Monday, June 29, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Lady Lesyeux stares at her reflection for the hundredth time that day. “Incredible.” she whispers, also for the hundredth time.
Many changes have been made to the mountain top fortress. The walls have been repaired, gone are all signs of Wee Jas and Erythnul and in their place, shining symbols of Pelor. Even the secret tunnel linking the fort to the monastery has been rediscovered and cleared.
The massive Oak tree created by Chen has been given thought and movement by the Druidess Wer and now stands guard against aggressors as well as offering shade for the mixed people of the fort.
Lady Lesyeux catches Ortos’ massive face in the mirror and is startled out of her musings.
“I’m sorry my Lady.” Ortos’ voice is both gentle and rough. “I didn’t mean to startle you. I know my form is horrendous.”
Lady Lesyeux turns and smiles. “I see only goodness. Won’t you stay while I organise my duties?”
Ortos looks a little puzzled. “Do you not want to return home now you are whole once more? I have already asked for volunteers to escort you.”
Now it’s Lady Lesyeux’ turn to look puzzled. “Why would I leave? Everything I desire is here.”
With that she rises to her feet and walks over to the towering Bugbear. “I love you Ortos and now I finally have lips to show you.”

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Understanding Alignments

With thanks to Dag.

Eolar take note.

The World of FISSA

Scott asked me if our adventures were based in the worlds of Greyhawk or the Forgotten realms. I had no idea, but it did remind me that our world is still unnamed.
As a roundabout (backwards) tribute to our founder let’s call it ‘Fissa’.
After all, it's Assif's world; we only live in it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New banner: Whose side are we on anyway?

A new banner and a reminder of the "traitor" and his pretty henchman that we coolly defeated last time out. Particularly coolly when it comes to Eolar!

I say traitor, but who can really say who is right and who is wrong? My money is on the corruption of the Febril St. Cuthberites - especially since Lejon is a paladin. The appearance of the kobold ships only confuses matters - were they defending Lejon, or were they attacking both of us?

Anyway, since we were sensible enough to keep Lejon alive, we may find out yet.

A typically machiavellian adventure from Dag!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fleet of Foot vs Fleet of Ships

The Kobold ships are bearing down upon them and time is (apparently) of the essence.
Springing over the deck of Lejon's burning wreak, Mendez quickly makes his way back to the stricken 'Tequila Sunrise'.
Shouting to the sailors to grab what supplies they can and run over the ruined ships to the 'Pride of St Cuthbert', Mendez retrieves his precious arrows and magical scimitars.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The rewards of righteousness(or experience)

Eolar: Level 12: 77,589 xp (Cleric:8/Ranger:4) : So close, yet so far away

Elogyn: Level 10: 46,135 xp (Cleric:5/Paladin:4):New level

Durin: Level 11: 60,044 xp (Barbarian:11): Holding Steady

Wer: Level 12: 67,087xp (Druid:11) :Be afraid, be very level

Bodush: Level 11: 55,981 xp (Sorcerer:10):Stabbing orc dancing girls works!

Thesis: Level 10(12): 54,848 xp (Fighter:9/Barbarian:1/Humanoid:2)So close

Chen: Level 10: 51,172 xp (Monk:10) Holding still

Mendez: Level 13: 82,455 xp (Ranger:6/Fighter:4/Barbarian:3) Holding still

I wonder what Elogyn actually learned from this?

Lucky at cards!

Bodush drew a a deep breath from the mouthpiece of the water pipe as he leant back against the silk cushions, his eyes adjusting to the dark, smoke-filled room. It was good to be back in Seawell, he thought as he let his gaze linger on the dancer undulating in front of the crowd. Her muscular, simian arms moved as her gold-plated talons weaved patterns of reflected torchlight, her olive-green skin glistening with scented oils. Bodush smiled as he watched her throw back her head, seemingly lost in the seductive music, her ragged spiky hair bobbing slightly with the movement. He lazily waved her over, opening up his full purse. As she leant in closer to him, he got a better look at her face. The spiral mother-of-pearl inlays along her tusks glistened as her face sneered into an almost human sneer. Still, she would not be a beauty by orc standards. Her features were too soft, too weak. She would just be another tribeswoman out there in the wilds. Here, on the other hand, she was a sensation. Pretty enough for a young merchant to take an interest, dangerous enough to be bragged about later…

Bodush reached into his purse and got out a few platinum pieces, he for one, had been entertained. He almost did not see the blade that she had hidden between her flowing silks before it was too late.

