Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heart of Gold

Mendez looks wistfully at the pretty rings. The ring of protection, the ring of anti-venom and the ring of Petty vengeance all seem to be calling out to him but…
His eyes keep flicking to the ring of shocking blows. A finely wrought electrum ring with diamonds spaced evenly all around the band.
Beautiful, although that’s not the reason for Mendez’s indecision.
Yesterday, the oddly unworldly Monk; Chen had come to him. He too had seen this ring and had asked to borrow some gold in order to purchase it.
Seven thousand gold pieces!
To loan him this much would mean the other rings would be beyond his grasp.
With a deep sigh, Mendez retracts his offer for the ring of protection and heads off to find Chen.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good friend Mendez

Eventually, Chen is able to rejoin his comrades - though he still seems perplexed at the recent upheaval in Seawell. He peruses what the magician's have to offer, with a certain amount of disdain for the materialistic nature of things. Later, he waits until Mendez is alone, and then approaches him.

"Mendez - I am glad to have found you all again. I would talk with you a while... My meditation has been long and troubled, but I feel I have reached understanding. I will admit that, at first, I did feel that our close brush with death in Seawell was mostly your fault - you agreed to take on the job of rescuing the girl on our behalf."

"Eventually, though, I came to realise that you were as much a pawn as were the rest of us. You did not know that the girl had allowed herself to be taken hostage, or that she was part of a greater plot. You could not have known of the sorceror behind the nefarious affair. I should not have doubted that your intention to save the girl was noble, and I would extend to you my most sincere apologies."

"This understanding was reached whilst I was still in Seawell - before we reached these Magician's and their trinkets. I wish you to know that the favour I will now ask of you has not affected my mentality - that you have my genuine apologies should you choose to aid me, or no."

"As you know I have little need of the adornments that other men find so captivating, yet one of the Magician's baubles has caught my eye for it's usefulness. I speak of the Ring of Shocking Blows, which would surely compliment my combative style. Unfortunately, I find myself short - by about half - of the coin they require... I could barter with Murlynd's Spoon, I know, but think this artifact could be a boon for the group at some point. Knowing you to be a man of affluence I had hoped you may be able to help in this matter, with a small loan? I would, of course, pay you back in full as soon as is possible - but in the meantime you may be satisfied to know that you have helped the collective."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There is something cooking!

Eolar came back to his room.
The day before, he was searching amongst the stalls, until he finally got all the ingredients he needed. He had studied the books in the church library in Seawell and had talked to some of the senior clerics and as there was nothing to do but wait, he had thought it was the prefect time to start experimenting.
He had gotten the vials out and carefully had mixed them together whilst reciting the corresponding parts of the spell. Every now and then he had had to wait for the fluids to mix or the part of the spell to take effect. After the spell had finished he carefully had put the cork on the vial and had to leave it over night.
Fine!Now was the time to see if it worked! He took the vial and looked at it suspiciously. Everything looked fine. It had the perfect colour and the correct viscosity. After opening it, he took a smell. Fine! Finally he took a small sip and immediately could feel the positive energy running through his body. It had worked! And aside from the time it took, it wasn't too difficult. All the studying had paid off! His first home-brewed cure serious wounds potion!

Game Info: Eolar can now brew potions with all spells from the clerics list. Standard prices are:
1st Level: 50 gp
2nd Level: 300 gp
3rd Level: 750 gp
It takes one day to brew a potion and Eolar has to spend a small amout of XP depending on the spell. Prices may vary depending on material component. Let me know what you need and we'll see!

The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

A mounted figure, broad-shouldered but slightly buckled; a dark and blurry contrast against the haze of dawn's first light. Mount and rider stand motionless; alone the steady clouds of respiration break the eerie stillness of the scene. On the inside the Duke trembles. Inside he always trembles. He can't say any longer what emotion underlies these tremors. The years have blurred the boundary between rage and sorrow. It had been fifteen years since he had made his dreadful decision. Fifteen long years and he was a different man now. An older man, a harder man perhaps. He should have killed this scum of a man there and then. Maybe things would have been different. Maybe his life and his marriage would not have been poisoned without the perpetual stain of his existence. Maybe he could have truly learned to love his wife after that; and with time she could have stopped despising him. Maybe, but now it was too late. Things were how they were; His soul seemed dead, rotten from the inside. And he could feel his life time draining out of his aching limbs, quickly and relentlessly.

