Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bad news

Eolar is packing Meldos saddle bags and preparing to leave with the others. They spend some relaxing days high above ground in the treetops. It is always amazing how the elves combine usability and beauty in everything they are building!
His report for the chapter of St.Cuthbert is on it's way to Seawell. It was rather long as the current events called for a more detailed description of the situation.

The first thing Eolar reported on was of course the outcomes of the adventure and the information about Bailey and Skinner. He focused on the fraud by Skinner but omitted the identity of the gambler and reported him dead just in case Skinner had more influence than Eolar expected. This way prolonged problems for Mendez could be avoided.
He also mentioned the elven knowledge about healing. On the second day after their arrival, Eolar met the resident healer. The old elf had incredible knowledge and healing skills, some long forgotten in other parts of the world. Watching the old man practicing, Eolar was able to improve many of his own skills and learned much, which will sooner or later prove useful in battle.
He suggested to send a missionary to open a small outpost in the elven settlement to increase knowledge exchange and deepen the relationship to the elven churches and their clerics.

This would also play to the agreements he was able to negotiate. Following orders from his church authorities, Eolar contacted the local church of Corellon Larethian to discuss the course of action against the growing threat from the church of Gruumsh. Although the two churches eye each other very carefully, the rising number of followers of this chaotic-evil god in this part of the world induced them to consider collaborations.

Just as Eolar wanted to finish this report and hand it over to the waiting messenger, Eolgyn reached the outpost. To Eolar, who was just brought up to date about Gruumsh's activities in the elven realm, this new information was alarming. Although Eolgyn didn't have specific intelligence about the originator, the fact that this shrine was overrun showed the imminent danger imposed by the evil forces. He added the request for reinforcements to the report to reconquer the area around the shrine and told the church that he is on the way together with Eolgyn to gather more information about the aggressors.

Standing next to Meldo, he can see the messenger leave the outpost. They have to act fast!


Hedzor said...

Thank you my friend.

Joebroesel said...

Although I don't believe that you are totally innocent, there are more important things to do than fighting off henchmen of Skinner! Gambling itself should be forbidden by law

Hedzor said...

Is gambling bad?
Also, I may be many things, but I'm not a cheat and I'm a little hurt by the accusation.

Joebroesel said...

Gambling always leads to fraud, problems and other "unlawful" things, so I can't really support it. Looking at a lawful and ordered society, gambling definitely is a counter force.
As for you, I don't think you cheated him, but I can easily imagine you doing things that facilitate problems in such company. :)

Hedzor said...

But gambling is a lawful pursuit in Seawell so you should support it!
Also: Lawful Neutral?
How pedantic can you be?

RoboGeek said...

From St. Cuthbert's description and the fact that his categories are Law, Protection and Strength, I would suggest his followers are closer to Mafia than Bhuddists.
Which should mean that you should protect all people who are acting lawfully, even though it might not be "Good".
The law is the law !
Maybe a bit more Judge Dread than Mother Theresa. SO, I would see you initially siding on the side of Skinner, not Mendez - Skinner is part of the law in Seawell, not Mendez.

Never mix up Law with Good - always a common D&D mistake !!