Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Diary of Eolar

I'm sitting here watching the flickering candles of the altar. It was a long day and the walk through the darkness of these evil woods was exhausting. The cave belonged to an aranea we killed before. We were lucky it had no chance to change to its spider form thanks to Mendez who spotted the elf hanging from the ceiling. Although these woods are depressingly dark and dangerous I feel an overwhelming divine sensation. Since we heard the news about the shrine, I can feel the power and anger of St. Cuthbert getting stronger in me the closer we get to evil. I can feel his power in the blows of my mace while fighting and the flow of divine energy while casting. The hit against the aranea almost knocked me over! I can feel he is with us and guides us on this mission!
I'm concerned what awaits us, though! The evil powers are strong in this area and getting even stronger every step we move in closer. It will need great strength to expel evil from these lands and consecrate the shrine again. I really hope Eolgyn, who stayed at the elven outpost to congregate help, is successful!
I should get the altar together as my time as guard is almost over.
May St. Cuthbert be with us!


Joebroesel said...

Forgot to mention that Eolar had a nice dream where he was travelling the lands known as Eolar "Oger-slasher" :-D

Hedzor said...

Next: Favoured enemy: Giants?

Joebroesel said...

Next favoured enemy: Any that need a good smite! ;-)