The Duke struggles to unclench his jaw and fists and opens his eyes. If someone could see those eyes now they would startle at their empty stare.

Then, through the mist, a second figure resolves itself into the galloping shape of the Duke's son. The silence shatters as the young nobleman charges at his father with a shrill cry of triumph. The Duke looks up and awakes from his dark reverie. He sees his son and a faint glimmer comes back into the hollow of his gaze. The old Duke straightens his shoulders. His son. He is all he has left, the Duke knows. His heir, his legacy and the honor of his House. They have poisoned and ruined his own life, but here it must end. Looking at the exulted grin of his son coming closer and holding the spoils of the hunt, the Duke makes a vow to himself. Long enough had he remained inactive. When he died, the truth which had haunted him for the last fifteen years and now threatened to dishonor his line must die with him. Maybe it was time to end this.

In a small dark cell, a world away from the bustling festivities above ground, the figure of a man paces through the lazily dancing shadows of two candles. The man looks gaunt but his posture is upright. His face a is grimace of anxious anticipation, the man trembles. He could not have described his feelings since the midget had magically appeared in his cell the previous evening, evidently sent by his woman Mari and promised to give him back his freedom. For fifteen years he had prayed to every god that would listen to get back what was stolen from him by that bastard the Duke. He had taken his woman, his freedom and eventually, as time had passed mercilessly, his life. How he despised the man. There had been times when he wished the Duke had killed him instead of letting him rot in this hole. But now the time for despair was over. Events had finally been set in motion. The time for revenge was near. Oh how sweet this revenge would be. For fifteen years he vainly longed for the moment that seemed within his grasp now. He would finally take back what was rightfully his and the accursed duke would pay. It was time to end this.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here comes the Magic Show!

On the first day of the great Tournament and with great ballyhoo come the wizards. Even though their robes have seen better days and their pointy hats are tattered, they are an awesome sight. The group had been expecting some merchants strolling through the woods selling minor magic and trashy trumpery. It soon becomes clear though that these gentlemen mean business. And surely it makes sense to have real wizards accompany those wares if only to defend this display of highly precious merchandise. Bodush leads the group through the hastily erected stalls. After some time of aimless browsing this is the list he comes up with:

bastard sword +3 (18,335 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
bastard sword +3 (18,335 gp)
dagger +3 (18,302 gp)
dwarven waraxe +3 (18,330 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
heavy crossbow +2 (lawful) (32,350 gp)
heavy mace +3 (Disarming) (50,312 gp)
javelin +3 (18,301 gp)
Judgement Hammer (64,315 gp)
kama +3 (18,302 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
light flail +3 (18,308 gp)
longsword +4 (32,315 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
mighty composite longbow (+2 Str bonus) +3 (18,600 gp)
mighty composite longbow (+3 Str bonus) +3 (18,700 gp)
morningstar +3 (18,308 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
scimitar +3 (18,315 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
screaming bolt (257 gp)
shatterspike (4,315 gp)
trident +4 (bane of monstrous humanoid(s)) (72,315 gp)
bastard sword +3 (18,335 gp)
dagger +2 (8,302 gp)
gauntlet +2 (8,302 gp)
greataxe +2 (8,320 gp)
greataxe +3 (18,320 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
greatclub +3 (18,305 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
greatsword +3 (18,350 gp)
heavy mace +2 (8,312 gp)
heavy mace +2 (8,312 gp)
heavy mace +3 (18,312 gp)
kama +1 (2,302 gp)
light crossbow +1 (seeking) (8,335 gp)
longbow +2 (anarchic) (icy burst) (72,375 gp)
longsword +3 (18,315 gp)
nunchaku +2 (shock) (18,302 gp)
orc double axe +1 (2,660 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
quarterstaff +2 (8,600 gp)
siangham +3 (18,303 gp)
sling +2 (shocking burst) (32,300 gp)
30 arrow +4 (32,330 gp)
bastard sword +4 (frost) (50,335 gp)
composite shortbow +3 (18,375 gp)
dwarven waraxe +3 (holy) (50,330 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
life-drinker (40,320 gp)
light mace +3 (ghost touch) (32,305 gp)
- sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
longbow +3 (18,375 gp)
luck blade (142,960 gp)
mace of smiting (75,312 gp)

