Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Catching their Breath

Eolar looks around. He finds the sudden silence after the frenzied battle soothing. Taking a deep breath he tries to assess the situation.
Mendez was the ‘cheating’ gambler they’d been pursuing all this time! Despite his own injuries he examines Mendez’s wounds. They’re serious. So serious that Eolar is surprised Mendez is still conscious. A whispered prayer to St Cuthbert helps a little.
Everyone is present in the camp except Budush. He had cast some sort of charm on the freakishly large and ugly human warrior and led him away from the camp. Eolar prays that the Sorcerer’s enchantment holds until Bodush can get away.
His next thought is for the injury prone Thesis but amazingly the muscular warrior’s without a scratch! In fact Eolar himself seems the most ‘scuffed’ by the battle.
Telfis wanders around examining the bodies of their fallen opponents. The psycho woman Ranger; Ancona is rigid in death with her face locked in an expression of hatred. The two thieves Reeves and Mortimer are merely limp and pale but the Gnome Illusionist; Izzard is still breathing. Telfis’ attention is drawn to a fat and warty toad sitting on top of the small gnomes chest. It’s watery eyes and downcast mouth seem to say, ‘Don’t kill me/him.’ The gnome seems stable but a quick knife thrust would be enough to finish him off.
Thesis is amazed and slightly disappointed not to have been injured. In fact he’s annoyed that he had missed the majority of the battle and glares jealously at the Dwarf Durin.
Durin feeling a little uncomfortable under Thesis’ gaze, takes the time to go through the backpacks left around the fire. Not much of use; a few rations some small amount of money. Still it’s better than nothing.
After about an hour Bodush re-enters the camp. “I’ve managed to lose Bailey, but I don’t know what he’ll do when he overcomes my enchantment. We should leave as soon as possible!”
Just then there’s a thump as Telfis collapses to the floor. The invigorating effects of the dried mushrooms have worn off and Telfis suddenly realises his injuries. He’s been badly hurt but hadn’t noticed until now.
Eolar rushes over of with his last prayer stablises the brave little thief.

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Hedzor said...

So does the Gnome live or die?