Monday, June 8, 2009

Two Arrowheads are better than one

Mendez grips his beautiful new bow firmly and attempts for the umpteenth time to notch two arrows simultaneously.
He wonders again at the amazingly cheap price Szandor had requested. It nags at him and he feels somehow obligated.
Mendez hates the idea of being in debt.
Ruefully he looks across the deck at Eolar. The Elven priest had saved his life early on in their friendship and in return Mendez had helped him whenever asked since then. Still, St Cuthbert had proven to be an indifferent taskmaster.
Sighing, Mendez turns his attention back towards the rough target less than ten feet away and releases both arrows...

(Mendez learns 'Manyshot'.)

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Charlie Stilton said...

Oh dear lord - just how many pirates do the enemy need to man the tiller now?!