Magic Animal Ring (7,050 gp)
Purple Dragon Ring (2,125 gp)
Purple Dragon Ring (2,125 gp)
ring of Antivenom (6,750 gp)
ring of Bone (7,000 gp)
ring of Defense +1 (4,000 gp)
ring of Demonic Control (10,000 gp)
ring of Demonic Obedience (25,000 gp)
ring of holy spells (25,000 gp)
ring of invisibility (20,000 gp)
ring of Madriel's Blessing (55,600 gp)
ring of Might (4,000 gp)
ring of Might (4,000 gp)
ring of Petty Vengeance (500 gp)
ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)
ring of shocking blows (13,000 gp)
ring of the ram (16 charges) (2,752 gp)
ring of True Sacrifice (168,000 gp)
ring of wizardry II (40,000 gp)
ring of x-ray vision (25,000 gp)

chain shirt +1 (1,250 gp)
darkwood buckler (205 gp)
full plate +2 (5,650 gp)
full plate +2 (shadow, improved) (20,650 gp)
full plate +3 (10,650 gp)
full plate +3 (invulnerability) (37,650 gp)
hide armor +2 (shadow, improved) (19,165 gp)
large steel shield +1 (1,170 gp)
large steel shield +1 (moderate fortification, animated) (36,170 gp)
large steel shield +1 (spell resistance (15)) (16,170 gp)
large steel shield +2 (electricity resistance) (22,170 gp)
large steel shield +3 (9,170 gp)
large steel shield +4 (ghost touch) (49,170 gp)
mithral large shield (1,020 gp)
mithril shirt (1,100 gp)
scale mail +4 (silent moves, fire resistance) (37,950 gp)
studded leather armor +4 (shadow) (19,925 gp)
tower shield +2 (4,180 gp)

potion of blur (300 gp)
potion of blur (300 gp)
potion of cat's grace (300 gp)
potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
potion of darkness (300 gp)
potion of darkvision (300 gp)
potion of displacement (750 gp)
potion of eagle's splendor (300 gp)
potion of enlarge person (250 gp)
potion of flame arrow (750 gp)
potion of haste (750 gp)
potion of heroism (750 gp)
potion of heroism (750 gp)
potion of levitate (300 gp)
potion of owl's wisdom (300 gp)
potion of owl's wisdom (300 gp)
potion of remove paralysis (300 gp)

Contagion (l3, cl5) (32 charges) (7,200 gp)
Eagle's Splendour (l2, cl3) (36 charges) (3,240 gp)
False Life (l3, cl5) (6 charges) (1,350 gp)
Invisibility (l2, cl3) (6 charges) (540 gp)
Lightning Bolt (l3, cl5) (33 charges) (7,425 gp)
Major Image (l3, cl5) (12 charges) (2,700 gp)
Mirror Image (l2, cl3) (19 charges) (1,710 gp)
Owl's Wisdom (l2, cl3) (39 charges) (3,510 gp)
Slow (l3, cl5) (4 charges) (900 gp)
Web (l2, cl3) (45 charges) (4,050 gp)

Happy bidding!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Overconfidence Banner

New banner, new funny comment from Assif.
Mendez wasn't really smiling though.
His survival was more down to the Damsel in distress then his own abilities.
Being healed while fighting is definitely the way forward!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Price of Overconfidence

On seeing the obvious damsel in distress, Mendez rushed to her defence.
Without the Dwarves or Thesis for support, the dashing swashbuckler was forced to rely on his own blade. Still, surely no woodland thugs could stand up to him?
Ouchy again!
Sweet Ehlonna!
Thank the Gods for the healing hands of his would be rescuee.
Only after Elogyn had been left mortally wounded on a runaway horse and Mendez had lost a hundred and eighteen hit points were the party able to claim victory.

Mendez and Elogyn were a tiny bit cocky and were taught a painful lesson.
Thank goodness for grateful, non skittish, attractive lady Bard Cougars and Druid Monkeys!

