Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Short Goodbye

Wer is standing beside her huge dog as the sun rises slowly from behind the mountains. Although she’s been awake for hours, she stretches and yawns. She’s about to rouse the others when a small movement in the distance catches her eye.
It’s only a bird. A small bird, but it’s heading straight towards her. Despite it’s tiny size, Wer instinctively ducks.
It flutters past her and alights less than a foot away. It’s just a small brown Wren. Completely harmless.
Wer is about to turn away when the little bird starts to twitter in an agitated state. Again Wer looks and this time she notices a message tethered to the birds leg. Carefully she removes the note and reads the tiny, scratchy writing. Wer instantly recognises the handwriting.
It’s a summons from her former mentor; the wise woman of her Halfling clan.
Whatever the reason, it must be important. Wer springs astride Masena and shouts to her fellows, “Something terrible has happened. I’ll return as soon as I’m able.” And with that she’s gone.
The others look blearily at each other. “What did she say?” mumbles Telfis groggily.


RoboGeek said...

Much more interesting than my attempt at writing Wer out for a short while!

Hedzor said...

What was your attempt?

RoboGeek said...

Actually, it was on an email to you.
It went along the lines of - Wer goes off scouting and doesn't come back!