to make the next half of the adventure a little tougher, he he he !!!

The Aranea's Lair

Following a frantic few days, almost force-marched across difficult and unfamiliar terrain, the party are finally somewhere they can rest for a few short hours. Luck has been on their side this time. Coupled with astronomically better organisation, this has meant that they have defeated everything in their path without very much trouble at all.
The Aranea lies dead - strangely it stayed in it's Goblinoid form and never transformed back into its monsterous spider form - so the party believe they have just murdered a poor little goblin.

However, on cutting down the elven tracker that was pinned to the ceiling with spider web, and feeding and healing him, they learn about the true nature of the creature. That they came away unscathed is truly a miracle.

They rest for most of the day, and decide that Wer should accompany the elf back to the camp. The others will press on through the dark woodland towards the shrine. They feel very much more rested and full of spirit and enery for the task ahead ... there must have been something pretty magical in that Elven bread!

Diary of Eolar

I'm sitting here watching the flickering candles of the altar. It was a long day and the walk through the darkness of these evil woods was exhausting. The cave belonged to an aranea we killed before. We were lucky it had no chance to change to its spider form thanks to Mendez who spotted the elf hanging from the ceiling. Although these woods are depressingly dark and dangerous I feel an overwhelming divine sensation. Since we heard the news about the shrine, I can feel the power and anger of St. Cuthbert getting stronger in me the closer we get to evil. I can feel his power in the blows of my mace while fighting and the flow of divine energy while casting. The hit against the aranea almost knocked me over! I can feel he is with us and guides us on this mission!
I'm concerned what awaits us, though! The evil powers are strong in this area and getting even stronger every step we move in closer. It will need great strength to expel evil from these lands and consecrate the shrine again. I really hope Eolgyn, who stayed at the elven outpost to congregate help, is successful!
I should get the altar together as my time as guard is almost over.
May St. Cuthbert be with us!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bad news

Eolar is packing Meldos saddle bags and preparing to leave with the others. They spend some relaxing days high above ground in the treetops. It is always amazing how the elves combine usability and beauty in everything they are building!
His report for the chapter of St.Cuthbert is on it's way to Seawell. It was rather long as the current events called for a more detailed description of the situation.

The first thing Eolar reported on was of course the outcomes of the adventure and the information about Bailey and Skinner. He focused on the fraud by Skinner but omitted the identity of the gambler and reported him dead just in case Skinner had more influence than Eolar expected. This way prolonged problems for Mendez could be avoided.
He also mentioned the elven knowledge about healing. On the second day after their arrival, Eolar met the resident healer. The old elf had incredible knowledge and healing skills, some long forgotten in other parts of the world. Watching the old man practicing, Eolar was able to improve many of his own skills and learned much, which will sooner or later prove useful in battle.
He suggested to send a missionary to open a small outpost in the elven settlement to increase knowledge exchange and deepen the relationship to the elven churches and their clerics.

This would also play to the agreements he was able to negotiate. Following orders from his church authorities, Eolar contacted the local church of Corellon Larethian to discuss the course of action against the growing threat from the church of Gruumsh. Although the two churches eye each other very carefully, the rising number of followers of this chaotic-evil god in this part of the world induced them to consider collaborations.

Just as Eolar wanted to finish this report and hand it over to the waiting messenger, Eolgyn reached the outpost. To Eolar, who was just brought up to date about Gruumsh's activities in the elven realm, this new information was alarming. Although Eolgyn didn't have specific intelligence about the originator, the fact that this shrine was overrun showed the imminent danger imposed by the evil forces. He added the request for reinforcements to the report to reconquer the area around the shrine and told the church that he is on the way together with Eolgyn to gather more information about the aggressors.

Standing next to Meldo, he can see the messenger leave the outpost. They have to act fast!

Monday, November 19, 2007

An old friend, and some bad news

Mendez, now fully recovered from his ordeal, is spending time in one of the public clearings in the Elven outpost. He is talking with Eolar and Telfis when he spots an old friend rush into the square heading straight for him.

"Mendez! I tracked you down at last. Thanks be to St. Cuthbert for his guidance!"

Of course Mendez recognizes his friend immediately
"Elogyn! How long has it been? Last time I saw you we were all running from those `fierce' little Kobolds. What a long way we have come since then, old friend!"

Elogyn laughs uncomfortably and unnaturally briefly.

"What is wrong? You are not your cheery self today."

Elogyn looks straight at Eolar for a moment, and then turns back to Mendez.
"I bring bad news. It concerns your friend, Eolar too.
The shrine to our Lord St. Cuthbert at the foot of the Grach el-Bruhn mountains has been sacked. Some say it was desecrated and now evil eminates from that place.
I have to do something and I'm sure Eolar will feel the same, but I was hoping I could rely on some support from you and some of your friends ...
What I would give to have Takis and his bow here as well!"

"Well, what do you say? There might even be a little treasure to be had on the way!"

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Worst Goblin War Camp Ever!

