Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Young, gifted and green

"Well, I don't feel nearly as bad as I would have thought considering that I was electrocuted a number of times, fell 60 foot and had myself cut to pieces." Thesis mused as he was lying on a particularly soft matress supposedly stuffed with the downy fur from the belly of some exotic cat like creature. "And I think my head has cleared up a bit too - I was thinking all lizard-like back then for a while"

"Those clerics can't be so bad after all - they have worked some kind of miracle in raising me from the dead. "


Although Thesis could never think it, being from the wrong time, realm and universe, the words "We can rebuild him" might come to mind. He is in fact better, faster, more intelligent, stronger, and considerably better looking than ever before.

Thesis is now 10th level with 2 bonus humanoid levels. He used his extra attribute point to regain one of his lost intelligence points and now he can Whirlwind like a giant Moulinex Mixer on speed :)


Hedzor said...

Getting comfortable in your new skin?

Nina Simone!

RoboGeek said...

Oh, yeah - Lizard folk do it in the swamp!

Nina Simone? Wikipedia tells me it was indeed her song, but I never knew that. I always remember the reggae version that was in the charts when we were kids. I always thought it was Jimmy Cliff or something, but it turns out to be by "Bob & Marcia".