A Gift and a Stranger

Eolar met Elogyn on the way to the stables. "Eolar, some stranger left something at the stables for me. Please come and look!". They entered the stables and both gasped for breath. The horse the stable-lad pointed to was one of the most beautiful and powerful horses Elogyn had ever seen. It looked like the horses on the pictures. The ones with heroes on top of it!
She slowly walked over to the horse which examined her advertently. Except for the white blaze, it was shimmering black. Eolar looked unbelievingly at the horse "I thought they are extinct by now. This race is very old and many believe they are the root of all modern breeds. There are many tales about their longevity and strength. Boy, who was the stranger who left it? Describe him!"
"He looked old and almost royal. He wore expensive shiny armour and I would say he was a paladin, but I didn't recognise the church insignia engraved on his breastplate. And he knew our high priest who met him before he left. He left a note for mylady."
"This is Hasufel. She was a loyal companion to me and a friend over many years. My days on this plane are counted so I pass her on to you. She will follow you through every battle and will carry you whereever you want. Treat her well and she will be a loyal companion on your new path.
"Who is he? And what new path is he speaking about?"
"That is something I have to talk to you later. He led me to a room underneath the church and told me his name is Ozul of Alan-Gareth and I have the feeling I know him, but don't know where from. I have to think about a few things and I think it's best we talk about it later. I can tell you the whole story then."
She looked at the horse again. Hasufel watched her expectantly. She was beautiful and Elogyn didn't know why she deserved that. "I'll have to meditate. I'll meet you later!"

Eolar and the stable-lad watched her leave. "I have to find out who Ozul is!". He looked at the stable-lad who shrugged his shoulders and went back to his duties. Only now could Eolar feel another presence. He looked around, but nobody was here. He walked down the boxes. The feeling grew stronger and he finally ended up in front of a closed horse box. As he wanted to open it the stable-lad came running and shouted "Don't open this box, it's dangerous!" Eolar stopped and looked at him rather sursprised "Dangerous?"
"That's the box with the new one. He is dangerous and we have to keep him seperated. He already injured two of the lads who tried to feed him." Eolar looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Where is he from?" "We don't know, he appeared two days ago in front of the main gate. As soon as we opened the door, it ambled in and went into this box itself! Since then he appears to be waiting for something. he's a young but very powerful grey horse. Very beautiful but nobody can get near him."
Eolar felt the presence behind the door but it didn't feel dangerous. It was as if he could read it's mind and share it's thoughts. "I can't tell you why, but it will be fine" He opened the door and the horse was looking at him. Eolar held out his hand and it slowly came closer and finally touched the hand with it's nostrils. The stable-lad held his breath. He was hiding behind the door and couldn't believe it. "Be careful, he is evil!" he wispered.
"His name is Asfaloth and he's far from being evil."
"How do you know??"
"I don't know, I just knew his name and I can feel a connection to him. It is strange...."
"It's like that with the druids, they can talk to the animals!"
"But I'm no druid! Did somebody already claim him? If not, I would like to take him with me!"
"So far everybody tried to get away from him. The equerry said we should throw him out, but nobody managed to get him out of the box."
Eolar walked down the aisle with Asfaloth calmy following. It was a if they knew each other the whole life. "Tell the equerry, I'll take care of him. He won't injure anyone anymore. If there should be problems, let me know!"
"As you wish, but I don't think that's a good idea! He just plays games with you before he attacks you!"
"Let that be my problem. Here are 10 gold pieces. You are responsible for his well-being from now on. Don't be scared, he won't attack you. He found what he came for!"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The call

It was still raining outside. The riots in the streets had died done a while ago, mostly because people don't enjoy riots as much when they get wet. Elogyn was staring out the window without looking at anything in particular. She was still upset after her conversation with Eolar.
After all the things she saw since they traveled together, Elogyn questioned the views of her mentor more and more, but this was the strongest argument they had so far. As much as she respects him as mentor, she just can't share his view that good or evil are insignificant and only law and tradition should influence ones decisions. For her, the evil forces have to be destroyed to keep order in a society and ensure lawful behaviour.
With every bit of evil she encountered lately, the stronger became the wish to fight it. She was angry and restless. What could she do?