Bailey trudges on. It’s been four days now. He ran out of food yesterday and his stomach is growling in protest.
Despite seeing signs of Goblins, he strides purposefully into the Goblin war camp. Huge sword in hand.
“Food!” he roars at the startled Goblin.
Unfortunately the Goblin is unable to understand his common tongue and a gibbering call to his clan brothers, summons three more Goblins to support him.
Bailey sighs deeply before cleaving the first one in two. Another one is killed before the Goblins realise what’s happening. The remaining two try to run but Bailey slashes one through the shoulder, separating its arm from its torso.
Only one Goblin manages to escape into the trees.
Bailey watches him flee, gazes around and gathers what food he can find.
He also discovers a canvas spread high over the fire with some strange fungus drying on it. Tasting a small portion, a smile spreads across his face.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bailey’s Realisation

Bailey jogs joyously through the wood, back towards the Goblin war camp. Despite the recent attack and the loss of his quarry, he’s never felt this happy. His friend had come to save him. His friend whose name… eludes him.
Bailey stops and a deep and worrying frown returns to his forehead. The frown turns into a grimace and Bailey thrusts his head back and screams with rage.
“Curse you Sorcerer! I’ll have my revenge on you and all that stand between us.”
Bailey draws his enormous sword; turns around and heads back to the camp. He gnashes his teeth on finding it deserted.
Without the skills to track, he can’t tell which way they headed. So scavenging what he can, he starts the long, solitary trudge back to Seawell.

Izzard the Wizard

The group gather up their belongings and take what they want from the dead. It's Thesis that stands over the small, unconscious Gnome. “What shall we do with him?”
The muscular Warrior could end the Gnomes life with just a simple stamp, but it doesn’t seem right to kill him in cold blood.
The wounded Telfis limps over. “They would have killed us without a second thought, but I can’t bring myself to kill him. Not with that toad staring up at me.”
Eolar walks forward. “Killing an already unconscious creature is never a good option. We should take him with us to the elven outpost. They can decide his fate.”
Finally the Dwarf; Durin strides over. “We should kill him, but I’ll leave it up to you.”
Eolar binds up the wounds of the tiny figure and lifts him up onto his mule. The toad croaks loudly until he is lifted up beside his master.
They travel on the next day and set up camp just one more day from the Elven outpost.
In the middle of the night, the little Gnome groans and awakens. Bodush is on guard duty. Carefully he approaches the frail figure. He’s talking but it’s too faint to hear. He moves a little closer and Izzard whispers into his ear; “Thank you for sparing my life. I wasn’t truly part of that party. They hired me to help but too late did I realise what sort of people they were. I was living in constant fear that they’d kill me as soon as look at me.”
With that the Gnome lapses back into unconsciousness.
The next day after encountering the Elven guards, you are all made welcome. The elders give orders that the Gnome be taken away and although you don't think he's been killed, you never see him again.

(You made the right choice. Izzard was the only member of Bailey’s party that wasn’t evil. It’s up to you how you explain him to the Elves and if you leave him his spell book etc.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Everyone now should have a better understanding of the basic mechanics of the game.
This means that some of us will have realised they may have made mistakes with skill/feat/class choices etc.
Anyone who wants to make minor corrections; now is the time to do it.
Talk to Assif and if he says it's OK; it's OK by me too.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rest not easy, dear adventurers ...

Those who are dead are not ever gone
They are in the darkness that grows lighter

They are in the trembling of the trees
In the moaning of the woods
In the water that runs
In the water that sleeps
They are in the hut, they are in the crowd.
The dead are not dead.
Listen to things.

Trumpeting elephants hoot
In the darkening wood
Above the cursed drums,
Black night, black night!

Fear lurks in the hut
In the smoking torch
In the orphaned river
In the weary, soulless forest
In the anxious, faded trees

Black night, black night!

extract from "Sarzan" by Birago Diop

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Experience totals. (including Pirate lighthouse adventure):

Wer: 1765xp (2nd level)

Durin: 1185xp (2nd level)

Telfis: 2050xp (2nd level)

Thesis: 3051xp (3rd level)

Bodush: 3045xp (3rd level)

Eolar: 3290xp (3rd level)

Congratulations! Everyone went up a level except for poor Wer.


From the Goblin war camp: Animal skins (total value 240 gp), Gold: 78gp, 30sp, 101cp

From the Owlbear’s victim: A complete set of ‘Half-plate’ armour, An ornate silver holy symbol of ‘Hexor’, A Morningstar of Masterworks quality, A ring worth 30gp, A small bag of gems (worth 200gp), Potion of Sanctuary, Potion of Spider climb, A scroll case one Devine spell: Meld into Stone, A scroll case with two Devine spells: Raise the Dead and Neutralise Poison.

From the Goblin revenge squad: A pouch containing 17 doses of dried mushroom powder. +4hps –2Wisdom for one hour. (2 doses within a 24 hour period requires a saving roll vs 10 or unconscious for four hours.)

Evil Party:
Baileys Backpack contained 4 rations, a waterskin, a bedroll and a blanket.

