Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Aranea's Lair

Following a frantic few days, almost force-marched across difficult and unfamiliar terrain, the party are finally somewhere they can rest for a few short hours. Luck has been on their side this time. Coupled with astronomically better organisation, this has meant that they have defeated everything in their path without very much trouble at all.
The Aranea lies dead - strangely it stayed in it's Goblinoid form and never transformed back into its monsterous spider form - so the party believe they have just murdered a poor little goblin.

However, on cutting down the elven tracker that was pinned to the ceiling with spider web, and feeding and healing him, they learn about the true nature of the creature. That they came away unscathed is truly a miracle.

They rest for most of the day, and decide that Wer should accompany the elf back to the camp. The others will press on through the dark woodland towards the shrine. They feel very much more rested and full of spirit and enery for the task ahead ... there must have been something pretty magical in that Elven bread!


Hedzor said...

Now we know why the halfling's called 'Where?'.
Also; what bread?

RoboGeek said...

The "Wholemeal Bread of Leveling-Up" that you and Eolar didn't eat!