Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There is something cooking!

Eolar came back to his room.
The day before, he was searching amongst the stalls, until he finally got all the ingredients he needed. He had studied the books in the church library in Seawell and had talked to some of the senior clerics and as there was nothing to do but wait, he had thought it was the prefect time to start experimenting.
He had gotten the vials out and carefully had mixed them together whilst reciting the corresponding parts of the spell. Every now and then he had had to wait for the fluids to mix or the part of the spell to take effect. After the spell had finished he carefully had put the cork on the vial and had to leave it over night.
Fine!Now was the time to see if it worked! He took the vial and looked at it suspiciously. Everything looked fine. It had the perfect colour and the correct viscosity. After opening it, he took a smell. Fine! Finally he took a small sip and immediately could feel the positive energy running through his body. It had worked! And aside from the time it took, it wasn't too difficult. All the studying had paid off! His first home-brewed cure serious wounds potion!

Game Info: Eolar can now brew potions with all spells from the clerics list. Standard prices are:
1st Level: 50 gp
2nd Level: 300 gp
3rd Level: 750 gp
It takes one day to brew a potion and Eolar has to spend a small amout of XP depending on the spell. Prices may vary depending on material component. Let me know what you need and we'll see!


Hedzor said...

Why would I go anywhere else?
I'll take two of your best healing potions please.
1,500gp and a big thank you hug.

Joebroesel said...

Ok, you can have the one I just finished, the next one you can have in one day. Pleasure to help!