Her bestial howl pierced through the music, human words failing her as she roared out her anger in broken orcish. “Pup-killer, Elf-friend, Backstabber!” Bodush jumped aside, his lips already forming words of power as glowing bolts of pure force flew towards the dancer.

Her broken body fell to the ground. Bodush looked down, smiling calmly as he spoke the last words she would ever hear, inaudible to the panicked crowd even if they had been able to speak orcish.

Bodush straightened himself up and threw a few coins at the man behind the bar on his way out by way of apology for the mess he had made.

Looking at the note from Szandor, he realised he would have to make his way to Febril immediately.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Children of Time

Krakataos looked solemnly at the departing ship from his command post. The emblems of St. Cuthbert on its sails were slowly disappearing beneath the horizon. The meeting had been... interesting, as interesting as any discussion with a mon-keigh could get. Sometimes he wondered why Hryx found them so fascinating... A base and short-lived race, ruled only by the demands of their oh-so primitive mammal brains. Bound by their instincts of lust, fear and anger, he had met only one that he considered an equal, and his ship was disappearing in the distance. Strange that a mon-keigh could have such discipline and ruthlessness...

Although, he had to concede, these adventurers had managed to survive the assassins he had sent, so they might provide some sport for his marines if they came across them. The thought of battle invigorated him as he shouted out orders to his crew. The sails were raised and oars extended as the ship turned southwards towards the archipelago.

It was good to be the captain....

Disarmed and barefoot, Captain Ironheart is languishing below decks. All thoughts of escape have been dashed after all her attempts have been dashed. Picking her manacles with a hairpin would have worked, but unfortunately the b*st*rd Vidar had not only spotted her, but also easily stopped her in her tracks as he had her surrounded. Still, all is not lost. It seems that these St. Cuthbertian lunatics are chasing one of their own. She is not the only one who has heard the rumours of the renegade captain, but she is almost certain that the burning wreckage she came across last week must have been his handiwork. Her crew had even picked up a survivor.

While letting her crew torture the poor sailor to death with drops of burning tar seemed like a good idea at the time, and certainly was great for morale, having gotten some more intelligence from him would probably be better now. What was it he was shouting about? And what had caused those wounds on him when they found him.?

Still, she is the only one that would be able to direct the party back to the waters she found the drifting ship. Perhaps she could survive the gallows this time. As the cleric approaches she smiles her most ingratiating smile, her crooked mouth grinning up at Eolar.

"You know, Cleric, I might have a wee proposal for ye...."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Revised Treasure

Before splitting the crew, Mendez looks joyfully at (the beautiful but evil) Iron Heart's magical bounty.
Although he has no need for the Scimitars, he takes them anyway. “They’ll make good presents for two of my brothers.”.
The boots however, stretch impossibly as he pulls them onto his feet. “These though are all mine!”
Counting out his gems, he can’t quite make his sums balance so he gives a fraction extra and adds it to the still undivided treasure.
1 x Fiery yellow Corundum:1000gp (each)
11 x Fire Opal: 1000gp (each)
11 x Emerald: 500 gp (each)
1 x Star Ruby: 1500gp
1 x Blue Saphires: 950gp (each)
1 x Moss Opals: 906gp (each)
1 x Demantoid: 118gp
1 x Chrystolite: 50gp (each)
This is in addition to her ship, which is worth about 10000 (depending on the buyer).
And the:
8000 gp
400 pp
Assorted Gems worth approximately 3000 gp
Also various trade goods:
Spices and nichitine leaves (So Wer will have an ample supply). Their worth is approximately 5000 gp, but they may be hard to shift.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not on my Yacht!

Transferring all the pirates from the captured ‘Iron Sunrise’ to Eolar’s ship, the ‘Pride of St Cuthbert’, Mendez feels the knot in his stomach unravelling.
The pirate prisoners are Eolar’s problem now.
Taking the minimum crew able to effectively pilot the ship, Wer, Chen and Mendez drop back from Eolar, Elogyn, Thesis and Durin.
Keeping Eolar’s ship in sight, Mendez watches Wer contentedly puffing on her pipe and Chen in quiet meditation.
Finally Mendez’ jaw relaxes.


