Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Experience and new abilities

Experience totals for the yesterday's adventure up the the Aranea:

Mendez: 4072 + 1380 = 5452 ( 3rd level )
Eolar: 3290 + 1380 = 4670 ( 3rd level )
Wer: 1765 + 1480 = 3245 ( 3rd level )
Telfis: 2050 + 1380 = 3430 ( 3rd level )
Kruddo: 0 + 1330 = 1330 ( 2nd level )

This effectively means that Wer and Telfis are 3rd, and Kruddo is now 2nd level. Unfortunately only Eolar and Mendez don't advance.

You can level-up while holed up in the lair.

I now have to make the next half of the adventure a little tougher, he he he !!!


Joebroesel said...

How come Mendez has so much more experience than me? Just wondering as I was there in all adventures now and I thought while DMing the character gets the average?
Was just a bit surprised :-)

RoboGeek said...

Not the average, but an agreed amount depending on his current level.
It means that he is not tied in to how well/badly we play.
We did play particularly slowly last time out, hence the lower XP you/I got as compared to Mendez.
Also remember he misses out on all Magic that is available in the dungeon to the players!

Hedzor said...

I've only got 782xp more than you.
That's just 4 orcs!

Joebroesel said...

Ah, I was just confused as I thought it's an average. And judging by Mendez' archering skills, the higher experience pays off ;-)