Monday, June 8, 2009

Can't Touch This

Chen takes the bracers from Thesis and fastens the clasps around his arms. A mild tingling sensation quickly passes.

"Hit me!"

Thesis aims high - for the face - but his fist whistles through the empty space that the monk's head no longer occupies.


A stomach punch, aimed to wind the monk, is easily deflected by Chen's enhanced open-palm block.

"Once more!"

Thesis pours his thunderous strength into the next blow - but Chen is too fast. He pirouettes, spinning around and behind Thesis, the point of his Sai against the base of the large lizard's spine.

The two part, and both smile.
Chen bows.

"Friend Thesis, these will be most useful - I thank you."

And with that he reaches for a pouch secreted in his robes, and throws it to Thesis.
The lizard's grin widens.


Charlie Stilton said...

The pouch contains 4 Rich Purple Corundums (4000gp worth of gems).

Hedzor said...

Watching Chen and Thesis spar, Mendez feels a twinge of jealousy. He still struggles to maintain his balance during rough weather, but these two move like they’re standing on solid ground.
In the battle against the pirates, Mendez was lucky that the sea was so calm. He might not be so lucky next time.
Realising that Thesis’ physical attributes are beyond attaining, Mendez studies Chen.
The Monks movements are fluid and practiced. Mendez is agile, but this is something much more.
Finally Thesis wanders off and Chen starts to limber down. Mendez ambles over.
“Chen, any chance you can help me with my balance?”

(Mendez spends 8 skill points on cross class skill. Balance: +4)