You find:

Two Scimitars.

Durin knows firsthand the effects of it and can testify that they are:
+1 Scimitar of Shocking burst (9157 gp)
+1 Scimitar of Icy burst (9157 gp)

Boots of Striding and Springing (2750 gp)

Her ship, which is worth about 10000(depending on the buyer) contains:
8000 gp
400 pp
gems worth appx 3000 gp

Also various trade goods, spices and nichitine leaves(So Wer will have an ample supply). Their worth is appx 5000 gp, but they may be hard to shift.

EDITED: The resale price of Magic items is half that of it's original sale price.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Q & A not T & A

After his frustrating conversation with Eolar, Mendez starts to think about their current predicament.
Who were those scary ninja Kobolds?
Why did they so specifically attack the party?
How did they know who we were, what we were planning and where we were?
Also, how did they get into the St Cuthbertian inner sanctum?
Are they somehow connected to the traitorous Lejon and his Sorceress wife?
If so, they knew what we were doing and if that’s true, they can easily avoid us while at sea and prepare for us at their base?
Mendez is no good at long-term strategy but he feels his friends must prepare themselves for a cunning and powerful enemy.
From what he learned of his friends last adventure, charging in will probably prove to be just as disastrous.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What shall we do with the Beaten Pirates?

Grinding his teeth, Mendez watches precious food and water being given to the prisoners. For the last few days he’s argued with Chen about what should be done with them. Death, in Mendez’ opinion, seems a fair punishment, but Chen advocates leniency.
Over the last year Mendez has come to like the Monk and even understand some of his philosophies, but their views on this won’t mesh. If the party let them live, they become culpable in any crime the surviving villains perpetrate. Any innocent killed, any life ruined. Chen had argued that perhaps some of the pirates may have been coerced…
Unclencing his jaw, Mendez clambers to his feet and walks to Eolar (Cleric of St Cuthbert, the God of Retribution)’s cabin.
“Eolar, can you ask Elogyn to distinguish between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ pirates? I suggest we make the ‘evil’ pirates walk the plank but offer employment to those who are merely misguided. The misguided ones would probably appreciate your wise council and possibly help us to sail their old ship?”
Looking at the ship’s captain and the leader of this mission, Mendez awaits Eolar’s response.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Banner - Pirates!

More than a year has passed and many adventures had since the intrepid group last encountered pirates. They were running a racket down on the peninsula accross from Seawell, but out of their ship and down on their luck but they still were a respectable challenge.

Now the tables are turned. Ship to ship combat is where these rogues excel. Fast and furious on deck fighting, skilled manouvering and quick swordwork - all of these the pirates excel at.

But our adventurers are not the same green-backed troup as before. Thesis and Durin are intimidating fighters, Mendez has the awesome archery abilities of a god, Chen moves and like a super-charged Ninja on speed, Wer is a master of the elements and animals and Eolar leads with the conviction of one who knows he is right.

No indeed, the pirates had better watch out!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Can't Touch This

Chen takes the bracers from Thesis and fastens the clasps around his arms. A mild tingling sensation quickly passes.

"Hit me!"

Thesis aims high - for the face - but his fist whistles through the empty space that the monk's head no longer occupies.


A stomach punch, aimed to wind the monk, is easily deflected by Chen's enhanced open-palm block.

"Once more!"

Thesis pours his thunderous strength into the next blow - but Chen is too fast. He pirouettes, spinning around and behind Thesis, the point of his Sai against the base of the large lizard's spine.

The two part, and both smile.
Chen bows.

"Friend Thesis, these will be most useful - I thank you."

And with that he reaches for a pouch secreted in his robes, and throws it to Thesis.
The lizard's grin widens.

Two Arrowheads are better than one

Mendez grips his beautiful new bow firmly and attempts for the umpteenth time to notch two arrows simultaneously.
He wonders again at the amazingly cheap price Szandor had requested. It nags at him and he feels somehow obligated.
Mendez hates the idea of being in debt.
Ruefully he looks across the deck at Eolar. The Elven priest had saved his life early on in their friendship and in return Mendez had helped him whenever asked since then. Still, St Cuthbert had proven to be an indifferent taskmaster.
Sighing, Mendez turns his attention back towards the rough target less than ten feet away and releases both arrows...

