Saturday, June 13, 2009

What shall we do with the Beaten Pirates?

Grinding his teeth, Mendez watches precious food and water being given to the prisoners. For the last few days he’s argued with Chen about what should be done with them. Death, in Mendez’ opinion, seems a fair punishment, but Chen advocates leniency.
Over the last year Mendez has come to like the Monk and even understand some of his philosophies, but their views on this won’t mesh. If the party let them live, they become culpable in any crime the surviving villains perpetrate. Any innocent killed, any life ruined. Chen had argued that perhaps some of the pirates may have been coerced…
Unclencing his jaw, Mendez clambers to his feet and walks to Eolar (Cleric of St Cuthbert, the God of Retribution)’s cabin.
“Eolar, can you ask Elogyn to distinguish between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ pirates? I suggest we make the ‘evil’ pirates walk the plank but offer employment to those who are merely misguided. The misguided ones would probably appreciate your wise council and possibly help us to sail their old ship?”
Looking at the ship’s captain and the leader of this mission, Mendez awaits Eolar’s response.


Joebroesel said...

Eolar looks at Mendez. "Good or evil doesn't matter. They have committed a crime by attacking a merchant vessel and are therefore all guilty. They will all be handed over to guards at the next harbour to be trialed and punished by the authorities."
Eolar walked over to the nearest pirate. "What is more interesting to us is what they know. Let's start to ask some questions!"

(As soon as Eolar regained spells he casts zone of truth and interrogates the prisoners. Highest ranks first and with some persuasive and painful methods if they refuse to talk. Within reason of course. He's neutral after all! :) )

Hedzor said...

Mendez feels his jaw reclench. He leaves Eolar to his interrogation and returns an hour or so later.
"I thought we were hunting the traitorous Lejon. Are we delaying the mission to drop these pirates off? You are the Captain of this ship. If you truly believe they're guilty, why dither about their punishment?"
Stopping for a dramatic pause, Mendez continues.
"What do you imagine they'll do to us if Lejon manages to free them during the next battle?"

Charlie Stilton said...

Chen still feels there is wisdom in his own thoughts. Now that we have two ships to sait, we will need to crew them both.

If there are any pirates we feel we can trust, then why not use them?

Perhaps there is even some justice in having them serve the very people they attcked eariler...?