Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Hundred Years of Hate

His teammates dead and his family shamed, Mendez headed back to Gon Dulat to face his responsibility and to kill the Dragon.
During the journey he bribed, bought and recruited as many men and monsters as he could find.
The most powerful of these were the lightening resistant, flesh golems bought from the insane Derros.
Unfortunately the battle against the ancient Blue Dragon and his followers was as futile as it was brutal.
Hundreds died and Mendez was dragged wounded and unconscious from the slaughter.
Realising that there was nothing more he could do, Mendez made his way back to the orphanage at Redford and the warm embrace of Etta.
Once there, Mendez quickly bought the Mayor ship and used his gold to buy off and then pay the Pit-fiend’s tax collectors.
When the Pit-fiend was driven out, Mendez continued to pay the taxes for the entire town to the Dragon.
He and Etta had many children together, as well as looking after all the orphans.
Mendez taught them all to fight and when he died, he passed on the responsibility of looking after the town to his eldest son.
Years passed until eventually, as was bound to happen, Mendez’ gold ran out.
The town was soon devastated and the population that could, moved away.
The teenage Vogir, grandson on Mendez, travelled to the nearest ‘free’ town: Highmarsh.
There he spent his time brooding and planning on how he would complete his grandfather’s quest.