(Mendez learns 'Manyshot'.)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rolling up the sleeves

Eolar stood at the bow of the ship and looked at the vast ocean in front of him. They had left Febril behind them the day before and he finally had some time to think again. He was exhausted. The work in the valley had taken its toll. But it was worth every drop of sweat. While the wind blowed gently into his face, memories came to his mind.....

After they had defeated Catidsis things had happened fast. The arrival of the high priest Togal-Ra, the resurrection of his friends, the regeneration of Lady Lesyeux face. Togal-Ra agreed to hallow the place and attach a detect evil spell to the spell. Eolar wanted the monastery to be a place where evil should not get a foothold ever again. It was the day after the emissary of the church had left when Lady Lesyeux came to see him in his quarters in the top floor. She had cried when she saw her face again the day before and came to thank Eolar for what he had done for her. They looked out over the valley. "Have you decided what your plans are now that the source of evil is gone?" She looked at him and Eolar thought for a while. "The offer to share the mountain fort and now the monastery still stands. But since you are rightful owner of the fort, the decision is yours. As I understand you would prefer to stay up on the hill?"
"I am truly thankful for what you did for me but although I'm again who I was before, others of our group were not that lucky."
"I'm sorry that I couldn't do more for the orcs and others that weren't raised into their old bodies"
"They are all grateful to be alive again and can live now in peace. What I want to say is that they would prefer not to be subjected to the stares of some of the villagers."
"I can understand that. Nonetheless, I hope we can work hand in hand to rebuild this village. We both know how important law and order are for a society. Your strategy to bring villagers together by forcing them to wear grey proved to be successful and I will adopt it for the monastery. I already sent messengers to the leaders of the black and white part to discuss terms for a ceasefire. And although I think I have the trust and support of Oolf it might turn out to be difficult to get the black leader to the table. The rift goes deep and it will take time to unite the valley once again. If you agree I would like to propose a monthly council consisting of representatives of both villages and both churches."
"I admire your optimism. The only reason I can see for the black general to attend would be to kill Oolf. But you are right, we have to try. The killing has to end. You have my consent."
"Thank you. I already set things in motion in case the black leader turns out to be unwilling to attend. Elogyn and some followers are on their way to open alternative paths."
The priest of Pelor raised an eyebrow.
"Well, I'm returning to the mountain. Let me know if you manage to get them together."
"You and your followers are always welcome here. Before you leave, I have one request: Please grant me access to the library I found in your basement. Learning the secrets in these books might be very useful."
"I agree. Feel free to explore the wisdom and secrets the chambers in the mountain hold. May our cooperation be fruitful. Good day, Eolar"

A seagull brought Eolar back from his memories. For a few seconds it floated next to the ship and then turned away and disappeared behind the flying jib next to Eolar. A small white dot on the horizon straight ahead caught his attention. "Ship ahoy!"

We are sailing, we are sailing, across the water, across the sea

Chen looked out from his station on the crows nest. He felt like he'd found his sea legs, but he still didn't feel especially competent with his role in charge of the rigging. He hoped that they would be able to settle any encounter peacefully. At that moment, Wer returned with news of a fire on the horizon. In closing, they realised a notorious priate ship - so much for a peaceful solution.


After the battle, Chen is relieved at the outcome. It could have gone horrible wrong if not for the accuracy of Mendez' bow. Chen felt that he had not acquitted himself well in charge of the rigging - though also noticed his friends in similar difficulties. He acknowledged the importance of keeping manoeveurs simple, and the impact that having the captain's support can have. They must keep this in mind in future encounters.

He was pleased, however, with how he had acted in the boarding action. His ability to deliver a flurry of blows had been particularly effective against the pirate crew, though this was mostly due to his friends' combatative abilities having been limited in this environment as opposed to him excelling.

The encounter with the Kobolds had shown him how useful his unarmed and unarmoured combat style can be. His friends' accounts had highlighted their dependence on weaponry and suits of armour, while he had been able to kill the first Kobold before it even attacked. He had also noticed the impact of his new magic items - the belt and the periapt - on his martial prowess. He can't wait to try Thesis' bracers to discover if they help further as he suspects they might.