Ancona’s corpse and backpack contaned: Short sword, Short bow, Leather armour, Small wooden shield' Arrows x10, Backpack, 2x rations, a waterskin, a bedroll, a blanket. Gold: 21gp
Posion weapon oil Save vs 10 or poisoned for 1 additional damge then 1 every 12 hours until saved or dead. (4 doses left)

Reeves’ corpse and backpack: Short sword, Light cross bow, Daggers x4, Leather armour, Bolts x10, Backpack, 2 rations, a waterskin, a bedroll. a blanket. Gold: 42gp

Mortimer’s corpse and backpack: Short sword, Light cross bow, Daggers x4, Leather armour, Bolts x10, Backpack, 2 rations, a blanket. Gold: 43gp

The still living Izzard’s backpack: Daggers, Robes, Backpack, 2 rations, a waterskin, a bedroll, a blanket, A spell book. Gold: 12gp Assorted spell components.

Mendez: A bag a fine quality gems worth: 1025gp and a ‘magic’ ring!

The Elven outpost

There’s no way they can go back to Seawell with Mendez in tow. Also, considering that he’s given the group the bag of gems and ‘magical ring’, there seems little incentive.
Keeping an eye open for the murderous Bailey, the adventurers make their way towards to Elven outpost.
It takes them a further two days, but thanks to the ‘found’ rations and the Boar meat, they don’t go hungry.
As they enter the Elves domain, the trees become denser. There is a chill in the air as the sunlight is filtered from above.
Suddenly two elves step out in front of you. They have their swords drawn but don’t look as if they’re about to attack. Telfis instinctively looks up. Sure enough he sees two more Elves with arrows pointing directly at them from platforms halfway up the trees.
“What do you want?”, the lead Elf barks.
Bodush steps forward and explains that they have come only to rest and mean no harm.
The Elves seem to accept this and escort the group to the Elven treetop outpost. It’s simple by elven standards, built more for it’s serviceability than beauty and yet it retains the graceful proportions only Elves ever seem to manage.
Only Eolar and Durin seem uncomfortable here, but they soon realise that they are both welcome.
You rest here for over a week. You’re given private rooms, good food to eat and warm, dry clothes. Your recoveries are swift.

Catching their Breath

Eolar looks around. He finds the sudden silence after the frenzied battle soothing. Taking a deep breath he tries to assess the situation.
Mendez was the ‘cheating’ gambler they’d been pursuing all this time! Despite his own injuries he examines Mendez’s wounds. They’re serious. So serious that Eolar is surprised Mendez is still conscious. A whispered prayer to St Cuthbert helps a little.
Everyone is present in the camp except Budush. He had cast some sort of charm on the freakishly large and ugly human warrior and led him away from the camp. Eolar prays that the Sorcerer’s enchantment holds until Bodush can get away.
His next thought is for the injury prone Thesis but amazingly the muscular warrior’s without a scratch! In fact Eolar himself seems the most ‘scuffed’ by the battle.
Telfis wanders around examining the bodies of their fallen opponents. The psycho woman Ranger; Ancona is rigid in death with her face locked in an expression of hatred. The two thieves Reeves and Mortimer are merely limp and pale but the Gnome Illusionist; Izzard is still breathing. Telfis’ attention is drawn to a fat and warty toad sitting on top of the small gnomes chest. It’s watery eyes and downcast mouth seem to say, ‘Don’t kill me/him.’ The gnome seems stable but a quick knife thrust would be enough to finish him off.
Thesis is amazed and slightly disappointed not to have been injured. In fact he’s annoyed that he had missed the majority of the battle and glares jealously at the Dwarf Durin.
Durin feeling a little uncomfortable under Thesis’ gaze, takes the time to go through the backpacks left around the fire. Not much of use; a few rations some small amount of money. Still it’s better than nothing.
After about an hour Bodush re-enters the camp. “I’ve managed to lose Bailey, but I don’t know what he’ll do when he overcomes my enchantment. We should leave as soon as possible!”
Just then there’s a thump as Telfis collapses to the floor. The invigorating effects of the dried mushrooms have worn off and Telfis suddenly realises his injuries. He’s been badly hurt but hadn’t noticed until now.
Eolar rushes over of with his last prayer stablises the brave little thief.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Short Goodbye

Wer is standing beside her huge dog as the sun rises slowly from behind the mountains. Although she’s been awake for hours, she stretches and yawns. She’s about to rouse the others when a small movement in the distance catches her eye.
It’s only a bird. A small bird, but it’s heading straight towards her. Despite it’s tiny size, Wer instinctively ducks.
It flutters past her and alights less than a foot away. It’s just a small brown Wren. Completely harmless.
Wer is about to turn away when the little bird starts to twitter in an agitated state. Again Wer looks and this time she notices a message tethered to the birds leg. Carefully she removes the note and reads the tiny, scratchy writing. Wer instantly recognises the handwriting.
It’s a summons from her former mentor; the wise woman of her Halfling clan.
Whatever the reason, it must be important. Wer springs astride Masena and shouts to her fellows, “Something terrible has happened. I’ll return as soon as I’m able.” And with that she’s gone.
The others look blearily at each other. “What did she say?” mumbles Telfis groggily.