Friday, August 22, 2008

A Gift and a Stranger

Eolar met Elogyn on the way to the stables. "Eolar, some stranger left something at the stables for me. Please come and look!". They entered the stables and both gasped for breath. The horse the stable-lad pointed to was one of the most beautiful and powerful horses Elogyn had ever seen. It looked like the horses on the pictures. The ones with heroes on top of it!
She slowly walked over to the horse which examined her advertently. Except for the white blaze, it was shimmering black. Eolar looked unbelievingly at the horse "I thought they are extinct by now. This race is very old and many believe they are the root of all modern breeds. There are many tales about their longevity and strength. Boy, who was the stranger who left it? Describe him!"
"He looked old and almost royal. He wore expensive shiny armour and I would say he was a paladin, but I didn't recognise the church insignia engraved on his breastplate. And he knew our high priest who met him before he left. He left a note for mylady."
"This is Hasufel. She was a loyal companion to me and a friend over many years. My days on this plane are counted so I pass her on to you. She will follow you through every battle and will carry you whereever you want. Treat her well and she will be a loyal companion on your new path.
"Who is he? And what new path is he speaking about?"
"That is something I have to talk to you later. He led me to a room underneath the church and told me his name is Ozul of Alan-Gareth and I have the feeling I know him, but don't know where from. I have to think about a few things and I think it's best we talk about it later. I can tell you the whole story then."
She looked at the horse again. Hasufel watched her expectantly. She was beautiful and Elogyn didn't know why she deserved that. "I'll have to meditate. I'll meet you later!"

Eolar and the stable-lad watched her leave. "I have to find out who Ozul is!". He looked at the stable-lad who shrugged his shoulders and went back to his duties. Only now could Eolar feel another presence. He looked around, but nobody was here. He walked down the boxes. The feeling grew stronger and he finally ended up in front of a closed horse box. As he wanted to open it the stable-lad came running and shouted "Don't open this box, it's dangerous!" Eolar stopped and looked at him rather sursprised "Dangerous?"
"That's the box with the new one. He is dangerous and we have to keep him seperated. He already injured two of the lads who tried to feed him." Eolar looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Where is he from?" "We don't know, he appeared two days ago in front of the main gate. As soon as we opened the door, it ambled in and went into this box itself! Since then he appears to be waiting for something. he's a young but very powerful grey horse. Very beautiful but nobody can get near him."
Eolar felt the presence behind the door but it didn't feel dangerous. It was as if he could read it's mind and share it's thoughts. "I can't tell you why, but it will be fine" He opened the door and the horse was looking at him. Eolar held out his hand and it slowly came closer and finally touched the hand with it's nostrils. The stable-lad held his breath. He was hiding behind the door and couldn't believe it. "Be careful, he is evil!" he wispered.
"His name is Asfaloth and he's far from being evil."
"How do you know??"
"I don't know, I just knew his name and I can feel a connection to him. It is strange...."
"It's like that with the druids, they can talk to the animals!"
"But I'm no druid! Did somebody already claim him? If not, I would like to take him with me!"
"So far everybody tried to get away from him. The equerry said we should throw him out, but nobody managed to get him out of the box."
Eolar walked down the aisle with Asfaloth calmy following. It was a if they knew each other the whole life. "Tell the equerry, I'll take care of him. He won't injure anyone anymore. If there should be problems, let me know!"
"As you wish, but I don't think that's a good idea! He just plays games with you before he attacks you!"
"Let that be my problem. Here are 10 gold pieces. You are responsible for his well-being from now on. Don't be scared, he won't attack you. He found what he came for!"


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Cynan said...

is there by any chance a third horse appearing out of nowhere? =) a shadow horse maybe?

Joebroesel said...

Telfis sits around for days near the front gate, just in case another of these horses appears. He even gathered some grass and herbs to attract them if they appear. After 5 days, he gives up. Disappointed.

Joebroesel said...

The horse gave up standing in front of him for 3 days. Seems that his shadow abilities are getting better.

Cynan said...

lol. duh!