Keeping the freshly liberated pirate ship seems to be a good idea, but it will need to be cleaned. It might also provide him with a way, albeit temporarily, to distance himself somewhat from the church of St Cuthbert. He will have to ask Mendez and Wer if they will have him aboard...

Keeping Track of your Money

We seem to be getting rich enough not to worry about buying expensive items but are you keeping proper records of your spending?
Everyone please make a note of all their gold and gems on a comment below. (Not personal jewellery etc.)
I’ll go first.


It seems as if Mendez' practice of his core skill set(run, shoot, run some more) paid off.

Eolar: Level 12: 73,989 xp (Cleric:8/Ranger:4) :
Elogyn: Level 9: 42,535 xp (Cleric:5/Paladin:4):
Durin: Level 11: 57,444 xp (Barbarian:11):
Wer: Level 11: 63,487xp (Druid:11)
Bodush: Level 10: 52,381 xp (Sorcerer:10)
Thesis: Level 10(12): 51,248 xp (Fighter:9/Barbarian:1/Humanoid:2)
Chen: Level 10: 47,57
2 xp (Monk:10)
Mendez: Level 13: 78,755 xp (Ranger:6/Fighter:4/Barbarian:3) Gained a level!

(EDIT: Eolar has spent 1392 on wondrous items: periapt of wisdom +4, stone of alarm, strand of prayer beads (lesser) and a horn of goodness. XP deducted)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Painting the town Red

Mendez, Thesis and Chen find themselves, after a rather wet night, in the remarkably upscale Red Harvest, a drinking den popular with merchants plying the waters of the Furnace Coast. While Chen finds himself listening to the ramblings of a drunken merchant pummeling him with endless and tedious facts and figures of his burgeoning trade empire and how he is going to turn his local trade in a continental operation.  Thesis and Mendez, decide to waste a rather impressive amount of gold at the feet of the two dancing girls, the sisters Hamia and Chandra Dashiella.  Apparently the toast of the the harbour quarter of Febril, they seem to have quite a large throng of on-lookers looking to open negotiations over their virtue for the night.

Amazingly enough, Mendez and Thesis find themselves stumbling to the girls' apartment towards the end of the night. Sharing a meal and some drinks, they chat and exchange stories. The girls tell of their childhood in the south, before they had to flee as local nobles started squabbling amongst themselves, forcing people of their lands as armies of mercenaries rampaged across the countryside.  While dancing is not the best of jobs, it does offer the possibility of catching a rich merchant's eye.

Night Swimming

The small ship sped away from the Furnace coast, its black sails and hull making it almost invisible on a overcast night like this. Its Captain was standing on the aft deck, his eyes still fixed on the small boat that they were leaving behind. Already it was disappearing from view as its crew were making for Febril.

The captain offered up a prayer to the Dark Queen for the crew they were leaving behind. They were volunteers. They knew they would most certainly die, they knew that no ship could wait for them this close to the Furnace Coast, but still they volunteered. He knew they weren't...real people...not like him, but he had to respect their bravery and dedication to their queen.

Looking one final time at the shimmering lights of Febril in the distance, the captain wondered if this city, these humans, would ever understand what was going to happen to them.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Magnaminous Magnificence

The hunt for magical items was more hazardous than expected. While the cut-purses and robbers in the market district were more than enough to deal with, the absolute audacity of the so called 'magic' merchants in the marketplace was much more detrimental to the wealth of the party. While some of their potions and scrolls were possibly real, most of their wares seem to be forgeries and counterfeits. 

Finally after, haggling, shouting and menacing stares from Thesis and Durin, the party learns of Szandor Antonius the Magnificent, a rather eccentric Wizard living in the most affluent part of the city. While not throwing parties and entertaining the nobility of Febril, he is known for receiving adventurers with goods to sell and buy, and seems to derive most of his income through this trade in curiosities. If anything, the fact that he gets return business is a sign of some trustworthiness. 
Arriving at the mansion, the party is greeted by a stunning young woman, who introduces herself as " Szandor Antonius the Magnificent's Chief Chamberlain". She tells the party that 'His Magnificence' is waiting for them in his reception room and is expecting them. The party is then escorted through the occasionally running into more of His Magnificence' servants, which are  all looking very similar to his chamberlain. 

