Wednesday, November 7, 2007


From the Goblin war camp: Animal skins (total value 240 gp), Gold: 78gp, 30sp, 101cp

From the Owlbear’s victim: A complete set of ‘Half-plate’ armour, An ornate silver holy symbol of ‘Hexor’, A Morningstar of Masterworks quality, A ring worth 30gp, A small bag of gems (worth 200gp), Potion of Sanctuary, Potion of Spider climb, A scroll case one Devine spell: Meld into Stone, A scroll case with two Devine spells: Raise the Dead and Neutralise Poison.

From the Goblin revenge squad: A pouch containing 17 doses of dried mushroom powder. +4hps –2Wisdom for one hour. (2 doses within a 24 hour period requires a saving roll vs 10 or unconscious for four hours.)

Evil Party:
Baileys Backpack contained 4 rations, a waterskin, a bedroll and a blanket.

Ancona’s corpse and backpack contaned: Short sword, Short bow, Leather armour, Small wooden shield' Arrows x10, Backpack, 2x rations, a waterskin, a bedroll, a blanket. Gold: 21gp
Posion weapon oil Save vs 10 or poisoned for 1 additional damge then 1 every 12 hours until saved or dead. (4 doses left)

Reeves’ corpse and backpack: Short sword, Light cross bow, Daggers x4, Leather armour, Bolts x10, Backpack, 2 rations, a waterskin, a bedroll. a blanket. Gold: 42gp

Mortimer’s corpse and backpack: Short sword, Light cross bow, Daggers x4, Leather armour, Bolts x10, Backpack, 2 rations, a blanket. Gold: 43gp

The still living Izzard’s backpack: Daggers, Robes, Backpack, 2 rations, a waterskin, a bedroll, a blanket, A spell book. Gold: 12gp Assorted spell components.

Mendez: A bag a fine quality gems worth: 1025gp and a ‘magic’ ring!


Joebroesel said...

Didn't the evil cleric also carry a silken rope? At least I wrote down that I took one from him :)

Hedzor said...

Sure; why not, but only 50 feet.

Hedzor said...

Also; did you let Izzard live?
Did you bring him with you?
Did you just leave him for the forest creatures?

RoboGeek said...

Sven also mentioned that - it is a good question.
We will have to make a group decision on that one. I think we have 2 choices 1) Let him live and leave him there (with just enough to survive) 2) Bring him with us to the Elven outpost (what we do with him there is another question).

I think leaving him to die or killing him in cold blood is just too cruel for our party alignment. Also, we are not going back to Seawell just to take him back to justice.

I will put all this on an email too ...