She was still staring out the window when a ghostly hand appeared in front of her. She almost fell of the chair, got up and looked at the transparent shape in front of her. It was beckoning her to follow it towards the door. She knew the spell but wasn't sure who had sent the hand. Putting on her cloak, she followed the hand into the corridor. After a few turns and one flight of stairs down, they entered the oldest part of the church's basement. She had never seen these parts before and was carefully looking around. The hand approached an old oak door and suddenly vanished into thin air. She tried to open the door, it wasn't locked. Carefully, she opened it and looked around. She was standing in a medium sized room with colourful tapestries at the walls, some racks with old weapons and armour and a small altar in the middle. Nobody was there.

She looked around. The items all had small plaques with names. She knew some of the names from her history lessons. They belonged to mighty paladins who gave their lives to defend the church. The tapestries showed battle scenes were paladins of St.Cuthbert were fighting evil armies. Why would the hand guide her here? She opened the scroll that was lying on the altar. It contained the oath of the paladins and Elogyn read it in awe:
I vow on my life, word, and sword, to uphold the laws of my church and the code of the paladin. I will defend those who are in need as well as those who have my protection; I will conduct myself with compassion, valor, and truth at all times. I do not seek gain nor glory for myself, for it is my alliance who will reward me when the battle is done. These duties I take up willingly, in my church's name, Amen.
If only she could be that strong. She admired their strength and willpower to give their live for the cause and their beliefs.
"In your heart you are a paladin. You are one of us! All you have to do is to believe in it!" She spun around from where the voice came from. A body in shiny armour appeared out of nowhere surrounded by a celestial glow. She had a feeling she knew the paladin but couldn't remember his name. "Who are you and why did you guide me here?"
"My name is Ozul of Alan-Gareth. The hand was guiding your body here, but your heart was already here. This is the room of the paladins of St.Cuthbert. And you are here because you belong here!"
"But I'm not a paladin! I'm not strong enough and I'm not trained to fight!"
"You can feel the path that was laid out for you, you are just too afraid to embark on it"
"But I don't know how!"
"Being a paladin is nothing one can learn. You already are a paladin, all you have to do is starting to act like one! I was following your actions a long time now and I'll be there to guide you on your way, but you have to decide to become what you were born to be!"
The shape of the old paladin vanished as he spoke the last words, leaving Elogyn alone in the room. "But how can I do that?......What do I have to do?"
No answer. She looked around again. She was no paladin. She'd learned what it meant to be a paladin, but all the great heroes were so much better than her.
'...become what you were born to be'. The words of the visitation still echoed in her head. She went to the scroll again and read the oath one more time, silently forming the words with her mouth. Deep down, she knewthere was only one decision. But where to start?
A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts. One of the stable-lads was standing in the door, looking anxiously at her. "Mylady? I was sent here to lead you to the stables"
"Who sent you?"
"I don't know who he was, but he left something for you that you should look at!"

As they had left the room two voices appeared.
"You did what?? You left Hasufel for her?"
"I'm getting too old, Toalden. Soon I will stay in the celestial realm forever. She needed a push in the right direction and needs somebody to guide her"
"And you want to guide her?"
"Nothing happens without reason and we both knew she'll hear the call one day when we first met her. She became stronger since and I get weaker every day. Guiding her will be my last quest"
"Some kind of legacy? She couldn't wish for a better guide! Or a better horse for that matter"
"Hasufel will serve her well as she did for me all these years. The girl has what it takes to become a great paladin! What kind of paladin would she be without a great horse?"
"You are right! Come on old fool, let's go over to the pub, and drink on that! The first round is on me!"
And with that the room went quiet again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bodush and Son

And so to the mighty sorcerer a child was born. Bodush; master of orcs, slayer of dragons, scourge of demons. In guises invisible, inscrutable and inebriated he strikes fear into the heart of enemies and friends alike. Yet never before has he faced a more stern challenge. Can he cast a spell that will allow him to have a full nights sleep? We shall see!

The boy to be named Karsten will surely be a great sorcerer too - he has already cast a spell on his unsuspecting parents!