At first, Durin thinks that they might be twins, but then he is forced to consider the possibility of triplets. However, the appearance of a fourth servants rapidly exhausts his vocabulary, and he comforts himself with the fact that Dwarves don't get many children anyway, and twins are completely unheard of and so there is no need for him to even know the term. It's not like he is one of those fast breeders, like kobolds, orcs or ...well, humans.
They are finally escorted into a hall, sumptuously decorated with elaborate tapestries hanging from the walls, their gold and silver threads reflecting the rays of the afternoon sun from the vast skylight above. Standing at the far end of the hall is a middle-aged portly, man. His head is completely shaven, and his grey eyebrows form a rather odd contrast with the jet-black goatee he is stroking in a suitably sagely manner.

Aaah, I have been expecting you. I think that I might some items that might interest you. 

He points to an oak table on which there are laid out a seemingly random array of items. Moving over he to it, he picks up a finely crafted bow which he shows Mendez, grinning.

Your reputation as a bowman precedes you, Sir. I have here a finely crafted bow, made by Elvish  craftsmen of the lost city of Sarnath, may its glory shine again. I will not bore men like you with the minutia of my business, so suffice to say, I am extending a generous offer to such champions of St. Cuthbert as the rumours say you are. 
 I am willing to part with this for a price of 2000gp.
((Composite Long Bow +1 for 18 Strength))

He then picks up a small pearl hanging from a chain and waves it in front of Chen. 

And for you, I have this Periapt of Wisdom. The pearl, as you can see, was handpicked by Aquatic Elves and it was enchanted by a high-ranking cleric of Sashelas. It is yours for a mere 3000 gp. ((Periapt of Wisdom +2))

A smirk appears on his face as he turns to Thesis.

Well my friend, it would appear that you are in need of some additional protection. If stories about your recent exploits are true. I have here a small trinket that may help to protect you from your own foolhardiness. 

He opens his palm to reveal a ring forged from adamantium. 
It brings luck, wards off the blows of your foes and may be the wisest investment your ever make.

I will not bore you with haggling, since an impatient warrior like yourself would prove a danger to my furnishings if things get a bit heated. So I will give it to you for 6000 gp. Not at all an unfair price would you say?((Ring of Protection +2))

Something is Rotten in the State of St Cuthbert

After the torture of the St Cuthbert navy training, Mendez heads back with Eolar to the dormitories.
“We may be at sea for several weeks or more. Enjoy your meditating, I’m hitting the town.”
Whether it’s the claustrophobic feeling of the well ordered but stifling, city within a city or just the fear of the up coming adventure, Mendez feels unsure about his grim faced patrons. Something feels wrong.
The unfortunate Thesis has asked Mendez to help negotiate for certain items. Febril is a cosmopolitan city but a large, green skinned Lizard-man would still be an unusual sight. Mendez himself is still having trouble adjusting to his friend’s transformation.
Storing his armour, sword and bow and taking only a dagger for protection, he leaves all his possessions behind with Eolar in the church buildings.
He collects Thesis and Chen before leaving the compound. Durin and Wer are welcome to come along but seem to have disappeared.
The three friends travel from market to market looking for their own specific desires. Mendez is looking for a bow.
A composite longbow.
A composite longbow for a man as strong as the athletic Mendez.
A magical composite longbow for a man as strong as the athletic Mendez.
Although he’s prepared to pay well over the odds for it, he doesn’t feel optimistic. Still he searches on. Magical arrows would also be useful… And a magical buckler?
(Magical (+1) composite longbow for strength 18 = 2,800gp)
After everyone’s either found what they were looking for or given up, they head back to the compound to drop off their supplies.
Then whispering his suspicions to the other two, they head back out to spend their last night in a ‘Lap dancing’ bar.
They are all still unarmed, though Mendez is confident that his friends can take care of themselves (and him) even without weapons.
Mendez takes only 300gp out with him though. (Just in case).
He spends the money freely, buying drinks for anyone who catches his eye or shares a joke with him.
Pretending to be far drunker than he really is, he asks the reluctant Chen to stay until any sign of danger has passed.
After that, Mendez endeavours to go home with one or more of the exotic ‘dancing’ girls.
He will also try to wake up in time for the morning tide?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stone Cold Sober

Chen uses the afternoon to peruse the market places to see what is on offer. Knowing that they'll spend the next few days, or even weeks, upon the ocean he's thought of some interesting kit that might help along the way.

Once his purchases are made, he stores them back at the lodgings offered by St Cuthbert before joining Mendez and Thesis. He gratefully accepts Mendez' offer of a drink, and reciprocates in kind, but no wine, mead, or beer pass his lips. Indeed, he remains the very image of sobriety amongst his raucous friends. At a respectful moment - before the party becomes too loud and brash - he retires back to his quarters to meditate and pack his bag for the upcoming adventure.

It was good to listen to Mendez again - as ever he is full of new and outlandish stories, many of which are enough to redden the monk's cheeks! He also realizes that he enjoys Thesis' company more than he expected. Though he finds Thesis' plan to stay with a 'woman of the night' somewhat distasteful, the warrior seems to be even bolder and just as selfless as the monk himself.

He pens another message home. He describes at length, and with disgust, at what another - less enlightened - monk can be capable of. He sees it as a stern warning that The Balance within his home monastery must be preserved, and states as much in clear ink. He smiles. He is becoming more confident, less meek, as he learns more of life. He writes down what he can recall of Harpies - viscious, evil flying women who sing so sweetly - and Basilisks - strange eight legged beasts which can turn flesh to stone in a glance.

He tries to describe the sensation of being petrified and realises that he can't! As a statue he saw nothing, heard nothing, knew nothing. He effectivly ceased to exist. Instead he describes the strange feeling of being returned to the land of the living. The strange creeping feeling of sensation returned; the slow re-awakening of one's mind as if from the deepest slumber; the bizarre cognition that no time had passed - that in what seemed like the blink of an eye, Durin and the Basilisk had been killed, Catidsis had dropped to the floor, and Thesis had been bloodied beyond recognition.

Feeling uncomfortable he turns his writing to more arcane matters. The helm that Catidsis wore, that Bodush had taken such an interest in. He describes it in detail, hoping that the monastery's library will shed some light on its purpose. He also mentions the gong that had sounded so loudly and confused his magical friends.

He ties the letter to the pigeon's leg and wishes it "All Gods' Speed".
He returns to the bed, where he falls somewhat uncomfortably asleep, one arm cradling his new belt that had somehow been neglected from his letter...

Young, gifted and green

"Well, I don't feel nearly as bad as I would have thought considering that I was electrocuted a number of times, fell 60 foot and had myself cut to pieces." Thesis mused as he was lying on a particularly soft matress supposedly stuffed with the downy fur from the belly of some exotic cat like creature. "And I think my head has cleared up a bit too - I was thinking all lizard-like back then for a while"

"Those clerics can't be so bad after all - they have worked some kind of miracle in raising me from the dead. "


Although Thesis could never think it, being from the wrong time, realm and universe, the words "We can rebuild him" might come to mind. He is in fact better, faster, more intelligent, stronger, and considerably better looking than ever before.

Thesis is now 10th level with 2 bonus humanoid levels. He used his extra attribute point to regain one of his lost intelligence points and now he can Whirlwind like a giant Moulinex Mixer on speed :)

They want you, They want you, They want you as a new recruit

The long trek to Seawell was nothing compared to this. Having thought that their problems were over after the stern Admiral Flaertes had left them in the hands of the  down-to-earth First Mate Olaf. They couldn't be more wrong. Even the hardiest of the adventurers struggled with the hauling, the climbing, the endless drills and the hot baking sun over Febril Harbour.  The running of this ship was going to be hard work!

Still, Olaf was good company, a veritable encyclopedia about the archipelagos off the furnace coast, and his rather outlandish drinking stories during the all too few breaks were a source of great amusement. 

Less amusing was the company of Vidar, the sergeant in charge of the Marines, a rather quiet man, who only seemed to open his mouth when berating one of his underlings, he nonetheless seemed capable at his job.

The two exhausting days of training  that followed was worth it, though. Being able to actually maneuvre the ship in position to open fire at an anchored dingy seemed a greater achievement than what it actually was. 

The party decided to spend the afternoon sampling the delights of Febril before turning in.